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  1. I loved that too. The best way to hunt a rabbit is to act like a cow. I hope that fly surfed out. I’m weirded out to think he might still have a drowned fly in his ear quietly rotting away. *shudder* Poor Mark, imagine having to do an emergency sleeping bag cleaning in the cold in the middle of the night with a bad stomach. That would be THE WORST.
  2. Aw, Shawn. He was fun and I wanted him to stay longer. The boat sauna was brilliant and he looked oddly cute in his knickers and fur cap and covered in shrubbery. He got a promising start on his cabin too. Oh, yeah. When he realized it was missing and not in his clothes I almost yelled at the TV to go back to the boat. I thought for sure after he tapped he’d find it someplace stupid like in an easy pocket. I wonder about the prize money too, if they win they get $500k but if they make it 100 days or longer then the winner gets $1M?
  3. Wow. A ship captain should know better than to make fun of illness. Good to know, I won’t book a trip on whatever unsanitized garbage scow she pilots next.
  4. So because she hasn’t done those things it means she wants the crew to desire her sexually? Wow. That’s quite a leap. If a male bosun also took a casual approach and did the same things she did would he want the guys to like him sexually?
  5. Lara needs to be hogtied and thrown overboard. What an asshole.
  6. How nice of the producers to plant a bunch of truffles in the dirt to make them easy to find. I bet Gregory was thrilled to risk hurting his back even more tromping around in the woods to fake-hunt for them.
  7. After the culinary trauma that was Mila, I don’t blame her one bit. If I were bosun and my subordinate called me “sweetie,” I’d make him scrub the deck with his toothbrush. If he did it again he’s fired. She’s not your sweetie, she’s your boss.
  8. Except for the grey hoodie with the black belt I didn’t like any of it. The cheap plastic bags, the giant ponchos that were just sheets with holes cut in them, wasted pockets that have to hold “parachutes” for no good reason, color blocked pants that look like Vanilla Ice went skiing... I’d rather walk around naked. Farai and Kiki, ugh. They should go home, it’s their third time in the bottom and their looks looked like shredded material tied on with too many straps. It was fussy and sloppy; the color was the only thing I liked. I don’t care about Kiki’s Fubu background or Farai’s speech, the only thing that should be judged is what they sent down the runway. Kirby is a big baby. Judge like an adult or go home. If you think they’re so special hire them for your company.
  9. I think he totally had drugs, some kind of opioid. When his friend asked if he got kicked off the ship that was the big giveaway. Production felt comfortable airing the accusations probably because there was substance to them. Have any of the passengers come out swinging after the episode aired saying they were falsely accused? Haven’t seen any.
  10. If he was sniffing anything he could have been snorting heroin (some people do inhale it up the nose) or some other drug. There’s more than one illicit white powder in the world.
  11. Not specifically for the Parsifal III, but an example of a cruise contract. Probably industry standard.
  12. Once again, they’re not in the US. They don’t have American rights. Even if they were, the 4th amendment is about search and seizure without a warrant by law enforcement without probable cause. Glenn is not law enforcement, he’s the captain of a boat, he’s in charge of a very expensive piece of private property subject to layers of harsh anti-drug laws. Two of his staff reported this guy acting weird with white powder under his nose, that’s probable cause. He had reasonable suspicion to think this guy was using illegal drugs on the boat he’s responsible for and he had every right to investigate including digging through bags. Doesn’t matter anyway since the guy consented to the search, and no, he wasn’t coerced. There was nothing stopping him from saying no. Glenn didn’t know that until after he searched. It was one of the few times she was competent. The only problem was she should have gone to Glenn immediately instead of waiting to report it.
  13. It happens, drug smuggling is no joke and countries have no problem impounding valuable yachts. Lee recounts how early in his career (he was not the captain) the boat he was working on got boarded by the coast guard because of suspicion of drugs. The ship was confiscated and he got dragged all the way back to Miami to testify. That’s one of the reasons he’s so strict now. Watch season 1 episode 1 of Below Deck - passengers were found with drugs and Lee threw them off the ship ASAP. Glenn was actually offering a courtesy by searching the bags to verify because he was well within his rights to just chuck them off the boat right there and completely end the charter. As for them being American (and Glenn Canadian), that doesn’t mean shit. Try to pull that card and you’ll get laughed at. They’re on a British flagged ship in Greek waters subject to international maritime law, as well as charter company policy and any rules the boat owner laid down. The US Constitution means nothing here. Seriously, go watch Locked Up Abroad to see how even tiny amounts of drugs or just being in the company of a drug smuggler can land you in a very bad prison for a long time, even if you’re American. Except for finding a lawyer and contacting your family, the US embassy will not help you if you’re detained in a foreign country for drugs. The rest of the world is not the US.
  14. I would say he or she does as they’re ultimately responsible for what happens on the vessel. Drug use is a violation of the boat’s flag country laws, the laws of the nation whose waters they’re in, and maritime law. The captain, senior officers, and guests using the drugs could be charged with possession and smuggling, and depending where they are that could mean life in a very bad prison or the death penalty. The boat could be confiscated and the owner and the charter company could end up in hot water too. The stakes are very high. I’m sure captain has legal protections to search, at the very least permission to search in the event of suspected drug use is in the waiver passengers are required to sign.
  15. So, I’m not even five minutes in and Jenna lies right to Glenn’s face - multiple times. I hate this rancid bitch. If she’s on the show next season I won’t watch.
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