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  1. Yeah not one of the Duggar wedding pranks was ever funny or clever. Mostly dumb and childish, especially when they “decorate” the bridal couple’s car.
  2. Yeah the Bates girls are pretty packages but still the same vile beliefs.
  3. Who is the random denim skirt girl floating along with the Not Nuries? At one point Timbits seems to be pouring water over her when she floats by him. JillR probably thinks Plexus will kill off any germs or whatever from the dirty water, so she’s not concerned. Not that she ever seems too concerned about the health and safety of her kids.
  4. Is the bar exam next week? Has Jill mentioned their plans for family vacation again? IIRC she asked on Instagram for suggestions for driving to Oregon. Any idea why they would go to Oregon? My SIL and family live outside Portland and it’s a nice place to visit. I’m guessing they are going after bar exam but before Izzy goes back to school.
  5. Along the lines of “our 11th granddaughter in a row” After Anna, no other pregnancies announced yet? Come on JB needs some more boys!
  6. @sixlets Congratulations to Mr. Six on his promotion! I live in Florida and at our house we have had bats and armadillos as well as occasional black snake. Had to get Wildlife removal company out first for the bats in the eaves of entry way to the house and then later, two armadillos who were digging under the pool equipment. It’s like Wild Kingdom here!
  7. Does anyone recall/know what the second floor of JillR’s addition is going to be? The first floor is her new living room. Is there a second floor anywhere else in the barndo? Maybe it will be an apartment for whatever Rodlet marries next.
  8. Did Phillip graduate from the school of JillR’s dining room table yet? It’s hard to keep track, I only recall JillR seemed to be scrambling a few months ago on “folders” for the finish of the homeschool year.
  9. One of my husband’s cousins would take pictures at every funeral, starting at the wake all the way to the party afterwards. This was pre cell phone era so she would actually go and pay for developing 100’s of photos. It was a bit disconcerting to see her months later and have to look at them or figure out an excuse not to. JillR seems to always be filming with her phone so I can’t imagine who she shows these funerals to. Could be just another way to call attention to herself.
  10. Matchy one, lol. Daniel is the older, ex-Fundie brother who offered help to Anna.
  11. I usually wear 9.5 but got a size 10. One of my feet is a bit wider and the size 10 is perfect, so more wide than narrow.
  12. The Jedding is up on YouTube. I sort of watched the beginning but their wedding party was enormous! Meechelle’s dress looked familiar but I’m not sure why other than it was boring beige color. Even on your wedding day you still get only side hugs from your parents.
  13. I love my Hey Dude shoes. I wear them all the time! I saw them on Claire Duggar, I think at her wedding. Did a little investigating and bought a light pink pair. Go for it @iwantcookies
  14. That is the sweetest looking dog, great smile! Congrats on the continuing weight loss too. I have a brother Gordon, nicknamed Boo, so I’m not anti nickname, it just seems like Jessa is the only one calling Ivy “sis” so it feels fake.
  15. Well she didn’t even wait that long to push some kind of supplement. It was on her stories, so I can’t find it now.
  16. There was that one video where the Dillards were discussing creation and Jill wouldn’t budge from her Fundie 6 days per the Bible views. Dreck kind of blew it off, like whatever, you’re wrong but let’s not go down that road again. So Jill still holds on to many of her views, ways, thoughts as superior.
  17. I think so, looked like JerMe had to carry her down the aisle.
  18. Most of my longtime friends are people I either worked with or went to school with. Jill never did either of those things. She seems to have neighbors and church friends/acquaintances but as a SHM, I’m sure it’s tough for her. Plus it was drilled into the Duggars that either Meechelle or a sibling was your “best friend”
  19. Drives me crazy when Jessa calls Ivy “Sis” yes I guess it’s a cute nickname but the boys were not there and Ivy is not Jessa’s sister. Seems like the point of the car trip was to talk to Ivy about the new baby but not sure how successful that was.
  20. Yes! They are cute but clearly not following any of the usual rules on touching, lol. Are they “dating” do we know? They seem to be together all the time, traveling the country. I guess G&K don’t even pretend their sons have any kind of courting rules anymore.
  21. Do they serve secret cocktails or something at Lowe’s?
  22. Well he could have seen one of Jill’s neighbors mowing her loan in a bikini.
  23. We don’t really know what Binessa or Amy paid for their homes regardless of what tax records show. Mary could have forgiven or gifted payments on a loan. Mary was a pretty savvy business woman but she also loved her grandkids so there is no telling how the property sales went or if any cash changed hands.
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