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  1. gotta watch

    S03.E03: Pack Your Bags

    @toodles thank you! I literally giggled til I cried!!
  2. gotta watch

    S09.E12: Do the Dangle

    I took Cole's comment differently. I think he said he would do both puke and poop if Chelsea *needed him to. I thought he meant if she were sick, or out of town, he would do both. YMMV. But I agree that their sickly-sweet routine gets on my nerves.
  3. gotta watch

    S01.E08: This Young Woman Fought Like Hell

    I thought the actress who played Terra played that scene perfectly. Her survival instinct kicked in when John attacked her and she did everything that was necessary to Not be a victim. When she goes into shock afterwards, thinking she'd killed him, man that gave me chills. I haven't seen anything like this in real life, but that is exactly how I would expect a person in Terra's position would act. God I hope that Debra and her daughters are doing therapy, both group and individual.
  4. gotta watch

    S01.E08: This Young Woman Fought Like Hell

    @DrSparkles are you me?! Yes to every word of your post!
  5. gotta watch

    S01.E08: This Young Woman Fought Like Hell

    I hadn't listened to the podcast, so I was completely unspoiled when this series started. Then I came here and accidentally clicked on a spoiler bar! It said "John attacks Terra & she shoots him in self defense." I WAS SO SAD I KNEW HOW IT ENDED. Color me shocked when I actually watched the episode and that's not how it ends. Lol. For all the concern & talk about what a terrible role model Debra is, I'm glad and relieved BOTH her girls are way stronger and more capable than she is. Kudos to Ronnie and Terra (and whatever Ronnie's real life name is.)
  6. gotta watch

    Dirty Characters In Other Roles

    Tim Riggins is a member of the football team in Friday Night Lights. He comes from the wrong side of the tracks & seems a tad dirty. But he's hot. You know, if you're into that kind of thing.
  7. gotta watch

    S01.E07: Chivalry

    One thing I haven't seen addressed here: the episode titles. Last week's was One Shoe, and this week's is Chivalry. Do you all have any idea where/how they're coming up with these titles? I feel like I missed something.
  8. gotta watch

    S01.E06: One Shoe

    This show has me riveted! And I don't care if Roni is a brat, she's my hero. When she and Debra were in the restaurant, Roni was staring at her so hard, trying to fathom that Debra really was going to leave John. Then she said "Tequila." I cracked up!
  9. gotta watch

    S01.E05: Lord High Executioner

    I actually thought John hastening his father's death was where the episode title came from "Lord High Executioner"
  10. gotta watch

    S01.E05: Lord High Executioner

    How is everyone on the planet watching this show? I just think it's fascinating. I'm a big fan of true crime stories anyway. That scene of little John biting into that taco felt like a scene from Breaking Bad.
  11. gotta watch

    S06.E12: Check Yourself!

    How cute is Ashton? He's so quick to ask for new tasks, or even go to the kitchen to check on Adrian. Except for his horndog behavior, he's one of my top 2 (Kate being the other).
  12. gotta watch

    S01.E03: Remember It Was Me

    As for how John rounded up enough "friends" to be at his wedding, I noticed the best man said he had only known John for 3-4 years. And the one friend of John who spilled the beans to Tania made me furious. Before/After every horrible story about John he chuckled! Like he was saying "THAT SCAMP!"
  13. gotta watch

    Season 6 Discussion

    I've seen no evidence that Steven is the bio-Dad of that baby. No Way he could come flouncing out of Russia with him without a DNA test at least.
  14. gotta watch

    S06.E09: Insult to Injury

    I felt badly for Caroline at first with her infected foot. But DAMN did she turn out to be a whiney butt!! The only thing I remember being requested of her was to "make drinks" but she'd screw it up every time! First she griped to the guests about her foot (no need to do that, even if they asked she could just say "I've seen the Dr. about it--no worries!") Then she got flustered that one time, so much so one of the guests commented about it. Then she broke a glass & got flustered & couldn't get it cleaned up without help. THEN SHE GOT A SINUS INFECTION. Ugh, she was driving me crazy through the tv screen.
  15. gotta watch

    Season 7 Discussion

    Wow that wedding was crazy! MJ was clearly under the influence. I was honestly afraid for her to talk down that long flight of stairs by herself! Why didn't Reza walk her down? I think MJ is beautiful, but I can't imagine her & Tommy becoming parents.