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  1. Maybe she just doesn't want to lose this: http://www.pressreader.com/usa/new-york-daily-news/20151216/281921656996376
  2. Thank you for posting this. Everytime Yolanda talks about her kids and Lyme and the quacks and the treatments that she has placed them on it makes me afraid for them. Someone needs to step in here and stop her.
  3. I can't believe the number 10 beside the heart!
  4. Someone should put together a scrapbook of Yolanda's Journey. That would cheer her up. Here is one of my favorites, "David Foster carries my handbag while accompanying me on My Journey!" Ah...those were happy days.
  5. In addition to these feats, she was able to put a self defense instructor in a chokehold. She was working out at the gym 3 weeks after her explant. She also managed to pass the test to become an American Citizen which requires you to memorize the answers to 100 questions. These Lyme body and Lyme brain accomplishments are phenomenal, even inspiring. (But don't tell her she looks good because she would prefer to look bad and feel good).
  6. Hmmm. Maybe she is more than a bit angry that he participated in the RHOBH ex-husband reunion. Do you think that Gigi ate any of that food or did she just chew a few almonds, slowly.
  7. I used to get angry at your posts, but now I love you.
  8. Giselle, I always get a giggle from every post you make. Honestly, you need to start a blog. Seriously.
  9. I noticed in Reunion Part One that several times when Andy asked Erika a question, Yolanda jumped in and answered for Erika, even questions about her marriage. It was really annoying me.
  10. I heard Andy state yesterday on his radio show that they did go back and shoot after the season was over. That is when Yolanda apparently openly spoke of her upcoming divorce.
  11. Yolanda is so confusing. In her upside down world, she gets all pissy when someone tells her that she looks good. Like it's an actual insult. Then she gets angry when someone says she looks awful. Which one does she want to hear? I can just imagine how high maintenance and impossible it would be to be her friend, and can't imagine what it would be like to live with her!
  12. Of course it was Yolanda. She would not miss an opportunity to be cajoled. She loves to be cajoled. Being cajoled is her favorite pastime. The more cajoling she receives, the happier she is. In fact, the reason that she and David Foster, her king, split, is because he didn't cajole her enough. I'm pretty sure that she had to be cajoled to go on her recent vacation, and have dozens of carefully posed selfies taken to post on her Instagram.
  13. But are we really cool? Cause we need to be really effen' cool.
  14. Loving the All About Eve references! If I was with these women, I would be like Marilyn Monroe, as Claudia Caswell, sitting on the stairs: "I don't want to make trouble. All I want is a drink".
  15. This is the funniest! You have definitely won the internet today!
  16. I can't remember if I have previously posted this link to Yolanda's old website, but it's chock full of Yolanda goodies, her story, her reviews, her old blogs. Quite funny, actually. Scroll to the bottom and "Explore my World". https://web.archive.org/web/20150703171016/http://www.yolanda.com/
  17. I agree with all of the above and would like to add that Yolanda has a negative impact on all of the truly ill people who really deserve our support and sympathy. She makes all of these fake statements about not being able to drive, read, write, get out of bed, wear makeup, which are contradicted by her actions and posted on social media. She has really made others question the credibility of people who really are ill. That makes me angry.
  18. But maybe they aren't more than Hollywood friends. Why should they be? They are just a bunch of women thrown together for a reality show. Kyle and Lisa V. did not invite their close friend Yolanda onto this show because they are buddies. That was out of their hands. They are in the same large social circle. No one owes anything to Yolanda in terms of friendship/reaching out except for her Real inner circle of friends that are not on the show. What has she contributed to this "friendship" with Lisa and Kyle? What has she done to reach out and keep them close, before she was ill? There is no r
  19. This app lets you find clothes/accessories worn by people on tv. http://spylight.com/ Funny, I just heard about it yesterday.
  20. We need a whole new page title for this, except for we are trying to avoid feeding these attention seekers! You are the best for coming up with this! Prize Winner phrase!
  21. Am I the only one who hasn't seen this blind/not so blind item? "This almost permanent A list musician/producer has been telling people that the main reason his wife left him is because he would not write any more checks to a doctor who he said was more like a television preacher. There was always something new and each thing that was new would cost a ton of money and then quickly be replaced by something much newer and the cycle never ended." http://www.foxella.com/he-would-not-write-any-more-checks-to-a-doctor-who-he-said-was-more-like-a-television-preacher/ I wonder if the othe
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