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  1. GreyBunny

    S08.E02: Mommy Dearest

    Caught this by accident. Why is this Abby bitch not dead?
  2. GreyBunny

    S17.E14: Finale

    Congrats to Sebastian! He was far and away the best designer, the right guy won. I liked most of Garo's collection but the last three dresses were a disaster. When he decided to remove the sparkle dress the judges loved I knew he was doomed. As soon as Hester said "cyber" and "y2k" I already hated whatever she was going to send down the runway. Those terms got stale 20 years ago and her Gwen Stefani reject collection reflected that. Christian is a delight, he was a little too specific at times with his advice but he did great as a host.
  3. GreyBunny

    All Alone In The Media

    I notice none of the contestants chose the ice spikes. I've done my share of stomping around in the snow and can think of many times where spikes would have made things easier. Do you think that's an item the contestants will regret not taking or is it a throw-away? What would you recommend them bringing?
  4. GreyBunny

    S06.E02: Tainted

    With that heart condition Donny should never have been cast. As soon as I saw the charred muskrat that was raw on the inside I knew he was doomed. I've had food poisoning before, I mean the kind where you feel like a tube of toothpaste being stomped on repeatedly by Godzilla, and it is the WORST. It is relentless and it HURTS and I had the benefit of a warm bed, modern plumbing, and bottles of Pedialyte to help me through it. Being out in the woods would have made it 10 times the nightmare; I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did and I hope they had a toilet on the boat.
  5. GreyBunny

    S17.E04: Survive in Style

    I liked Afa’s a lot better than Renee’s. I get what he was going for, survival in the South Pacific. Her net dress could catch fish all day. Renee’s was just a tarp with a belt and random crap hanging off of it. It looked like exactly what it was - a camping outfit done by someone who doesn’t know shit about camping. I really liked Hester’s outfit. Using the carabiners to hold the skirt was my favorite bit. The camping song was cute. I think the rain was fake. It looked it came from a couple of hoses off camera to create fake weather drama.
  6. GreyBunny

    S17.E03: All the Rage

    Hester sounds like an old lady name to me. Edith, Bertha, Edna, Myrtle, Hester...
  7. GreyBunny

    S17.E03: All the Rage

    Hehe, in the world of reality TV you take whatever victories you can get, no matter how small.
  8. GreyBunny

    S17.E03: All the Rage

    So glad to see Christian again, he’s a delight. Nadine complaining about the dishes? Valid. Complaining her model is too big? Straight up bullshit. They should know by now they might have to design for men or women of any size and any age, they might even get children or dogs and have to work with napkins, floor mats, and duct tape. After so many seasons there’s no excuse for not being prepared for this. When she landed in the bottom I thought for sure they were going to keep her for the drama, fortunately Bravo has more class than Lifetime and the right one went home. I don’t blame her for not staying to hug the host, the judges clearly sent her home because they didn’t like her and she didn’t owe them any kisses. As for Hester, no one is expelled from fashion school for being too weird, they’re sent home because they suck. I don’t think she’s quirky, just high-maintenance. Rhianna has a gun tattoo pointed at her breast. Ugh, tacky.
  9. I seriously doubt Burr is one of Ted's victims. When he was a teenager he was committing theft and was a peeping Tom; it took him time to escalate to breaking and entering, then later abductions, rape, and finally murder. I doubt he killed anyone until he was in his 20's, probably not until around 1973-ish. I don't think he'd kill a child when he was 14 then go back to peeping and then take 6-10 or more years to work back up to murder. The police and Burr's family think there are better candidates (Robert Bruzas and Ralph Everett Larkee) for the culprit. During his last confessions Ted repeatedly denied killing her, he also denied killing Katherine Devine and he was right about that (recent DNA test results cleared him of her murder). As for Stapley, I fully believe she's a hoaxer. I think she's especially disgusting for saying that Carol DaRonch wasn't a "real" victim.
  10. GreyBunny

    S07.E11: Nina Says Don't Cry Over Spilt Silk

    Meana Irina’s trashy hooker gown - ugh. Bidell should have won. Anthony Ryan and Michelle, WTF? I would have sent both of them home. Iris is a delight!
  11. Yup. Robin can stay, invite Joel McHale to be a permanent judge, Nick was annoying so he can go. Nicole was a non-entity so she can leave too. Jenny needs to be stuffed down a trash compactor. Debbie Gibson was a surprisingly good judge on American Juniors, I think she'd be good for this show.
  12. The couldn't have telegraphed who would win The Masked Sob Story any harder if they tried. (The sob story wasn't even impressive. He got knocked for using auto-tune? That's why he was angsting all over the stage? Ugh.) Did the singers get much of a song choice? The songs Donny and Gladys had didn't really do them any favors; Donny's was old and outdated, the second didn't showcase Gladys's voice as well as other selections have. It's like the thumb was on the scale for Monster.
  13. GreyBunny

    S01.E08: Semi Finals: Double Unmasking

    *sigh* I really want Bee to do "Midnight Train to Georgia" as her finale song. It's the final episode so it wouldn't matter.
  14. GreyBunny

    S01.E07: All Together Now

    "Have you won a Grammy before?" "Actually, I have ten." 3 with the Pips 4 solo 2 inductions into the Grammy Hall of Fame with the Pips (yes, I think you get a little trophy with this even though it's not officially a "win") 1 - ? Maybe a friend of loved one gave one to her?
  15. GreyBunny

    The Masked Singer

    When I was a kid I got one of those best of the 70’s albums as a gift and “Midnight Train to Georgia” was on it. I played the hell out of that thing.