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  1. Sorry for the miscommunication, local to me here in CA. Point being, DHS does investigate child molestation.
  2. Recently in my local Nextdoor a LLN Consultant put her whole collection up for $5 each, leggings, tops, dresses. She sounded desperate to sell. I wonder how many thousands of dollars she lost. I wonder if any of Meri’s downline did this, I wonder how she would feel.
  3. A local teacher here is accused of molesting a few girls. Dept of Homeland Security is asking the public for any details or info on other victims. - So lets hope this Is not it.
  4. The musical was ok. It was hard to keep my interest.
  5. I wish health for both of them. I also hope that Lauren and Siah reached out to Joy and Austin about the name before making Bella final.
  6. https://people.com/tv/jessa-duggar-son-henry-speech-delays/ https://people.com/tv/jessa-duggar-son-henry-speech-delays/
  7. Readalot


    Best season yet. Love all the one liners. Thanks for the recaps @ElectricBoogaloo, love to revisit them. I actually play a game in my head where I identify the one liners I think you are going to recap, lol. You always catch them and more.
  8. They were probability standing closer together, but JereME moved them apart so they would not block the congregations view of himself.
  9. Why not add JD in the same outfit then they can be triplets? Outsiders wouldn’t doubt it.
  10. I don’t know if anyone on the group is tagged but I wonder if they mind their picture blasted to millions of strangers.
  11. Ugh. I love JS. But eh on this one. His accent was bad. The daughter was annoying. I’m hoping she will calm down so I will give it another chance. (This is based on the Roundup case with non- Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Waiting for it to be connected with Multiple Myeloma so my dad can get his due). Also, the secondary storyline, why did the guy plead guilty? Because he didn’t want to mess up his kid and wife’s current life?
  12. I feel bad for Lauren. As I mentioned before I did miscarry Twins early in the 2nd trimester. I was a mess and DID go to a psychologist for help. My sisters and many friends miscarried their first too. She must be tormented, as neither I or anyone I know in the same situation even thought about recognizing the loss at the next baby shower. I admit after I passed the time period that I miscarried the twins I was more calm (it still hurt) but that loss did not have my focus, my current pregnancy did.
  13. My daughter is an EMT working for an EMS service. She told us about 5 days she ago they are sending crews to the Hurricane area per official requests (I didn’t ask her exactly who). She volunteered but hasn’t been assigned to leave yet. Hopefully the Dugs and Dugs adjacent are wanted and helpful.
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