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  1. nikma

    Bloodmoon (Working Title)

    I have no expectations from this, and maybe that's the best thing.
  2. Yes it should have. If he was able to finish his books.
  3. nikma

    Game Of Thrones In The Media

    GOT was nominated for Outstanding Program of the Year at TCA Awards. https://deadline.com/2019/06/tca-awards-nominations-pose-russian-doll-hbo-networks-1202634724/
  4. nikma

    Game Of Thrones In The Media

    Cersei's death wasn't epic or dramatic, but I feel that was the idea. Like Tywin's death. I'm not sure how fans would react if Tywin's death was D&D's idea and in the books he had more dramatic death. Cersei's death was symbolic and I think where D&D really succeded is making you actually root for Cersei to escape at the end. It's crazy. After everything she has done you want her to escape. How many fantasy stories actually gave you something like that? She was so powerless and affraid, the show refused to give viewers any enjoyment in watching Cersei die, like they did with fan service Ramsay's death. It was complete oposite of fan-service, like a lot of things in S8. She died defeated and powerless with Jaime while Red Keep, the symbol of her ambition and power lust crushed on her.
  5. nikma

    Game Of Thrones In The Media

    Person who is not able to write one book in 8 years, wouldn't be able to run a TV show of this scale and size.
  6. nikma

    Game Of Thrones In The Media

    It doesn't even matter how many people disliked S8. Even if 90% of watchers hated it, so be it, this is still D&D's show and they can finish it how and when they want. They don't owe anyone anything. The story doesn't belong to fans.
  7. nikma

    Game Of Thrones In The Media

    It's really funny to think that HBO should have fired creators of their most popular show ever that earned them 47 Emmys. So far. This was D&D's show. They could have done whatever they wanted with it. Audience can like or dislike their work, but GoT doesn't belong to them and they are entitled to nothing, If D&D wanted Power Rangers to appear in the last season, they would appear If better ending is possible GRRM should write one. HBO had many great shows before GoT and it will have many great shows after GoT(they already got one). Life will go on. And the freedom they gave their showrunners is the reason why HBO is what it is. If Cogman was good material for showrunner, HBO wouldn't kill his GoT spin off show in the development phase.
  8. That's not the point of scouring. But as I said, good thing for GRRM is that he will never finish the books and he can preserve this myth that he is a great writer and all the blame will fall on D&D for everything people dislike about the endgame. So point of story can be whatever you want it to be, because the ending will never be written. No one is right or wrong as long as GRRM is not doing his job. He is genius and D&D are hacks. And why would he do anything to change that?
  9. If the war for the throne is stupid that undermines the whole story, because 95% of story in the books is about politics. So then the whole story is pointless. This story is not about climate change, it's about very human drama and relationships. WW won't be the climax if the final book, it was clear the moment GRRM said he wants his version of the Scouring of the Shire.
  10. There is no Big Bad. That's not the story GRRM is telling. It's story about power, family, love, duty and human heart in conflict with itself. It's not about ice demons and saving the world from them. They are minor part of the 5 books we have, because they are not the point. The point is what was the point even in AGOT. And it will be in ADOS. Humans and their internal struggles and pseudo-political conflicts. GRRM won't turn his story into zombie apocalypse in the end. That's too simple. There is no human drama in WW's invasion, beacuse every human drama feels petty and pointless in those circumstances. And he will write his Scouring of the Shire. Which means the war will continue after WW are gone. Just like it was in LOTR.
  11. Yeah, but GRRM wants his Scouring of the Shire. And he said that theme of his story is "human heart in conflict with itself". That has to play a role in the climax of the story, WW are just enemies, there is no internal conflict there. But that's what you get with Daenerys, Jon and Tyrion at the end of story if you remove WW earlier. Constant internal conflict. Love and duty. Family, honor, power, all these great themes that made this story great and that GRRM loves so much. And also the message is that humans are the biggest monsters, not some ice demons. Removing WW earlier and making the final conflict between Daenerys and everyone else makes the story much deeper thematically. Otherwise what is the theme of the story? We should unite and save the world? "Avengers assemble"? Where is human heart in conflict with itself there?
  12. Climax of the story is Daenerys burning KL, becoming "villain" and being killed. WW are not the final enemy. Daenerys is. I would really love to see anyone write a scene that is not ridiculous, where they negotiate with the WW, they agree to return north of thr Wall and sleep. It's was all just one big misunderstanding. WW are nice guys and they will return to their homes to just sleep. The end. Just like Aragorn's tax policy and learning how to rule. But he still put a wizard on the throne.
  13. Only when they don't have enough material from GRRM like with LSH or Aegon. They cut Aegon because removing Cersei, a character you have 5-6 seasons of emotional investment in and a top-notch actress playing to replace with another character who they need to establish on their own because there is no book materrial for him is a bad idea. fAegon removes any reason for the vast majority of the cast to care who sits on the Iron Throne because unlike Cersei, he has done nothing to wrong them. He introduces a massive, convoluted backstory for no other reason than to justify his existence. He cripples Jon's arc because being the second living son of Rhaegar changes almost nothing. He removes the conflict point between Jon and Dany because neither have a claim.He removes the conflict point between Dany and Tyrion because Tyrion is no longer going to be fighting his family. If he is a Blackfyre, he requires a massive amount of exposition for literally no other reason than a surprise twist. He turns secret Targs into a meme and makes you wonder if Targaryans ever actually die in Westeros The only reason to ignore his plan is if it's somethin really bad. But I don't think he has any plans. If he had real plans his story would've been finished long time ago. He only has ideas of plot points.
  14. But that's the point. D&D introduced the Night King in S4 (the first season they wrote afer that big meeting with GRRM) because GRRM gave them no information about the way WW will be defeated in the books, so Night King became that plot device. If GRRM had any idea about WW's defeat in the books, we would get that in the show. As long as he doesn't finish the books this myth that GRRM knows what he is doing and there is some great plan for everything will live, I don't know if it's even in his interest to finish the books at all. But for me, ASOIAF is one big mess, and GRRM only has very vague ideas about some plot developments in the future and nothing else. Don't think so at all. WW will be destroyed in the books as well, and Jon's endgame is not to rejoin the Night's Watch, but to rejoin Free Folk, and that can't happen if WW still exist.
  15. That's true. Quality of writing was consistent in the last 4 seasons. But S8 didn't give fans what they wanted. And the fact that even professional critics thought that Eastwatch and Beyond the Wall were so much better than Last of the Starks and The Bells is laughable. This shows that they reacted emotionally to the last season.