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  1. If Erika is trying to prove to us how intelligent she is, she should probably choose her phrases more carefully. "I say important shit, you say too much boring shit'. Wow. At first I found it offensive when her husband shushed her. Now I can understand why he does it.
  2. I say blame it on Yolanda. Apparently she brought Erika to the show because they were the best of friends (cough cough, side whisper... "apparently"). If it weren't for Yolanda, Erika would never have been forced to socialize with the likes of Dorit.
  3. Love Love Love Hedwig!! Thanks for the prompt! Now I know what I'm doing tonight!
  4. And this is why I've given up on Rinna. 3 seasons in and she still hasn't learned how to play the game. You'd think this was her first season on the show. She did what she accomplished, stirred the pot and added gasoline to the flames of the Dorit/Ericka brawl, successfully diverting attention and chatter from her bag-of-pills issue. What does she do then? Breath a sigh of relief and bask in the fact that she dodged a bullet of sorts? Nope, she starts up some more random shit...and nonsensical stuff at that. I'm no fan of Crazy Eyes and PK, but that was a pretty shitty thing to do. Plus did it
  5. And she's concerned about embarrassing Tom Girardi. Erica's true colours are shining through. Dorit should learn this: When you see crazy coming, you cross the street. And the best way to offset the possibility of people assuming that is to announce to a mixed group of people that you aren't wearing panties. Good strategy.
  6. That is what should have happened. I wish Eileen had given it right back to the bully. I hope she gets it back full force soon. I don't even care who does it, just someone needs to go at her good. She reminded me of crazy Kelli B. from Scary Island, or crazy Carlton in her worst moments. In my head I heard the music from the movie "Psycho" shower scene playing in the background.
  7. I cannot for the life of me understand why the other lawyer wives dislike her.
  8. No need to apologize. This is the worst possible decision to have to make. I remember telling myself, "I want more time with you, but I don't want you to suffer." Letting go was the worst. Breezy,I am so sorry for your pain.
  9. I noticed that as well. "My show". Like she is the star of her own show. That statement was untrue, but reflects her haughty attitude. I'm sure that earned some side eye from the other housewives for that one. Disclaimer: This is not Erika "hate". Just another reason for me to dislike her.
  10. Based on what I saw of the sneak peak.... Eileen was not seriously referring to Erika's son, it was just a general phrase. Erika over reacted. Eileen explained and apologized. Settle down, Erika. Do you think that Eileen doesn't worry about her kid? Erika is looking for drama right there. What mother isn't concerned about their kids, no matter what age or what they do. That's what all moms do.
  11. Not to mention Mikey's getup. He looks like he belongs in the kitchen chopping veggies.
  12. Is it just me or does Erika's voice sound different than when she is a real housewife?
  13. Just speaking for myself. I am posting my opinions based on my personal reactions to my observations of Erika. I don't feel that they are over the top. I do see Erika as over the top.
  14. I love house porn, wardrobe porn and party porn, but for some reason with Erika it's not satisfying, it's annoying (for me). Her home is big and expensive, but not pleasant or attractive, her wardrobe seems silly and her parties are ...well...lacking. I have not seen a tiny bit of philanthropy at all with EG/EJ. JMO.
  15. I don't know how to take this to the Erika board. Can someone kindly tell me how because I feel like this belongs there. Anyhow....I'm so happy that Mikey is saying important shit, and that Erika approves.
  16. I didn't see anything artificial in Dorit's video. Erika's however....not so real life.
  17. I really can't believe that Erika J. is amused and impressed by that gaggle of paid groupies headed up by Mikey, who is the most annoying asshole ever to hit reality TV. First of all they have nothing of interest to add and secondly they make her look ridiculous. If I didn't dislike her so much I would pity her naivety. The best is they get paid for this. Amazing that she lets this happen. It's like The Emperor's New Clothes.
  18. So when ErikaG/J says " 'I say important shit, you say too much boring shit", was that really important for her to say? Actually I think that Dorit is a very witty person, who has a lot of quite funny one liners. Much more refreshing than dry like stale bread Erika Girardi or Erika Jayne. Also, does Erika G/J really think that her glam squad say important shit? Would she ever make that comment to Mikey or the other two guys who are paid to say important shit like "You're faaaaaabulous"! How can anyone so impressed with Mikey be so dismissive and intolerant of Dorit? Seriously? He ju
  19. That's what happens when you allow yourself to be Mikey's paper doll. He's not head of the glam squad, more ham squad.
  20. If this is true, then I understand the disconnect between her and LVP.
  21. She has an awful voice and her manner of speaking sounds phony and affected to me, as if she is trying too hard to sound a certain way. She does not sound genuine at all.
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