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  1. Anna is really fucked up if she still has sex with him. Either way, intentional or pressured. Will she finally make a stand?
  2. What the F is Anna going to tell her kids when they are grown, especially the ones born after the sister crimes came out? I wish I could fund lifetime counseling for all the kids. With real therapist trained in this horror. Not anyone in their pathetic circle. I hope for their sakes they all break free of Goddardism and from Anna. She does not deserve their love.
  3. Joy please remove that picture of Evy in the sink. Please.
  4. Anna had to know. What other family knew about the addiction? I pray that Josh never ever changed a diaper not once or was in the vicinity. DO NOT READ THE REDACTED from Reddit’s “First Witness”! You will regret it for the rest of your life. Hugs to those that did. JB and Michelle can rot in hell and deserve to lose their family over this. Every single member.
  5. Absolutely thrilled for Israel, but I hope we don’t get a dropoff picture everyday. But then again, if they are irritating Lolli and Pops......
  6. Well like most we loved the first season and was disappointed this second season. The second half of this season Mr Readalot predicted most of it so that was not fun. He was so checked out he decided he’s not wasting time on the third season. I will watch the third. I enjoyed it enough to do so. Plus I love all the actors, James Marsden especially. And the house porn is great too.
  7. With LA on lockdown, no restaurants, etc., what are J and J going to do?
  8. everytime I see a smugger family picture I wonder what his daughters are going to think when the first time they sneak away and google their dad’s name. Are they going to hate Anna just as much?
  9. Maybe Abbie requested this date so close to her due date in hopes she labored early and it would have to be cancelled or postponed indefinitely.
  10. Sorry for the miscommunication, local to me here in CA. Point being, DHS does investigate child molestation.
  11. Recently in my local Nextdoor a LLN Consultant put her whole collection up for $5 each, leggings, tops, dresses. She sounded desperate to sell. I wonder how many thousands of dollars she lost. I wonder if any of Meri’s downline did this, I wonder how she would feel.
  12. A local teacher here is accused of molesting a few girls. Dept of Homeland Security is asking the public for any details or info on other victims. - So lets hope this Is not it.
  13. The musical was ok. It was hard to keep my interest.
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