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  1. Her health and safety is most important. Good for her for having the bravery to say no and walk away instead of risk serious injury or death just to please others. She’s doing the most GOAT thing of all.
  2. They’re feeding us that Lokis are supposed to fail and HWR found the right Lokis to do that in a big way. There was no way Sylvie was going to divert from her mission and a few days with some guy wasn’t going to change that, even if he’s a version of herself. Our Loki would consider other options but he had gotten soft over Sylvie, nothing short of severely incapacitating or killing her would have stopped her and he couldn’t do that, he was too much in love with her/himself. The damaged rash side of Loki clashing with the “perhaps we can come to an arrangement” side of Loki in such a way both
  3. Fake spoilers? It would be a very Loki thing to do. If they actually do that, [Loki voice] I’m impressed.
  4. Oh yeah! Classic Loki is a badass! The kid is great too, and the Lokigator is funny. Loki and Mobius, the hug we all needed! Mobius shows up in the Weasleys’ car and the Lokis battle the smoke monster from Lost. Loki learns to enchant and he gets a snazzy new blade. Renslayer is still a scumbag.
  5. Shameful this incompetent negligent gasbag still has a show or a license. He and his merry band of idiots should have been kicked out of the veterinary profession years ago.
  6. GreyBunny

    S01.E03: Lamentis

    Same here! Also Dr. Who, the film Brazil, and the episode Workforce (ST: Voyager) thrown in for good measure. Loved the color scheme for Lamentis - neon nighttime, purples, large dark planet looming overhead… Blade Runner meets Night Vale. I don’t think Loki lied about the device being destroyed, he took it out and it was smoking. It looked like it fell apart as it dropped to the ground, I don’t think he repocketed it. It would be frustrating if it turned out it was an illusion, it would be a too-easy plot device and lazy writing rather than a skilled demonstration of Loki being a trickst
  7. One more helpful tip from the NPS.
  8. How to handle a bear encounter. “If it’s brown, lie down. If it’s black, fight back”
  9. I think he’ll be all right. It may expend more calories, but past contestants have freaked out and tapped when they lost or destroyed their ferro rods, he’s not at risk for that, plus he can keep his bow drill and a supply of tinder in his shelter to keep it dry. As for the boat, my first thought was that it needs an outrigger and fortunately he figured that out right away. Once he has that he’ll be good to go. A spare paddle couldn’t hurt either. I was concerned that it looked like he beached it tarp-side down. I’d flip it and prop it up someplace to protect the tarp.
  10. I loved this, a much more capable group! I like the pit house but I was worried at first how far she was from the beach or where the water table was, thinking back to Rupert’s disaster from Survivor. She seems to actually know what she’s doing and got a great start. Props for her tenacity, I quickly get annoyed just digging holes for my garden plants. I thought that was amusing and he’s actually good with the bow drill.
  11. She puked on berries. Shouldn’t someone who regularly roughs it be used to eating berries? Oh, wait, she’s a trophy “hunter” who goes on canned hunts and teaches “outdoor skills” at the local foofoo glamping store. Princess Privileged can go home any time. Poor Tim, he got a great shelter built and engineered a lure out of his toothbrush but had to go home for a medical reason that should have disqualified him in the first place. I love that they’ve returned to southern BC. Different location than VI, but similar enough kind of place - rain, cold, more rain, uncomfortable amounts of
  12. Hannah’s last episode was my last as well. As long as Shipwreck Sandy and Malaria are cast, I won’t watch the show. To hell with them.
  13. As a northwesterner, the food from Kokoson looked more familiar than the courses from Penny. We do love our seafood, but we have ingredients and flavor profiles that are distinct for our region. It looked like Penny just threw together a bunch of seafood dishes from wherever and called it Pacific Northwest because the main part of the dish came from under the water.
  14. Josh is looking at five years in federal prison, minimum. The feds don’t play games, they wouldn’t have arrested him unless the investigation was thoroughly done and they’re virtually certain they can win in court. Pervo the Clown better get used to wearing an orange jumpsuit.
  15. This. He grew up in an environment where women and girls’ bodies are nothing but pleasure objects for men and baby-producing machines. Females have no say and aren’t allowed to have their own boundaries. Of course boys and men think they are entitled to unfettered access to the bodies of women, girls, and children. Josh is a product of his environment, a very sick, twisted, and disgusting environment set up by JB and M. Burning in hell is too good for all three of them. Anna too, she’s just as sleazy and depraved. She knew what he was and kept squeezing out more potential victims to put in his
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