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  1. Kind of like, I see your garden post and I raise you one garden post with cute kids.
  2. The younger Spivey boy(s) play baseball so organized sports are ok. IIRC Meechelle said the reason the Duggars didn’t do organized sports was it would be too difficult to bring them since there were SO many. I’m sure they never considered any sort of outside activity for any of the kids. It will be interesting to see if Spurge or Henry plays a sport or not since Bin definitely did.
  3. Based on what we’ve seen of Jessa there is no way her kids are going to public school. They’ll be at The Big House, SOTDT anytime now.
  4. I think Josie has been going to the doctors every week for awhile, so they seem to be monitoring her closely. Does Carlin or Tori have the clotting disorder? Alyssa doesn’t IIRC.
  5. If she does, it must be private. We only see what JillR shares. Which fits the “best mama ever” narrative that JillR needs. Nurie and Nathan probably don’t care about SM at all. I think Nathan preached against it, JillR linked it, she probably figures she’s exempt.
  6. Ugh I really hate the hats on these guys. The Spivey family again throws a party with more food than you see at a Duggar girl’s wedding.
  7. @Scarlett45 Glad to hear your mom is getting back to normal life. Sorry about your great aunt and cousin. Everything I’ve read about hoarding indicates it’s difficult to help them in any meaningful way. Also, love the pictures of Cosmos, he’s a beautiful boi.
  8. Just saw some pictures of Rob Spivey graduation on Instagram (sorry can’t post) Looks like Jase was in town for the party as well as TFDW. Hil must be thrilled.
  9. Ok thanks! I saw maybe Evan or Carlin or someone on YouTube making it seem like a big secret. Fake drama. I guess it’s a Fundie thing to marry just before you graduate, cause why wait another few months? By his graduation, Katie could be expecting, lol.
  10. Is Katie wedding confirmed as December? I saw a couple of Bates hinting that the wedding was in 2021 but giggle giggle, they weren’t allowed to disclose actual date. I guess fundies enjoy being secretive about such things, not really sure why.
  11. Do we know when the wedding is? Seems like it’s sooner rather than later. The dress shopping was on YouTube, maybe Carlin’s channel? I had to laugh when Katie stated the dress needed to be elegant. Can’t wait to see what passes for elegant to a Fundie 20 year old bride. Hopefully elegant will extend to Kelly Jo. At the dress shopping all the sisters had cute dresses on but KJ had her good old denim skirt on! At least she left the fugly vest at home.
  12. So Nate Bates is finally engaged! Based on IG it was apparently a three day event over three cities, 🤮🤮🤮
  13. Are Josie and Tori close since their husbands are besties? I think Bobby works for Kelton but not sure. Carlin is part of the BSB so not sure how much work she actually does. Josie seems to really put a lot of time and effort into her business.
  14. And what a miracle that will be! I could see JillR announcing a pregnancy right after Nurie delivers her baby. That would deflect from her being a grandma and prove she was still young.
  15. @Jynnan tonnix Sorry you are having a rough time. You seem very caring and thoughtful, so I’m sure the criticism hurts. I know my mom always said her comments were meant to be helpful but they sure didn’t come across that way, so I sympathize completely with you.
  16. Seems like Erin is closer to Tori and Carlin, Josie and Katie are close, Alyssa said she was closest to Carlin and Katie. Apparently no one is close to Michael. Unless they need a babysitter. And Alyssa has said 4 is enough but since it’s up to god, she could have another baby.
  17. Could be the 70’s but pretty sure this is Erin and Chad’s kids, so 2021. Looks like they are adding baby animals to the family since no more babies.
  18. @jjane Glad you are back but so sorry things didn’t work out for your great niece. It seems like you couldn’t have done anything else. It’s hard trying to fight a system that doesn’t protect a child.
  19. Yup. I have pictures of my son, now 34, in graduation hat at ages 1,2, 3,4 and 5 from his “school”. We laughed that he graduated more times in his first five years than in the next 25!
  20. Reminds me of the wedding I attended where the bride and groom ate steak whilst the rest of us ate chicken, lol. The two elderly aunts sitting near me then proceeded to put all the silverware, plates, glasses and condiments in their purses. Most memorable wedding for us.
  21. My family knows I have an interest in the Duggars. I watched the early specials with my daughter, kind of a OMG, can you believe those people. I don’t really watch the show anymore but enjoy the snark here. Small talk feels like a community and I look forward to checking in here.
  22. The whole idea of a growing child fasting is awful. We never hear JillR mention that she or Shrek fast so not sure why they encourage their kids to do so.
  23. If it involves JB it’s probably rooted in money. But we really don’t know why some of the Duggars go to another church but a few did stay with Pa Caldwell. And the Caldwell clan was at both Justin and Jed! weddings.
  24. We may have missed Joy and Carlin at each other’s weddings due to TLC and UP not filming people not on their network. I think it is a sign of their closeness that Carlin was there for Joy almost immediately when she lost her baby. So I think this is a real friendship, not just sweet friends like Jessa refers to.
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