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  1. GRRM just said that book will be finished by Summer of 2020 or we have permission to arrest him. Lol
  2. Now that we know the endgame, all these new storylines and characters in AFFC and ADWD feel even more pointless. Just more detailed version of S5-S8 would be perfect for the books after ASOS.
  3. There will be no sequel, remake or anything like this. The show will be over tomorrow and life will move on. I don't expect that HBO, D&D or GRRM will be ruined after this in any way. People will be really interested in GRRM's version of the story andif he ever finishes the books it can be Harry Potter level of popularity, HBO will continue to produce successful TV shows and D&D will have long and successful careers because even if everyone think the last season is the worst thing ever done(and that won't be the case), the fact that they oversaw the biggest TV production in history for such a long time will always remain. Even Stephen King (who loves this season) had controversial endings of his stories, but he wasn't ruined after that. Life goes on. https://deadline.com/2019/05/game-of-thrones-creators-david-benioff-db-weiss-shop-global-overall-deal-1202615764/ I'm sure that D&D wanted S6 type of reaction to this season. They won't get that, but I still thing experience they had while working on GoT will be positive. Actors, directors, everyone else. They made a lot of money, made a lot of friends and even found lovers. And I also think no matter how stressful this was in the last 12 years they had a lot of fan working on this show.
  4. Known where? Even if 70 % of watchers hate the ending(and that won't happen) and they all refuse to watch new show, they will have enough watchers for Long Night to be the most popular HBO show.
  5. I don't believe this. One great trailer for S1, GRRM promoting the show and everyone will be back for E1. Especially since a lot of people will watch GoT now after it ends. So they will be new audience for that show. There will be at lest 2 years until Long Night starts, so I expect millions of new fans will watch GoT in next 2 years. And especially if GRRM finally gives us TWOW. But the long-term popularity of that show depends on Jane Goldman's writing.
  6. This franchise is too big to fall. If they have 20% of popularity that GoT had, it will still be the most popular HBO show right now. HBO has nothing to lose. Even those who hated GoT S8 will watch it because of new writers and GRRM's involvement.
  7. It won't hurt the franchise. You will see it yourselves 2 years from now when Long Night starts. You will all watch that. Don't pretend for a second you won't. Everyone will watch the first episode, like it's GoT s9. The rest of the show depends on the quality.
  8. Tyrion and Sansa as rulers would be nice twist if GRRM and D&D wanted to keep (this type of) monarchy. Breaking the wheel = destroying the Iron Throne
  9. Bran will be head of the Council, not King. He won't be classical ruler.
  10. The things these people are complaining about won't matter 5 years from now. When you watch the show all ot once you don't care about Euron's fleet or how high dragons can fly. And even now majority of people don't care about those things. People will watch GoT to be entertained. And they will be. From the first episode until the very last.
  11. I said shooting, not producing. We have different understanding what inferior product is.
  12. How a season of the show that was never flawless can be flawless? I think some people expected too much. And some people just want to see GoT fails. But it won't. As I said, 5 years from now when someone binge-watches the show he will enjoy it. But now it's Jane Goldman's turn to face toxic fandom.
  13. Euron's fleet is the same thing as "20 good man". It was used to push Dany's downfall just like Stannis'. D&D have consistent narrative shortcus. They weren't high enough because Rhaegal was hurt. Meh. As I said, it is the same narrative shortcut D&D used since forever.
  14. Vocal online reaction to this season makes no sense to me. It's feels completely divorced from reality. Rage and bitternes only. I feel that this season is in every way better than S7 and that all problems here existed for seasons now, so if you watched the show until this point why lose your mind 2 episodes before the end? I mean Euron's fleet, 20 good man, Yara vs Ramsay,... all those things are part of the show for years, but now it's a problem?
  15. The context is she was not focused on her enemies in the south the way they were on her. It makes this fandom worse. Just like using that line "we wanted it to happen".
  16. That line about the Iron Fleet was taken out of context like many things they've said in the past. They have them talk about that fleet at that meeting. So no, she didn't forget.
  17. Sansa was so much like Cersei in that scene with Jaime. She looked so evil. And I liked it. Lol
  18. I get that. But my point is that they've decided to have shorter season when they saw how much money they have and not the other way around. Because shorter seasons make no sense if you are going to work far more on them. But that's just my opinion.
  19. I think Tyrion trial can still happen in E6. Trial for treason because he let Jaime go. But I think when Dany sentences him to death, that's the moment Jon will kill her. And I think Dany will tell him she won't have negotiations with the North anymore. They will accept her as the Queen or die. "They can live in her new world or they can die in their old one". Also I won't be surprised if we have her coronation at the beginning of E6.
  20. Or have people of KL tear her apart when she tries to escape.
  21. Well my guess is that it was decision influenced by financial reasons, because it's not like they didn't work much longer and harder on these 13 episodes. So argument that they are tired and just want to move on never made any sense to me. They spent 16 months shooting these 13 episodes. And in the past they were able to do 10 episodes in 5 and half months. Does this seems like something people who just want to move on do? But no point in this discussion because we will never know. This narrative that D&D are idiots and hacks and they betrayed HBO, poor GRRM, actors, directors and everyone else is completely unfair. IMO. And that's everything I have to say on this topic.
  22. But what D&D got from shorter seasons?
  23. Do you really think they can say anything against HBO? They would never work in Hollywood again. For me it's clear money influenced their creative decisions. Actors are more expensive than ever, CGI, battles and so on. It makes no sense otherwise to do shorter seasons except if you believe that D&D are evil monsters that want to destroy their own show.
  24. So the first 4 episodes of S7 could have been the same but then they go north to stop night king from attacking the Wall but they fail and the first 3 episodes of this season are the last 3 of S7? Yeah. This would've been better. Spoils of War battle would've been cut.
  25. Or maybe D&D decided the number of episodes after they saw how much money they have. Why they decided to have shorter season then? It's not like they worked less.