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  1. @Scarlett45 thanks for the Royals link!
  2. My daughter lives in London and we had to cancel our planned 2020 and 2021 visits. Fortunately she is able to travel to USA as she has dual citizenship, so she’s been here instead. So we may be joining you for the Platinum. I’m hoping the airfare is reasonable.
  3. Will JillR and Hilaria meet up? This could be an epic battle of Instagram posts.
  4. IIRC we saw the Stouffer lasagna more than once. It was what the Duggars served Jerm on one of his visits. Cos he’s Italian after all.
  5. She was probably scared at the thought of being alone with a guy. After 20 years of being told how wrong it was, suddenly that’s her future.
  6. Especially if there’s an obstacle that they crash into, right on a sensitive area, lol.
  7. Family businesses are ripe for conflict in the best of circumstances so I imagine if Erin really isn’t showing up much, there could be resentment. Every partner/owner thinks what they do is so important but what the others do is not so important. I’m guessing the Bates are no different.
  8. Anything posted by Duggar family or was it just Jed!?
  9. Ozziedad was a prosecutor at the state level and always joked that the Feds were only interested in cases they knew they could win.
  10. And apparently if there are ads, the YouTuber gets more $ if the viewer watched the ads instead of clicking “skip ads” as soon as possible. YouTube also pays more if people watch until the end. Unless the YouTuber creates constant and consistent content, the $$ is probably at the lower end too. So Jessa needs to up her game if she wants to earn more.
  11. Sometimes one of the girls would refer to Meeechelle as her best friend. And I believe Michael Bates had Kelly Jo as her matron of honor at her wedding.
  12. I make broccoli in the frying pan with garlic and anchovies sometimes but I don’t think Alyssa would be making it that way. Mostly I roast broccoli in the oven, way easier.
  13. I think the dog was an impulse and they love the dog but don’t have the skills or patience to work with her themselves. So off to what’s essentially blanket training for dogs.
  14. Latest JillR post include Janessa sitting in what appears to be industrial type kitchen. She is holding a pack of gum and next to her is what appears to be fountain soda. Way to pump a young child up with sugar. I only briefly looked at her story - I can’t bear to listen to her voice.
  15. Yeah not one of the Duggar wedding pranks was ever funny or clever. Mostly dumb and childish, especially when they “decorate” the bridal couple’s car.
  16. Yeah the Bates girls are pretty packages but still the same vile beliefs.
  17. Who is the random denim skirt girl floating along with the Not Nuries? At one point Timbits seems to be pouring water over her when she floats by him. JillR probably thinks Plexus will kill off any germs or whatever from the dirty water, so she’s not concerned. Not that she ever seems too concerned about the health and safety of her kids.
  18. Is the bar exam next week? Has Jill mentioned their plans for family vacation again? IIRC she asked on Instagram for suggestions for driving to Oregon. Any idea why they would go to Oregon? My SIL and family live outside Portland and it’s a nice place to visit. I’m guessing they are going after bar exam but before Izzy goes back to school.
  19. Along the lines of “our 11th granddaughter in a row” After Anna, no other pregnancies announced yet? Come on JB needs some more boys!
  20. @sixlets Congratulations to Mr. Six on his promotion! I live in Florida and at our house we have had bats and armadillos as well as occasional black snake. Had to get Wildlife removal company out first for the bats in the eaves of entry way to the house and then later, two armadillos who were digging under the pool equipment. It’s like Wild Kingdom here!
  21. Does anyone recall/know what the second floor of JillR’s addition is going to be? The first floor is her new living room. Is there a second floor anywhere else in the barndo? Maybe it will be an apartment for whatever Rodlet marries next.
  22. Did Phillip graduate from the school of JillR’s dining room table yet? It’s hard to keep track, I only recall JillR seemed to be scrambling a few months ago on “folders” for the finish of the homeschool year.
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