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  1. I saw this too and wondered who she meant. Maybe Jeb or Jud? It seemed like Gil’s siblings and their families were there, so maybe someone from that group.
  2. What about Erin and her magic matchmaking skills? Can’t she find any nice Fundie girls?
  3. She probably filmed a bunch so we won’t notice when she is missing for a while. She can have her baby and we won’t know! I, for one, don’t care when she delivers, I just hope she is in a hospital. She really needs some lessons in editing and filming for YouTube if she hopes to cash in though.
  4. Maybe Jana was also sent along to spy on the Dillards and report back to Boob.
  5. Timbits probably wanted to take just his sister, was it her birthday recently? But JillR couldn’t allow that! She has to be the center of everything.
  6. It always seems so hypocritical that they say No TV but then watch things on a tiny laptop. I guess it’s a control issue. But we’ve seen a big TV at TTH. Maybe this is Jessa being a minimalist.
  7. If this is the content Jessa is going to put out to replace Counting On, she needs to learn how to edit. Maybe she could watch Alyssa or Carlin Bates, lol.
  8. Self employment income can be offset by other types of income for tax purposes but unless the LLC’s are also considered self employment, they would still owe SE tax. And in the case of a married couple, they would each owe it since they are both “working”. I do think JB and his accountant fiddle with all of this. I could imagine the Duggar empire doling out just enough self employment income to each adult to pay minimal SE tax but also just enough income/loss so that no income tax is paid. Jessa and Bin would have more child care credits than say Josiah so they could have more income and still
  9. @ChiCricket So sorry about Paloma, pets really are part of the family and their passing is always tough.
  10. Sometimes Meeechelle fed kids straight from a can, so Jingle has at least improved on that.
  11. Yeah they are not moving to Nashville. Carlin is too immersed in her family on a day to day basis. Plus they seem to treat going to Evan’s parents house as a vacation on the weekends.
  12. Seems like whoever is writing these stories doesn’t realize one person could have an unlimited number of LLC’s but not actually work at any of them. Before I retired, I had a number of clients who were either a doctor or dentist but had multiple LLC’s that merely owned a piece of real estate or equipment. And the medical business they actually worked at was a completely different type of corporation. I’m sure Boob’s CPA is behind all this on Boob’s behalf. They probably just stick a piece of paper in front of Anna or Jer and say “sign here”
  13. Plus Jessa is a lying liar. Bin probably tried to talk her into hospital birth, but if she agreed to go to the hospital, she knew she could still change her mind and not go.
  14. That would never stop JillR. She posted pictures of her boys climbing on a historic site! The world is her stage apparently. And the irony of her kids running on a track at a school they won’t ever see the inside of, eludes her.
  15. The Bates really have no respect for other people and their homes.
  16. Yeah long ago they showed Mama Jane lamenting about how destructive all the Bates kids were when they visited and she couldn’t wait til they left. I think Gil’s siblings have much smaller families so it probably feels like an invasion when G&K show up with everyone.
  17. We really don’t know much about the NDA as Amy speaks in double talk and half truths. JB hasn’t said much if anything and neither has Deanna. But it seems like the first we heard was after Mary passed away, most likely since she was no longer a mediating factor in the family.
  18. Or how about Shrek attempting a cartwheel? Looks like one of the boys has black dress shoes on, not sneakers. Still better than barefoot like the girls. It makes me so sad and angry to see JillR in action. While I find the Duggars and Bates to be small minded hypocrites, they don’t seem to actively physically harm their kids with their actions. Mentally and emotionally, yes, but JillR does that too. She really is awful.
  19. Just popped in to say JillR is the worst. Her latest Instagram story is the kids running a race on the track at local high school. The boys all have long pants on but at least they are wearing sneakers. The girls are in long skirts and barefoot! And the three little girls have what looks like sacks on, barefoot, except one who has tights with big holes on. I didn’t listen to JillR’s narration (her voice is grating) so I’m not sure what the point was.
  20. Yeah coming from such a large family it’s hard to believe Josie is overwhelmed by two kids. It does seem like more of IG story. It did look like she was doing some sort of shipping for work, so maybe that made things harder. Saw Lawson and Tiff on their way to family farm, not sure who else. Probably everyone from the Big House but I would think Tori’s baby is too little plus she has 2 toddlers. But it’s the Bates, so there is pressure to always show up.
  21. I hope this is true! Si did have a few smug talking heads on the show but maybe he matured and also found happiness living away from TTH and Boob. Plus it seems like he enjoys being a dad.
  22. @Leeds sorry about your child and Facebook, sometimes people are only thinking of themselves and don’t realize how hurtful social media can be. Sending you virtual hugs, this forum can be a comfort even though we really don’t know each other.
  23. Too bad they don’t believe in education as having a family member who is a CPA would be very helpful. Although maybe someone has watched the family CPA (is his name maybe Alan Scott? ) for 30 minutes…..
  24. Does KJ ever wear anything but that denim skirt? It’s so unflattering on her. She sometimes models dresses from the Boutique and they usually look quite nice. Don’t know why she doesn’t buy a couple. And why was Carlin at the wedding planning? To film everything? Or did she just barge her way in so she could reminisce about her own wedding.
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