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  1. It sure is. My idea of traditional sure doesn’t match up with designers’ ideas! Not just this show - most design/makeover shows.
  2. It's really hard with some husbands. Mine has his taste stuck in the '70s. I mostly don't pay attention, because as long as he has his giant TV, he's happy. I could live with the living room, but that dining room - the gold side table was over $3K ??? I wonder if Thom is going to use wallpaper in all of his rooms. I actually like wallpaper, but so far haven't been keen on his choices.
  3. There are a couple of things that aren’t so bad, but why would anyone want to wear Wendy Williams fashion? ??. Embarrassing!!
  4. Yes, not my taste either. The lighting! I prefer "traditional" - not in the way that designers think is traditional, though. ;o) They look like the $5.95 plastic chairs. I just threw mine out recently - turned yellow & they were ultra-ugly to begin with.
  5. I know. I guess it's because they are really helpless & depend on people to help them. I'm a bit fuzzy on details of this story. There was a tornado on election day, in which a woman was killed. News footage showed a dog wandering around the demolished house. The woman's sisters were talking about their sister's death & they said everyone was wondering what happened to the dog. The dog is safe, apparently.
  6. Didn't care for the house in Teaneck. The dining room was horrendous.
  7. Wouldn’t Miles know that his outfit was ridiculous? ?He’s been around long enough to know what’s de rigueur.
  8. Well, she’s up on the important things in life! ?
  9. For sure! He can only be an asset to the show.
  10. I was also wondering why they didn’t grab a chair from across the hall. I thought it was funny that Sheldon & Amy’s mother bonded. Not feeling the Raj - Anu thing. But, a pretty decent episode.
  11. Been there, actually done that. Nobody cares, petty thing to do.
  12. Reminds me of an episode of "Mary Tyler Moore Show" at the Teddy Awards - only, sans laughs.
  13. Oh ..... oops. Excuse me! Guilty of lack of reading comprehension!
  14. Not a big fan of Twitter, but whatever. I don’t think it’s a good idea for politicians to be on it.
  15. Isn’t this unpopular opinions? Nitpicking is the whole point! Doesn’t bother me in the least if people don’t like my favourites. ?
  16. Absolutely! I've always found Dylan really funny. I couldn't stand Andy - no chemistry at all!
  17. There’s a lot of that going around! ? Yeah, way too many people. Unless ...... it was a cunning plan to hear less of the ladies from The View!
  18. The thing about that, is that the wife can take it down & put it in the bathroom or a closet.
  19. I guess the number of people will keep the amateurs out of action. A good thing, perhaps. I was flipping around & MM & AH only said a couple of sentences, as far as I heard.
  20. This is an opinion thread, not gospel. I don't understand the relevance.
  21. Because Rebel Wilson is responsible for our self-esteem. Can women get over this sh*t?
  22. Ronan is several years younger than Dylan. He did not coach her. I don't think anyone is saying that Ronan coached her. They are saying an idea was planted & was misinterpreted.
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