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  1. That's exactly what she does - She drags viewers into her distress. I think it's pretty clear that whining and complaining has been a an effective way of getting attention, probably her whole life. I have no idea why she thinks it's a good look. It just makes her look like childish. She has zero impulse control and a burning desire to let the world know when she's not entirely happy or entirely comfortable. As if anyone cares!
  2. Every unkind word, shady comment, and angry tweet from Trump absolutely should be noted and discussed. What possible larger context has there been for any of the disgusting insults he has hurled at dedicated public servants, war heroes, the disabled, anyone else for that matter? The "rhyme or reason" he has for saying those things IS because he's a meany-head. And because he's so childish that he believes denigrating others makes him look better. Everything he says and everything he does is completely self-serving. And it needs to be called out, not swept under the rug. This has nothing to do with negative stereotypes of women. Men in the media are taking note of every insult and every bit of immature behavior too, and they're talking about it constantly. It's newsworthy and it matters. There is no dignity anymore. There is no respect and there is no leadership. What we have is a cowardly man-baby who acts as though he's on an elementary school playground. All bluster, no substance. And every damn word he says is newsworthy and should not be minimized, excused, or ignored.
  3. Yes, that's a good example of what she does. She has zero impulse control. If she thinks something, she says it - no matter when, appropriate or not. She truly seems to believe that anything she has to say, no matter how minor, is more important than what anyone else has to say. (If the drilling was bothering or distracting her, all she had to do was wait for a commercial break and then address it with the stage manager or producer. Anyone with the tiniest bit of professionalism would know to do that rather than blurt it out and interrupt someone else who was speaking.)
  4. It's outrageous to think that Joy would have deliberately done something so unkind. I'm sure she simply misspoke. As I've said here before, I know Joy and I've known her for a long time. There's not any way she would have "poked the bear" like that. Absolutely not.
  5. I didn't really like her, but I would certainly take her back now. I thought she was annoying at times, but she was pleasant and a team player. I don't recall her ever being disrespectful to a co-host or to the audience. I wanted her gone too, though, and look what we got instead! 😲 It's not unfair at all. There's no comparison between what she does and what the others do. They all talk over each other, but the others know how to dial it back. When called out on it, they retreat. Unlike Meghan who continues to interrupt, continues to interject, and carries on as though her words carry such importance that what she has to say should override everyone else. She is rude and disrespectful on a daily basis, and completely consumed with her own self-importance. The others pretty much stick to the topic at hand, and they let the conversation take a natural flow. Meghan interrupts to derail the conversation. She complains the topic isn't relevant to her, or she jumps in to say that someone just mentioned is her best friend who she knows from wherever for however many years and blah blah blah, or she complains about how exhausting her job is, or she insults the audience. She thinks she's an expert on everything. Except things she's not interested in - and she doesn't think those topics should be discussed at all. Because she wants it all to revolve around her, and she has no patience if that doesn't happen. You're right - It is supposed to be a conversation. She doesn't want that. She wants a monologue. She wants the rest of them (and all of us) to kneel at her feet as she imparts her vast amounts of wisdom. She truly thinks she's more intelligent, more educated, more knowledgeable, and more special than anyone else. That comes thru loud and clear every single day. She's obviously so sensitive and easily offended that everything becomes an argument. The pouting! The whining! The crossing of her arms! The tortured sighs! The muttering under her breath! She behaves like a self-centered child, and she is clearly unqualified and unwilling to have any kind of meaningful conversation. I've really lost patience with her. She rambles on and on, and I absolutely hate it when her questions are a thousand words longer than the answer. We want to hear the GUEST speak, not listen to her never-ending word salads. She is probably a nice person in real life, but she talks way too much for someone who really doesn't have anything to say.
  6. No, Charlize didn't understand it at all. And she was lovely about it - very kind and polite. Abby has terrible communication skills
  7. There's a way to approach a topic without being overtly and obnoxiously rude. Meghan's behavior was disgraceful. She was insulting and dismissive, and she kept turning away and making disgusted faces. That's not the way to have an intelligent conversation about anything with anyone. It's certainly possible to ask direct, hard-hitting questions and be cordial at the same time. He did nothing to deserve the way she treated him.
  8. Exactly. A big part of her job is facilitating conversation that can actually be heard. No one wants to listen to people talking over each other, and that was always one of Barbara's pet peeves when she watched from home. It was completely appropriate for Whoopi to reel it in and shut it down. Was she maybe overly forceful? Sure. But I don't blame her a bit. The others tone it down and allow each other to speak when Whoopi asks them to. Meghan continues to interrupt and argue. She's constantly disrespectful, and apparently being blunt is the only way to effectively communicate with her. Whoopi put it into language that was easy to understand. Stop talking. And stop behaving like that. (Her comment about behaving was my favorite part! It really, really, really needed to be said.) 🙂
  9. I don't see it either. She's extremely one-note and superficial. And close-minded. Close-minded people are not at all nuanced. That was hilarious! What really makes me laugh is that she interrupts so often, not to actually contribute to the conversation but to talk about herself. "I don't have children! I have nothing to add to this conversation! It's not interesting to me!". Or, "I'm a political analyst!" They all interrupt each other all the time, but at least they're saying something relevant to the conversation. She just jumps in with all of these asides, attempting to bring the conversation to a screeching halt so she can ramble on about herself. She's so focused on herself that she can't have a decent conversation or even let other people have one. It's bizarre that she is so consistently rude and disrespectful. And that she has such an overly inflated sense of her own importance. I wonder if her brothers and sisters are like that too. Or is she the only brat in the family?
