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  1. For the love of God can somebody please pacify this woman by using their energy to go and take care of her? Help her get dressed. Wash her hair. Bake her a cake, or pick up a bag of almonds, or better yet lemons. Take care of her fan mail. Pre- program her favorite TV shows to record. Put her medications in alphabetical order. Buy her a therapy puppy. Train it. Read her a bedtime story. At the very least bring her a casserole, for crying out loud. What kind of Hollywood friends are these people?
  2. If all of these inconsistencies don't come up at the reunion, I will be terribly disappointed. We need to see flashbacks of her making these statements, followed by flashbacks of her engaged in these activities, and then see her trying to explain her way out of the lies. This is going to have to be exposed. I can't imagine this not being questioned.
  3. When Lisa R. and Eileen went to visit Yolanda the last time when they toured her medicine vault, they brought her a bottle of Patrone Tequila. You see Eileen holding a gift bag at one point, then you see the bottle of Patrone on the bedside table, then as they are leaving the room the empty gift bag is on the bed.
  4. You have nailed it. Add to this the exploitation of her own children to gain attention for herself. Exhibit "A" the very carefully posed photo of Bella and herself on the bed with the IV. How Hollywood was that? My God that was evil. That photo was not even posted by Bella on her Instagram, it was intentionally used by Yolanda only. ( I am still very much bothered by the contents of that email that she sent to Bella regarding the DUI and the state of her car, that should have been a private conversation, not in writing!) I am beginning to wonder what she is gaining from promoting this whack
  5. The quotey thing won't work. "Another fucking cleanse? Shouldn't her insides be super clean by now?" We have yet to see some sort of hair cleanse. You know, to get rid of all of those nasty hair toxins.
  6. Is Yolanda planning to test market her own line of detoxing superfood regimen? Reading the comments it appears as if someone named Elissa Goodman has already developed that. https://www.instagram.com/p/BBQDD4pos7G/?taken-by=yolandahfoster Is this what she is referring to in her Bravo Blahg this week? "As my health and brain function slowly improve, I'm having creative visions that I am eager to unleash. The discoveries I've had to make along the way these past four years will lead to something amazing. I hope to share this with all of you, so we can be the change we want to see in th
  7. The problem is that she does wear makeup and nail polish. The problem with Yolanda is that she tells lie after lie after lie, and people just don't like that.
  8. I am picturing her spraying her home with a product called "Lymebegone". And it smells really nice.
  9. She is perfectly entitled to publish her book of experiences. Brandi did. Twice. Online people are also entitled to snark about people they don't know. Equal opportunity world.
  10. Yes, her brain functioning is almost back to normal. So she can now finally take ownership over her actions from now on.
  11. The "Battle of her Life" http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3198439/No-implants-Botox-hair-extensions-highlights-nail-polish-Yolanda-Foster-vows-toxic-free-surgery-remove-leaky-silicone-battle-against-chronic-illness.html
  12. Now she wants to write a book: https://twitter.com/YolandaHFoster/status/691438356991836160 I wonder if it will be called "Bedridden and Tweeting".
  13. I'm waiting for the scene with the psychic telling the girls that he can't see any Lyme.
  14. If I were in her social circle, I would so want to play that game with her. "Oh, yes, I know how you feel, but I actually just had a 3 foot parasite removed from my body, the doctor actually asked if they could include a photo in a medical journal." "Did you say you had 3 back fusions? That is almost as bad as my four". "My surgeon has completed 10,000 explant surgeries. She says that mine was the worst. Ever." "Would you care to see my second closet full of medications?" "If only I had to have weekly colonics, these daily ones are really becoming too much." "You are so lucky that only 2
  15. This made me really laugh out loud and it's just so true. You have captured the essence of Yo. "You think you know suffering? Let me tell you about suffer....Even my mudder's cancer cannot compare to what I suffer, oh the suffering that I have suffered and I will continue to suffer, as long as suffering exists, and not only that, I will speak for all sufferers, because only I know how much suffering really feels."
  16. Praying to the Bravo God/Goddesses to please please please not bring back B.G. and /or have Erika align herself with B.G. Also, please no more Yolanda. Just my wish list, may not represent others.
  17. Thanks from this Canadian...so now the 1% of sympathy that I have felt for Yolanda just went to less than zero. Worst. User. Ever.
  18. Unfortunately, being Canadian, those videos are blocked from our view. Can you provide some sort of recap for this preview for us?
  19. Can you please explain in layman's terms? I am really interested. Thanks in advance.
  20. But we are not seeing any of this. We are just seeing Sick Yolanda. What a letdown.
  21. Thank you for this post. I think it is what I have been thinking but unable to articulate. You are all kinds of awesome for this.
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