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  1. Far be it from me to correct a fellow Seinfeld fan, but it was George that wanted to convert to Latvian Orthodox 😅
  2. One aspect of the Sutton walking in on Crystal story that I haven't seen mentioned (forgive me if I overlooked it) was the time of day. I think Crystal said she went to her room around 11:30 pm. So it would be safe to assume she is showering or whatever, getting ready for bed. Extra reason for Sutton to have waited for Crystal to say "come in" or better yet, wait til the next day to return the coat. I think the entire encounter would've landed differently if it were 2:00 in the afternoon.
  3. What WAS the face roller thing Sutton had?
  4. The Crystal-Sutton argument sounded a lot like the discussion between Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood on The Talk. "Don't you dare call me a racist and now I'm gonna cry white lady tears!" Uncanny.
  5. @mamadrama you made me belly laugh right into a coughing fit!! So true.
  6. Thank you all for saying what I was thinking. When they were shopping for toys after the MRI's, I couldn't believe Erica put her oldest son on the spot- "Are you worried? ARE YOU SURE? Are you just saying that or do you really believe it? Cause I just act tough sometimes." Good lord woman, I thought your intention was to not scare the kids.
  7. So Stephanie just basically bought Harris from his current/real girlfriend?
  8. Harris looked like he was escorting a 90 year old when he and Stephanie were walking. I died laughing when she called him Ryan! The 2 guys are really interchangeable to her.
  9. I don't get Kenya refusing to offer the girls some food during the day. It's not like it would *cost her anything, TLC would pick up the bill? But then I also don't understand why they just didn't order something themselves.
  10. You should see my daughter and me. We call our cats turkeys, birds and old dogs. It's a term of affection with us 🙂 "My cat was laying on my feet like a good puppy!" I don't think I would do that if I lived alone though.
  11. Ryan couldn't care less whether Stephanie comes to see him! Why can't she pick up on that?! 90DF couldn't find an actual couple who like each other?
  12. For someone who hates cats & presumably doesn't have one back home, Natalie sure changed that cat litter with a swiftness. I've had cats most of my adult life and can't do it that easily (I have 3 cats so that's my excuse).
  13. I challenge Brandon's mom to say one sentence that does not contain the word "farm." I swear she reminds me of that old joke "But enough about my farm. What about you? What do you think of my farm?"
  14. I think we all agree that David is not "talking" to the lady in the picture. But the lady in the picture must be real, right? Hasn't someone called her by now to say "watch 90 Day Fiance!! They keep showing your photo!" I know David won't put any stock in what she has to say, but I would LOVE to hear what the lady in the pic has to say.
  15. Yall I just noticed something. That scene where Big Ed gets pickpocketed by the monkeys? There are 2 bright greenish baggies hanging from his backpack. Aren't those the same ones as what he used to cover his shoes at the pig farm?? Did he rinse them off and reuse them? Did he grab a bunch of them? So many questions.
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