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  1. Is Chelsy part of the family that married off a bunch of boys all in one weekend? That was a strange group. I believe some Duggars and or Bates were spotted in the wedding video that was online for a short time.
  2. Wack kid, I love it! I wouldn’t be surprised if the boys were allowed to take their share first so the lowly females got whatever was left.
  3. At least real dishes were used! It definitely looks like they have moved into a smaller apartment.
  4. Wondering if part of Jessa’s problem with how real people live is that the Duggars never had any kind of daily schedule. We have heard them say they sleep late and then there is the famous Duggar time, ie always late. Schooling was probably fit in whenever and meals seem to be haphazard too. So while the rest of us do things on a regular schedule such as work or school, they do things a little differently.
  5. Maybe Derp doesn’t know the definition of “job”
  6. Looks like the same outfits on Boob and Mechelle at both events. Also noticed Josie with ear phones on at Demolition Derby.
  7. A few random observersations: Mechelle looks more and more orange every episode. Way too much of her and Boob tonight but at least they weren't together. Where was Smugs on the Skeet shooting manly man outing? Austin seems like an ok guy and that he loves Joy but she acts about 12. Miss Renee is way over the top. Actually didn't mind the Dullards and Israel's birthday. He is very cute. Bin seemed like he didn't know what to do with his own children.
  8. What happened to waiting to get married until after graduation?
  9. Looks like sweet friend from Tacos4life is pregnant again per her Facebook. No sign of Jessa liking or commenting but Sierra did.
  10. Just watched JoKen's wedding on TLCgo.com too. Grandma Mary had on a dress similar to Mechelle's infamous triangle outer space MOB dress, usually Mary looks so nice. Also noticed Anna and Smugs were nowhere to be seen. At one point they showed the front row, JB, Mechelle, Mary, Jordyn, Tyler (looked completely bored) but no Josie. Behind them were Jer, Bin and some little kids, maybe Spurg and the M's? There seemed to be some kids missing, unless they were sitting somewhere else. The whole scene with the guy coming rappelling down with the ring was ridiculous, poor Kendra! She seemed
  11. Is Tori already engaged? On the last episode of their show it seems like Carlin just started courting and Bobby asked for permission to propose to Tori. Not sure how far off the timeline is between TV show and real life.
  12. It has to be Jed or Jer, the next girl is way too young even by Duggar standards. I don't see JD or Jana ever "courting" on the show. If all the storylines now revolve on the quest for 200 grandbabies, the show will be even more boring than it is now.
  13. Sorry to all the Indians fans, tough loss tonight. Terry Francona is my favorite major league manager (Red Sox fan here)
  14. Seems like there was a whole segment on Jenni getting the glasses and then another segment when she "lost" them. So I think there is definitely a Duggar thing against wearing glasses, especially the girls. Maybe glasses don't enhance your countenance.
  15. I think Kelly mentioned that Alyssa and John couldn't come due to prior commitments, i.e. They have real jobs. Plus I agree they don't seem to love the big loud crowd of family.
  16. Just watched the episode On Demand. There were a few commercials but every single one was for another TLC show. They showed the same 6-8 clips over and over. Were there any commercials for anything else when show aired originally? I don't know how this show stays on the air. all in all, pretty boring. They really need to stop asking the dumbo brothers questions, like what language is Paleta? Greek? Latin? Ugh. Plus no Jackson?
  17. She was already practicing her "yay" so she can sound just like a Duggar!
  18. Where did they move to? She also managed to get in a plug for details coming soon on how we can "support" their ministry, lucky us!
  19. So much for our hope that she wouldn't be dirt biking if she was pregnant....
  20. I think the cost is a bit less if you don't need the residential part. It clearly states there is no co-ed rooming, so Jill the Clinger wouldn't be allowed never mind 2 kids. It will be interesting to see how she copes with him doing this program. And if any of it gets shown on Counting On.
  21. It appears he is going to the Cross Church one year ministry program. There are some pictures on Facebook, not sure whose Facebook page (not good at linking, sorry). Description of program is kindof vague and doesn't promise any kind of career or job, sounds like a way to study just to study. We should see loads of pictures now with him "studying"
  22. Just caught this show on Amazon Prime. Loving the scenery, now I feel like I need to visit Iceland, just not in a blizzard. It would be interesting to see what Masterpiece could do with this series.
  23. So it looks like 2 of the M kids, JD, Boob, Smuggar and Anna. Plus a howler? And a chubby fellow and the unknown lady in the boots. They seemed to unload a bunch of boxes, tracks to pass out maybe? One large suitcase for all those people so must not be too long of a trip.
  24. It appears Triple D is "working" for Cross Church college program. Whether this is a real job or what, who knows. The women in Jilly Muffins sorority picture are on the Cross Church website as part of the college program staff. Supposedly Triple D is a "leader" in this program- there is Facebook postings for this program where he is shown.
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