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  1. I am happy to hear that he will be happy that I am ok with that. I hope that Rinna will be happy to hear that I am ok with it as well. She will likely be ecstatic that her pronouncements are taken seriously.
  2. Well based on the fact that Lisa stated this herself and many posters responses, then I suppose that I am to believe that she actually really does use a strap on with Harry. So, Harry Hamlin must be gay. Unless of course Rinna is a liar. I am perfectly ok with HH being gay, if that is the arrangement that they have made. Whatever works for them.
  3. Yup, and some of us are going to keep making jokes about Erika J/G. And some will keep on defending her. And some will keep on making jokes about Rinna. And some will keep on defending her. And Dorit. ....... I doubt that many people are going to be changing their opinions anytime soon.
  4. I just googled "Dorit Kelmsley Coke" and the only results are "Lisa Rinna Accusations". Not too convincing.
  5. Out there, where? Can you direct us to the places where most people were posting comments specifically relating to the Kelmsleys doing coke? I don't recall those comments being made on this particular board? If so, I will have to go back and re-read, as I was very surprised when Rinna vomited that accusation all over the dinner table in HK.
  6. I cannot take anyone seriously who takes Rinna at her word and repeats such unfounded, bullshit gossip. The entire "Were people doing coke?" is in the same category as "Harry is gay" "Harry is cheating" rumour mill. Just because someone says it makes it fact? If Rinna carries credibility, then you must buy into her story that she NEVER once stated that Kim was "thisclosetodeath".
  7. I think the one wearing my dad's old bathrobe and boots looks more pregnant than Kim.
  8. I actually admire PK for joining the reunion and defending his wife. When I see scenes of PK and Dorit I see genuine love and affection, not a weird peck on the forehead gesture or shushing of the wife. PK and Dorit are very sweet together and they are obviously truly protective of each other. Tom does not come off as a loving husband, but rather a dirty old man with a trophy wife on his arm. He really creeps me out. It would be interesting to hear the stories of his two ex-wives. There are likely stories there, but I suppose having lawyer ex husband would impact on any potential repor
  9. At least she was coming back to the same home. Where is the video of Erika Jayne blowing a bye bye kiss to her 3 year old boy as she boards a plane to go live on the opposite side of the USA to find a wallet pursue her dreams? Where is the video of that poor little boy asking daddy "where is my Mommy?" So sad.
  10. Um....did EJ just start her own rumour? Did she just save Rinna from saying it? Just speaking her own truth? I'm confused.
  11. Again, assuming that Rinna is telling the truth about the situation. I cannot assume that Rinna is the best person to recall events as they actually happened. Sorry, I just cannot believe her version of history.
  12. Assuming that Rinna speaks the absolute truth and recalls situations exactly as they happened. Just speaking for myself, am not convinced that Rinna is the best person to depend upon for correct and truthful recall. It all depends upon how much you trust Rinna.
  13. Of course those words must have been used if Rinna says so. How do we know that they all left together? Maybe they just drifted out in small groups until Rinna (being entirely engrossed in her own conversation) just realized that they were all alone at the table.
  14. If Tom were there defending Erika, would people be jumping all over him?
  15. The 45-year-old, who is currently starring on Season 24 of DWTS, released a new single, “XXPEN$IVE,” which is a tongue-in-cheek take on how much it costs to be her. “It’s a lot,” the RHOBH star reveals. “Maybe $40,000 a month on clothes, shoes, and accessories. “But it’s all for work. I’m on television, this is what I do for a living,” she says. “It’s part of the job.” Ok, so, maybe....What does Mikey cost? How about the other glam squad employees? Sorry, Tom. Waste of money. He must be the laughing stock of his peers. Erika makes comments about how the other lawyers wive
  16. Don't blame her. I am holding grudges against Rinna as well. She deserves grudges. Maybe Mama just wanted to be on the TeeVee. I disagree. If I show my privates in Playboy or Penthouse, I can hardly expect that every single person in every single situation will not have seen my privates . They are out there for everyone. No longer private. Now very much public. Only difference....getting paid tor showing. No shaming, just facts.
  17. Would you rather a husband who jumps in and sticks up for you or one who shushes you and shuts you down in company of others? Honestly? Which?
  18. I cannot help but wonder what vile acts that Erika Jayne/Girardi has committed against the members of her "Glam Squad" to cause them to be so pissed off with her. Watching her in Diamonds and Rose brought Pennywise from IT to mind. Frightening. I am picturing Mikey and the "squad" all sitting together with their friends on Tuesday nights, munching popcorn and drinking wine, giggling like 13 year old girls." Oh the hilarity over the pink cotton candy wig with way too much forehead. Yeah, next level.
  19. I don't understand why people are more concerned with the way PK speaks to Erika than the way her husband speaks to her/treats her.("Shush, Erika", and shutting her down in the presence of her friends). Apparently Tom doesn't think that Erika says "Important Shit".
  20. Just like Erika dumped her kid to do what she wanted to do. Whadda peach.
  21. I have noticed that Erika likes to flash the colour pink. Her outfit in TH, now her hair is pink for LVP's party. Also the tiaras and crowns. Slight digs toward LVP and her pink/crown branding?
  22. Lisa Rinna = Fake News. First she makes a statement that she will do anything for money and now she has now thrown out wild, unfounded accusations that will affect all of these dinner guests, not just Dorit. She has really sold her soul. Wow. At bargain basement prices. Poor Harry ....and her daughters are learning a terrible lesson from their mother, which will likely negatively impact on their future careers. Erika and Eileen have not chosen their team very well, and I suppose that the Rinna/Hamlin name has been dropped from a few invitation lists, for the price of a B
  23. I noticed that as well and had to rewind to double check. Hmmmm.
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