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  1. I smile for an hour! So much more fun than some of the rebooted sitcoms. I liked both rooms, for the most part.
  2. A friend of mine was invited to a wedding. They waited and waited at the venue. Apparently, the wedding party and parents had gone to a restaurant to eat! There were only a few snacks at the venue. The cash bar doesn’t bother me. I’m not keen on the piss-up at a wedding. There’s usually wine at the table & no charge cocktails before. (I have some older relatives who can’t control themselves around free booze. One wife thought she would solve the problem by making her husband the designated driver. Guess who was searching for a DD at leaving time?)
  3. I don’t think Acosta was beaten up. Having your credentials revoked is nowhere near a mugging. I suppose one could say the hyperbole was to make a point, but it was overdone, and inexcusably not done well. The way Murphy was portrayed reacting to Frank’s situation didn’t ring true. The show can’t have it both ways. Is she a tough news person or not?
  4. In case there was any doubt as to why the low ratings. Painfully amateurish.
  5. One was more than enough. Some of us don't have lives. LOL
  6. Point taken. I guess I’m just annoyed at the lack of laughs, because I do enjoy political humor!
  7. Yup ..... I am up on current events, so I don’t need this shoved down my throat on a sitcom. As stated before, they are preaching to the choir & nobody on the opposite side is going to have an epiphany. I was quite optimistic at the beginning of the episode, but it went off the rails quickly. Murphy’s rant at the end was cringeworthy. As far as expressing opinions, I have “ignored” and people can feel free to do the same. I started watching because I enjoyed the previous series, and hope springs eternal .....
  8. The current crop of rebooted sitcoms is going back to VSE's, & I hate it. Now every character is having a #metoo moment (Grace, Murphy). Not interested. Leave the teachable moments to daytime TV. I feel like I'm watching Oprah or Dr Phil. I miss the Seinfeld sensibility. I must say that Modern Family seems to have a handle on how to do the serious stuff, for the most part.
  9. It's just that they're preaching to the choir. And, the choir would like more laughs, better acting, writing & directing.
  10. I'm wondering why the DIY projects cost so much. The purple stripe on the lamp shouldn't have been more than 50 cents. That coat rack last time was kind of pricey, as well. They didn't mention what the cost of the window accents were; maybe they were on the house.
  11. I liked both the loft and the brownstone. First time. The brownstone was nice, but there's a reason the table is near the kitchen - schlepping food from the kitchen to the dining room. The loft (even with that horror of a sofa) worked, also. Maybe, because Thom didn't use wallpaper. The price of that light fixture was amazing (not in a good way). What happened to the fish tank?
  12. A very special “Murphy Brown”. Just in case we don’t grasp the gravity of their situations, we have a third rate sitcom to beat us over the head with it. Preachy, heavy-handed, and no laughs. 😝☹️😝☹️😝☹️😝☹️😝☹️😝☹️😝☹️
  13. Murphy Brown is fiction. Miles (a fictional character) didn't really work there.
  14. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”
  15. I mostly like her stuff, but puffer coats are not for anyone over a size 8.
  16. She has an assistant?? I don’t mind the print that much, but she really needs to go up a size. It’s not meant to be form fitting! What size is she claiming she’s wearing?
  17. I’m so choked up & teary, I can barely see this post. ??
  18. Absolutely! I loved it back in the day, I still watch now when I remember. Dietrich killed me!
  19. Me too, I'm embarrassed for myself! I watched it years ago. I happened to tune in tonight & stayed because I wanted to see how they looked after their surgeries.
  20. Is the "new" version still on? I'm seeing Gypsy Wedding in that time slot (awful - don't watch). I wonder if they are re-vamping the new version because it seemed to be universally hated.
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