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  1. I go with nasty and unhappy and lives to spread it around.
  2. I loved the the original Roseanne show. I Was determined not to watch the reboot. My daughteris is in town for a few days and poured wine down my throat and made me watch it lol.(she lives in liberal California what? lol) and also loves the original. We enjoyed it. I don't know what MM is talking about. I might live in ohio and liked the show but I am not Trump's base just the opposite . We watched because of nostalgia and our love of JG and LM. I think that the few people that I've talked to watched for the same reason. Only watched the first few minutes of the view , so not more t
  3. Yep, I related to Teddi as well. I hate that every person Andy asks on WWHL says Teddie needs to go. I enjoy her. I get she's not fab sex kitten like Erika or even crazy Dorit bUT I can't help but like her, I'm sure she won't be back next season, as Andy seems to be getting lots of negative feedback from his celebrity friends.
  4. Like the weed they found years later lol, one of my favorite episodes. Maybe your right. Idk. It just felt forced. I want add I'm actually happy I watch I wasn't going because I didn't want to hear about Trump but I found myself laughing.
  5. I enjoyed The Show but Yeah Something About Roseanne is off. Especially the gun. I could never have seen Dan and Rosie having a gun. I don't know if they are trying too hard to act like what they think "middle America " is. Idk. Jackie was the highlight as was Darlene's son. Dan hugging him at the made me tear up. The line that cracked me up was from Darlene, is anyone going to mention she's 50. Regarding Becky being a surrogate lol.
  6. That swimwear was so basic. I roll my eyes at the howives that have swimwear lines because really it's bathing suits how different can they be but these were plain ass boring. Nothing even remotely interesting about them. I did have a nice giggle of the footage of Dorit up all night adding pen marks to the layout of suits lol. Her work never ends lol.
  7. I like Sunny but yeah i was even like, really Sunny?
  8. Ha! I thought why take an RV instead of flying? Now, I see your post and it make sense. While I am disappointed that Garry is back peddling. I think he's doing it for Kristina and Leah and not to be at war with the beast Portwood. Someone has to be the adult.
  9. I haven't watched yet. Oh god. what did she about him? Ugh, she is really making this show unwatchable at times.
  10. All of this. I am not a Kenya fan she has always annoyed me. Saying that, I'm happy for her. She's absolutely in love with her husband and if he loves her as much great, good for them. He hasn’t done anything to make me question or doubt they love each other. Cynthia and Sheree's daughter were a bright spot on this episode.
  11. I love that Cheyenne was working at Target , made sense. For a minute I thought oh no don't write her off. I didn't like her at all the first season but really enjoy her. As well as Sandra her memories cracked me up. Jonah is a cutie pie but no, dump him Kelly. Amy's beverage guy cute. While I love both Jonah and Amy, I don't need to see them as a couple.
  12. Why would anyone want to described as hawkish? MM seemed to be proud to be war first. She's exhausting.
  13. Lol, ok. Sorry wasn't trying to be bitchy but couldn't help myself.
  14. Thanks you. Sunny is a bigger person than me.
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