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  1. I think Jill said they lock the office so the boys don’t mess with Derelict’s stuff and that’s why the harp is there.
  2. Well we just had two Bates, Katie/Travis and Nathan/Esther, get engaged and there’s always Lawson who IIRC is “dating”. But so far no courtships for any Duggars or Rodlets or Caldwells. The rest of the Fundies are too hard to keep up with. We may be in a drought!
  3. Sibling relationships shift and adjust based on where everyone is in their lives so I can easily see Alyssa and Josie not being close right now. Maybe because Kelton and Josie didn’t go help with Alyssa’s new house Alyssa didn’t feel obligated to see new baby Hazel the minute she was born. Who really knows. With so many siblings it’s impossible to be besties with them all. Yes I think Michael posted pictures of her holding both new babies on Instagram. But she doesn’t seem to be overly involved in a lot of the Bates shenanigans. Maybe cos she has a real job? Or is finally tired of doing
  4. So in the latest Hilaria Instagram for her youngest daughter’s birthday, there is a boy who looks like Jackson Duggar in one of the pictures. Is he the newest visitor to the Spivey’s? Is there a direct pipeline from TTH to Hilaria’s?
  5. Yeah I remember that too. We all snarked quite a bit about Boob expecting the multitudes to flock to the FIRST Duggar girl wedding. I guess when you invite people who could have 20+ in their family, it’s hard to get any idea of the numbers. Then you had Jessa’s wedding where there was barely anything edible. All in all the weddings planned by the Duggars haven’t been too special.
  6. JillR and her girls often have totally wrong shoes on. They are either not the right size or are inappropriate for the weather or just don’t look good. But I guess they are modest?
  7. So Jessa is so stubborn she will continue to live crammed into the mold house. And Bin is so checked out he doesn’t care either. In some ways it is hilarious, as we’ve seen Jill in a normal sized house as well as Jingle, Joy, Josiah, possibly Joe? But JD is in a trailer and we don’t know about Justin. So the others seem to be in appropriate sized houses for their current family. But the Duggars so things just a bit different, so who knows if anyone will upgrade. Smuggar family seems to be the only family that has gone from small to big home, then a real downgrade to the warehouse! I guess sinc
  8. So was everyone told to wear black or grey and white stripes? Looks like everyone was at the Big House (cracks me up every time) and of course we get to see Boob and Meechelle kiss, lucky us.
  9. @jcbrown sorry for your loss, thankfully it sounds like you have a lot of support. May your happy memories see you through this tough time.
  10. In a case like this there would have been a substantial retainer paid before the lawyer did anything. Then monthly or even weekly billing detailing every minute spent on Josh. And they would expect timely payment.
  11. Apparently those are songs they sing. So what, they all stand in front of the couch and belt out tunes??? Not sure what the other sheets are, but I will guess Bible verses to memorize.
  12. Any sign of a gushing Father’s Day tribute to Boob? Or did Jessa exhaust all fawning on the last one? I don’t even remember if it was last year or even earlier, just recall how nauseous it made me. So far I have only seen one post from Joy, but maybe they are all together at the Big House, lol.
  13. Adding myself to the any team but the Yankees! Originally from Connecticut so grew up a Red Sox fan, moved to Houston and rooted for the Astros, now live in SW Florida so I am a Rays fan. Unless they are playing the Sox….
  14. Parvati has a little bit of mean girl going on whereas Sandra was trying to work with the Heroes, so while I think Parv may be playing well, she misread the potential bitterness of the Heroes.
  15. Filming her own husband filming people walking into a restaurant really is too funny. I guess he was filming for their YouTube channel, but how momentous of an occasion is it to go to dinner with your family? It’s not like they hadn’t seen Alyssa since the Pandemic started. We’ve all seen pictures and videos of many visits and family parties all along.
  16. I doubt Meechelle actually likes Josie, she’s more of a prop to show off Meechelle’s fertility.
  17. Does not appear that any Duggar or anyone but fans liked or commented on the Instagram post for Garrett’s birthday.
  18. And copying out passages from the Bible every single day. Then highlighting every single passage, I guess cos they are all important?
  19. I also enjoy the “coffee bar” area on the kitchen end of the dining room. Or whatever that display is supposed to be. It appears Alyssa is more interested in shopping for the perfect item for her decor than what might be practical in a home with many small kids. It will be interesting to see how homeschooling goes once summer break ends. The school room is very bland and light colored too.
  20. I noticed that the gardening chore JillR assigned herself was going around spraying weed killer.
  21. This is the perfect example of the “art” all the Fundies seem to hang. Could anyone say the Webster family was anything but the correct Christian?
  22. Yeah but she does have a bracelet on, so no mistaking her for a boy!
  23. @lookeyloo As others have said, so sorry and continued sympathy for your family.
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