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  1. I can't understand why this show equates a kiss with actually sleeping with someone. Am I just old fashioned? I'm pretty sure I wouldn't break up or get a divorce over a kiss (unless it happened a lot) but I would over sexcapades. Also, it's obvious betrayals of Steffi are much more important (and much worse) than betrayals of Hope. What a wah baby Steffi is although she thought Hope should just suck it up. All of her arguments of why Liam should choose her over Hope seem not to apply to Hope in the same situations. She deserves Bill! Liam should have stuck with Sally.
  2. apbr

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I know it's an unpopular opinion but, at the moment, the only characters that are evoking sympathy from me, other than Maxie, are Ava and Franco.
  3. apbr

    S06.E14: Collision Course

    Actually, I think I'm done with this show. The "other good guys" are as bad as the real "bad guys" and I'm sick of them. They have little experience but more arrogance than any one on the Arrow's team.
  4. I don't think I'm supposed to but I like Sally a lot more than I do Hope or Steffy. Let's give Liam a break and let him be with someone who really appreciates him.
  5. apbr

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    YES! They had that whole mess about Sam being willing to kill Sonny to get "Jason" away from him and the mob business so, to me, the perfect solution is for her to be with Drew who is, more or less, Jason without mob stuff. It follows the former storylines for her quite nicely. It's stupid that Sonny and Carly, et al, keep telling her she doesn't need to "sacrifice" her happiness because she really loves Jason and just feels sorry for Drew.
  6. apbr

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I agree. Everyone is forgivable except Ava. Everyone gets away with everything, except Ava. As far as Sonny and Valentin, et al, all I can figure out, is that GH thinks that like Clay Allison, they never killed (or had killed) a man who didn't need it.
  7. If they let Bill get away with this, especially the arson, like he gets away with everything else, I'm out. If I wanted to see someone skate for all the evil they do, I wouldn't have stopped watching Y&R.
  8. Looks to me like they're painting $Bill into such a tight corner that about the only that that will redeem him is the diagnosis of a brain tumor.
  9. I'm really a nice person in real life but please let Abby just shoot Dario and get it over with. They have made him totally irredeemable. He must be a good actor because I cannot stand him any longer. On the bright side, I'm loving Steve and Kayla.
  10. apbr

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    I agree. I think Owen's sister/Riggs' wife may show up alive to put a monkey wrench in the Meredith-Riggs hookup. That may be the reason they sort of rushed them together or whatever.
  11. apbr

    Characters We Hate

    Why have they made most of the women so shrill and controlling? They've gone overboard. I thought Owen was really good with Cristina and I really miss her. She was sure about what she wanted in her life but she always let everyone know how she felt and didn't try to manipulate anyone to get what she wanted. Meredith and Maggie are OK. They have their moments but it evens out a little bit. They pretty much ruined Callie for me the way it was always all about her. This Minnick storyline is pretty much unredeemable to me. She's way too pushy and irritating to me. This storyline has even almost ruined Bailey for me. I'm not a fan of Seasons 12 and 13 but I'm hoping they'll figure it out before next season and get it back to the feel of the early years.
  12. apbr

    S13.E16: Who Is He (And What Is He to You)?

    I wish they would give Jackson some gumption and let him just dump April and Catherine for good and go his own way. I didn't like this episode at all really.
  13. apbr

    Characters We Hate

    To me, it just seems that the longer this show goes, the more selfish and self-serving all the characters get. The women especially. April has never thought of anyone except herself. She's treated Jackson appallingly and then just expected him to take her back, etc. Catherine is the same way. Heck, April and Catherine make Ellis Grey seem almost warm and fuzzy. I find myself yelling at the screen for April and Catherine to just shut up. Otherwise, I can tolerate most of the characters. They at least show a little compassion every once in a while.
  14. I noticed that a lot of y'all don't like Chloe. She must've been a real piece of work during the hiatus I took from the show. I can take her or leave her EXCEPT she keeps explaining that her problem is with Demos, not Nicole, but everyone just ignores that part and never addresses her concerns. Is this bad writing or are the other characters so self-involved that they don't even hear her? I always listened to my friend's thoughts about anyone I was dating and I found that if they didn't like him or saw some flaw, they were usually right. It never hurts to step back and see him through their eyes. Nicole needs to take that advice.