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  1. Readalot

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Does he go to school at the state fair or traveling carnival?
  2. Readalot

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Goodness isn’t there a nice park nearby she could of took those pictures at? Now anyone in her city can figure out where she lives.
  3. Readalot

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    Thank you for posting! I now love this guy. I hope for continued successes and look forward to seeing him in many more movies.
  4. My sister and I shared the same due week. I miscarried my twins. If my sis posted what Jessa did I’d smack the shit out of her. (For the record, she gave me the perfect amount of sensitivity).
  5. Readalot

    Media for Mrs. Maisel

    I didn’t see the top hat the Globes nor the SAG awards. Was Amy there?
  6. Readalot

    Friends From College

    What a difference a season makes! Last season was hate watching, this season I really enjoyed it! It went too fast, I’m looking forward to next year. And yes, Nick’s teeth are so so distracting. I’m glad Max came clean about the writing. Am I the only one that thinks Sam looks older than the rest of them? More than 3 years from Lisa. - I want Sam’s personal shopper
  7. Readalot

    Friends From College

    Great, more hate watching ahead. (I really wanted to like this series!)
  8. Well I didn’t watch all of it. Too painful, as most of my family is still involved. I will say I have full access to my family with no issues. I did not get baptized like most of my JW friends did during our teens. I left once I graduated HS when I went to college. I will say the last year I went to the meetings I called back quite a few times for elder meetings. They kept wanting to know why I was leaving once I graduated (my mom told them). I answers all their answers truthfully and they really could not argue. I know they thought I would be back since I was an exemplary “sister”. Honestly I have found memories of them. They all treated me as a daughter as I was growing up. I never saw or personally experienced any malicious, I can say they are the nicest group of people I’ve have known. - if I didnt mention It before I asked my mom in the last year to stop preaching to me and she has complied. I have no tolerance for all the child molestation Coverups I’ve been hearing about. About once a year I have a very strong realistic dream that I’m drawn back to the Kingdom Hall because I realize it’s the truth. I usually wake up crying. I guess 18 years in this cult does get to me.
  9. Readalot

    Joe & Kendra: Looking Forward To Side Hugs

    The ad reminds me of Hayden P. from Nashville.
  10. Found it there thanks! I can only record the next episode which is tomorrow. I tried the a&e app but I don’t know my provider password, it’s attached to my hubs email so I need to ask him
  11. Ugh it’s not showing On Demand nor any future episodes.
  12. In my congregation many people used other versions than the New World. I don’t remember it ever bring an issue. And yes the Watchtower and the Awake were their interpretation of the Bible. And if you ever want to read a teen’a account of growing up a JW in the 70’s/80’s, read “confessions of a teenage Jesus jerk”. The movie is on Amazon. Read the book first, it’s 💯accurate to my and my cousin’s experiences. I give it an A+. Looking forward to seeing this episode soon.
  13. I was raised JW from birth until I left home after HS graduation. I did not get baptized which was unusual. I can’t wait to see this and then I will comment. - Yrust me, JW’s read the Bible. The y go to the hall three times a week. Lots of bible studying and reading. I have to say the JW people I grew up around are some of the nicest people on earth. - Over the years half of my family and extended family left and half stayed including my mom and brother. I asked her to not preach to me anymore a few years back. And yes since I remember in the early 70’s the end of the world was near was preached . Lot of fear growning up, we were all so anxious. Any yes, for the most part it was joyless.
  14. Readalot

    AGT The Champions: Media & Speculation

    Thank you. Chemo complications. :-(