  10. I agree. The backlash was quick and strong. Twitter was overflowing with people saying they would never buy anything from Hallmark again, etc. They made a big mistake, and only backtracked because they pretty much had to. I don't give them any props at all for that. The pulled the commercial in the first place, and that's the bottom line to me. They certainly didn't have a change of heart for the right reasons. I have never known anyone with so little self-awareness. That bitch is one of a kind. I feel sorry for her family. She must be just horrid to be around. I didn't see Whoopi putting Joy in her place. She was trying to untangle the conversation when they were all speaking, but it was crystal clear that she was razor-sharp focused on Meghan. It really is! She's such a baby. What a pouting, stupid thing for a grown woman to say! But it most definitely would be a gift. I'm hoping now that she feels unloved and unappreciated at The View, and that she takes her ball and goes home. Dare we hope for a Christmas/Chanukah miracle?!
  11. I don't think Meghan won. She was royally called out in a beautiful way. I loved it! I thought Whoopi was spot on. She not only told her to stop talking, she also commented about the way she was behaving. I loved the way it came pouring out. She clearly said what a lot of people have been thinking for a long time. It was one of the best things I've ever seen on TV. 🙂 I disagree that Whoopi backed down. She didn't have the luxury of going any further. This is live TV. She had to go to commercial and the show had to continue. There was nothing more to be said, anyway. Those few words were perfection. Whoopi won, IMO. And so did those of us who have wanted to tell that bitch Meghan off for such a long time.
  12. JMO, but I don't think there's any comparison. JLo is far more hot - and interesting to watch, charismatic, and dynamic. I've always thought Scarlett was over-rated, and nothing I saw last night changed my mind. I'm not especially a JLo fan, but I thought her episode (the writing, her, everything about it) was a lot better, Even though the whole "she's so hot" thing was overdone, I liked it a lot. Much better than Scarlett's episode last night, which I thought was boring a lot of the time. Mileage varies for sure, but I don't see her as anything special.
  13. She is very well-liked and well-respected in the industry, by crew and non-celebrities too, and that says a lot. It has nothing to do with kissing her ass. She is most definitely not a diva, and believe me, I've seen my share of those. I've also seen her in action many times with the public, and she is kind and compassionate. I'm not 100% Team Whoopi. I don't always agree with what she says and what she believes, and I think she gets way in over her head a lot of the time. But saying that she's only nice to Hollywood friends who kiss her ass is unfair. I also really disagree that she and Meghan are cut from the same cloth. I don't see that in any way at all.
  14. I don't think she's mean either. She is very well-liked in the industry. She also does a lot of charity work (hands-on, face-to-face, not just donating money.) She doesn't come across to me as mean at all. But she does tend to get preachy and rambly, and I agree it can be cringe-worthy. I still like her, though, and I would take her over Meghan 100 times over.
  15. Exactly. He wasn't the slightest bit antagonistic. He was pleasant, and barely had time to speak before she cut into him. She was completely out-of-line. So rude, and like an exaggerated parody of her usual rude self. Hard to believe she could be worse than usual, but she was. I work in television, and I have never seen a host on any show ever be as rude, critical, and insulting to a guest who was calmly sitting there as she was to him. How dare she be so dismissive and insulting! I bet he wanted to smack her across the face. I know I would have been itching to do that. She came across as a smug, entitled, obnoxious bitch, not as someone who should be co-hosting a show, or for that matter even having a conversation with anyone privately. I disagree. The others push back, depending on the guest and what the guest is saying, but Meghan is outright rude right from the start very often. Her opinion is all that matters, in her own mind, and if she's not interested in a guest or if she disagrees with them, she dismisses them as irrelevant. (Just as she does with topics she doesn't like.) Not allowing a guest to speak and being overtly rude right off the bat is classic Meghan. Her "questions" are more about how much she dislikes/disagrees with them than actual questions and allowing them to speak. As though her opinion actually carries a great deal of weight and is relevant! Most of the time the others are respectful toward guests. There have been spirited conversations, but IMO that doesn't come anywhere close to Meghan when it comes to being consistently downright nasty, condescending, and rude. There's at least one instance of her doing that every single day. (I completely disagree that they are all mean girls. I know Joy, and she absolutely is not. I don't love all of the others, but I don't think any of them are, either.)
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