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  1. I cannot understand why people are modeling clothing that doesn’t fit! I’m not running to order that stuff, when everyone looks like crap!
  2. I guess it was always preachy, but I found the original ok. I started watching the reboot in the hope of seeing something entertaining. Just painful! Bad writing and the acting was horrendous!
  3. See, I think the opposite. The are perfectly matched, in my opinion - both not too bright. I hated Andy, I saw no chemistry whatsoever.
  4. Judy’s dress was far more tasteful. I suppose the color was similar. BTW, Judy was the definitive Esther Blogett. Gaga is not in the same league, nor is Barbra.
  5. I thought Patricia was following the theme. Golden Globes. That was seriously awful. Her boobs were under her chin.
  6. Anybody but Gaga! But seriously - she didn't win because she wore that horrible gown, am I right? What was she thinking? Pretentious, moi?
  7. It certainly isn’t being well served! I missed it in spite of trying to find it on the schedule. I am (was) enjoying it, too. These forums are making it hard to find shows, too. Too many subsections and “everything else” threads. “Where’d my Show Go” is no help either - TMI.
  8. Most handsome guy I’ve ever seen, but nobody’s perfect! He did seem to be a nice guy, though. Regarding the wife - she wasn’t a great beauty. Just goes to show, if you’re 5’ 10”, slim, well-groomed, with great clothes, everyone thinks you’re gorgeous!
  9. The Snow White thing was silly, but I don’t know why it’s still an issue after all these years.
  10. Absolutely! I don’t think she’d support him if she were offended. Comics are edgy (even though he probably wouldn’t go there today).
  11. Found it in Other G Shows (sigh! Why there? Today is easy enough to find!
  12. Is Sara trying to weasel out of her current gig? She just finished mat leave! (BTW, no idea where the GMA thread went! ☹️😩😳)
  13. Add: "convo". People who chuckle after every sentence. It's cold out today (heh, heh). I should call my mother (heh, heh). Oh, you have a new bracelet (heh, heh). I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow (heh, heh). I'm sure they don't realize what they're doing, but I have asked what was so funny & received a blank stare.
  14. I think the key word here is "rational". Too many SJWs around just waiting for something to be offended about so that they can start screaming "cultural appropriation" Thank you! Everyone is searching desperately for things that they perceive as offensive. Get a life, folks. There are so many things that are genuinely offensive.
  15. I don’t know why anyone thinks Andy is a great idea. Cannot stand him. He brings nothing. Anderson (I usually find him fine doing hard news) should be ashamed for taking part in this crap fest.
  16. Classic and professional wardrobe. You could wear a lot of those clothes today, provided you are not into skintight, sleeveless dresses and 5-inch stilettos. This show is just so much better than dreck like the new Murphy Brown.
  17. ^^^^^Have to agree. Whether or not people like him, he’s very talented. Cultural appropriation? What, you’re not allowed to interpret different types of music? I call BS on that one.
  18. Will never understand why this was remade. First one was painful, maybe because Julie Andrews has always made me want to slap her in the face. I suppose this one is directed toward the pre-teen crowd.
  19. I remember her from the "Carry On" movies. She must be the last of them. What, indeed? Like looking for a needle in a haystack trying to navigate these forums.
  20. I think it's cute, but then I'm partial to plaid. Maybe just the jacket & shoes, tho.
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