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  1. Yes. House of the Dragon. Casting has begun and the show will air in April of 2022.
  2. The main point D&D did in their execution, which really is a key trait of Game of Thrones, is make her downfall in some way shocking/surprising. It doesn't matter how much they supported it throughout the story, it is pretty certain that they actively wanted people to support Dany and then be shocked by her downfall. They wanted the audience in Tyrion and Jon's shoes. So they never wanted it to be obvious. If they did it would completely undermine their main point - demonstrating the danger of populism and revolutionary rhetoric/power through making the audience make the same mistake
  3. I mostly agree with this. Daenerys fed a slaver to her dragons because she was angry about Selmy. She had no idea whether he was involved with the harpy and by her own rules you were not supposed to execute slavers without a trial since she executed a former slave for that. She burned MMD alive for what she did to Drogo and her unborn child. If anything upset Dany she killed people. She executed 163 random slavers for what they did to the children. One of them we know was even against it. She wanted to burn down the slaver cities when they invaded meereen. There were slaves and innoc
  4. I doubt Winds of Winter will ever be released while George is alive. At most, we might get a posthumous release edited together from his drafts. I genuinely don't think he has any idea how to get this story from the second act into the third and that's why he spent two books basically doing nothing to advance the story forward. He never set up the White Walkers properly for any morally ambiguous ending and with them looming, what he REALLY wants to write, a perpetual civil War in Westeros and a second Dance of the Dragons will never get off the ground, which is why the books have stalled
  5. Wishful thinking. Joanna Robinson already confirmed this is fake and there is no way to change something like that in post production. Also Dragon Demands is not really a stable guy. He is obsessed with David Benioff.
  6. He lost control of the story 20 years ago. Last two books were a mess. Expecting TWOW is delusional.
  7. And? Quality of the books began to decline greatly after ASOS. That happens in a lot of shows and books and movies. This doesn't mean D&D wanted that.
  8. I don't think you can really compare Kit and Emilia because they are not in the same category.
  9. I'm talking about Amazon's version that is coming.
  10. And if turning good books into the biggest show in the world is something any idiot can do, I can't wait to see The Witcher, Wheel of Time, His Dark Materials and LOTR become smashing success.
  11. What showrunners Benioff & Weiss actually said at Austin Film Festival about writing and producing Game of Throne Though they were experienced writers before the show, David and Dan had to learn to communicate their ideas as first-time producers, as Weiss describes it: “We knew about story, we knew about character, and we knew tone, and how we wanted it all to feel, but all the rest of it we had to learn; and translate what we felt into words that would, say, lead a production designer in the direction that would produce the result we wanted.” “With the fantasy genre on television,
  12. Well deserved victory. I hope GoT spin off show(s) got that Emmy love as well.
  13. Bad show written by bad writers who are also bad people. Sigh. It's like people talk about some sort of collective torture and not entertainment that was made to entertain you. The moment it didn't do that for you you should stop watching. If ratings failed things would have been changed. But ratings went up and no one should change the winning formula. You don't change winning team. So just like how those who supported Daenerys were accomplice in her crimes, those who are disappointed with the ending can blame only themselves, because they gave Benioff and Weiss that power. Be
  14. Yes it should have. If he was able to finish his books.
  15. GOT was nominated for Outstanding Program of the Year at TCA Awards. https://deadline.com/2019/06/tca-awards-nominations-pose-russian-doll-hbo-networks-1202634724/
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