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  1. The reunion is filmed the day after the finale taping, so even though they don't know who wins overall, they do know who makes it to the final two. The way certain queens in the top act at the reunion can be pretty telling.
  2. Gotta get it out there that this bothered me, especially once Natasha went gaga over it as if it was original, but Brook Lynn's "I'm a level 4 vegan, I don't eat anything that casts a shadow" is stolen directly from a 2001 episode of The Simpsons (IIRC the original line was "level 5" but the rest is identical). Not really great for an improv challenge. I think it was Plastique's time to go - she was the worst in the main challenge and her runway, IMO, didn't meet the criteria. That was a mask, not a "facekini" like everyone else. Silky's runway is one of the worst things I've ever seen on the RPDR mainstage. Yikes.
  3. This 100%. Season 7 and AS2 were the first ever Snatch Games I saw, so they're what I tend to compare with - say what you want about S7, but Ginger, Katya and Kennedy made that Snatch Game for me. These days there's lucky to be one, maybe two standouts, a few bombs, and a lot of mediocrity. It's all just very tryhard. The "At Sea" premise was so thin; Snatch Game of Love in AS4 was a better way to try and shake it up (I guess we have to remember that was filmed after this one, though, so maybe there's hope for S12...)
  4. Yep. Vanjie had to be "let out" from filming S11 to attend the S10 finale.
  5. Yes, they always film multiple endings with each finalist being crowned, so that Ru and production are the only ones to know the winner until it airs. I've seen videos from both the AS3 and S10 finale viewings, and you can tell from both Trixie's and the 4 S10 finalists' reactions that they legitimately had no idea who the winner was going to be (in the case of the proper seasons, filmed in front of a full audience, it also helps to stop leaks of who won). Obviously the AS4 finale is a mishmash of the two "crownings", and it comes off as looking totally ridiculous. I guess saying "we need to film you both getting crowned at the same time" would make it a bit obvious to the contestants about what was going on (or maybe Ru's decision for a joint crowning came after-the-fact), but it's all total shenanigans as far as I'm concerned. Thank you! I thought the exact same thing. $100,000 isn't a small amount, no way did someone think "hey, let's just grab some more money and crown both of them". I did see a funny joke on Twitter though, that the S11 reveal was so cheap because RuPaul gave all the money away.
  6. Yeah, the only part I kinda like was Vanjie with the cups (what WAS with that fall, Aquaria?), but that might be more because it's now blown up as a meme on Twitter.
  7. Yeah, as much as I adore Latrice, she wasn't winning any fans with the whole "I deserve to stay just because I've done drag for so long" thing. Manila and Latrice crying on one another was heart wrenching, you can totally see just how much they love and respect one another. Latrice was delusional to think her performance in the challenge was amazing, it was very clearly the worst of all the contestants, and as much as I'm not a fan of Monet's, she deserved to stay. The producers must think the fans are stupid if they're gonna keep editing the picking of the lipsticks this way - as it's already been pointed out it became clear straight away who would win the LSFYL. I think Monique has run the cow thing into the ground now - let us have the rest of the competition, please, without any more cow patterns! Not an enormous Valentina fan, but I fucking love her posing and over-the-top telenovela acting. She's got that perfect combination of knowing she's playing it up for the camera, but also believing she's all that at the same time. The queens dismissing her "I AM SO INSULTED!" rant was brilliant. I've kind of always thought that Latrice's runway looks were similar looking. Yes there have been exceptions, but she's very much into the gown thing most of the time. Definitely not as broad in style as many other queens.
  8. I did feel a little bad for Farrah when she fell over, but the tears really need to stop. Her "reading" of the queens reminded me of her roast in Season 9 that fell flat (IIRC that was the episode in which she was eliminated?) Ended up being Jennifer Lewis, with no Santino to be seen!
  9. Her eyelids flicker several times so I'm comfortable to pronounce the model NOT DEAD!
  10. That scene of Carol and Barb trapping their sister in the car is one of the most haunting things I have seen in a scripted show. Yikes. Kickball is giving me serious Season 3 panty sweatshop vibes...
  11. They even do it for All Stars, even though that's all filmed in the normal studio - there's a similar (albeit fan shot) video of Trixie at the viewing party for the AS3 party. She had no idea.
  12. It was tonight that I noticed the lip sores as well. I don't really "get" Eureka - she has the talent, sure enough, but the way the judges were gagging over her made no sense to me. I actually thought her runway look was the worst of the four. Team Kameron for me, she has absolutely grown on me the last several weeks. If not her, then Asia.
  13. Those inhaling sounds that Jax was making when he was stuffing his face in the kitchen were revolting.
  14. Had to laugh at "you can't just BUY a lordship", "how did your husband get his?", "his grandfather bought it for him...". I kind of get where Venus was coming from, but she went way off the deep end and over the top with it, particularly when her and His Lordship started getting nasty with Gamble and Rick. I do feel sorry for Gamble, but I can't help but think something's snapped in her head since last season. Definitely a different personality coming out these days. I like Sally, can't say the same for Venus. I gave up on her during that fake bit with her husband going for a run and arching her back so we could see nothing but the twins...
  15. That scene between Lydia and her husband in the kitchen felt like they were trying their hardest to rip off Lisa and David Oldfield.
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