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  1. I thought the same thing. She should have removed that little tab. And also: Were we supposed to believe this was the first time the kids ever saw Rebecca & Jack arguing? That’s very unrealistic, even for this show. And their reaction was ridiculous.
  2. Agreed! And who decides what's age-appropriate and what's not?
  3. I've had several similar experiences. When my son had to go to the ER, my BIL called his friend (who is a surgeon), and asked him to meet us there. A few months ago, I went to the ER myself, and a friend called a mutual friend of ours who is a physician, and he showed up and was very helpful. I didn't find it at all unbelievable that David would go. He has his own patients, but he's not busy 24/7. Clearly he was available, and he went. That didn't seem at all out of the ordinary to me.
  4. I thought the opening was beautiful and powerful. It made me cry, but in a cleansing kind of way. I actually watched just that part over and over a few times. Beautifully done. I agree. And I don't need shows to be 100% accurate in this regard. Even with giving a serious nod to the pandemic, it's still supposed to be entertaining, and I appreciate not getting bogged down in every nuance of proper protocol in the real world. Out of all the shows I watch, this one really kept a nice balance. (No medical shows ever show the mundane details that would make them more real. I'm tota
  5. Jack used absolutely terrible judgment. Rebecca was having difficulty turning around in the car, so what if she had said it was too difficult & painful for her to drive? He would have had to drive. Drunk. With newborn babies and his wife in the car. I don't understand the worship of him either. Telling her he had that shot does not make him honorable. If he really felt he needed a drink, he could have waited until they got home. He put the lives of all of them in danger, and seemed to think "problem solved" when she ended up driving and he then confessed. If I were Rebecca, I wo
  6. That was exactly my reaction. This wasn't, "Let's all gather round and hear who won the Christmas raffle!" This was about a serious, highly responsible position. Certainly there would have been one-on-one conversation(s) about it, not only to make the offer and discuss specifics, but also to see if the chosen candidate even wanted it. Not all doctors - even very good ones - would. I know an ED doctor who turned down the same opportunity. It's an extremely personal and weighty decision. And even in positions that don't deal so closely with life & death, candidates are more involved
  7. I'll be sitting right there with you. If it was live, you would have a point. But this was taped. Clips that are relevant to the discussion are often inserted during editing. Kiko is adorable. He really does seem to be a kind soul.
  8. There's a very big difference between being a straight-talker and being an outright, deliberately oppositional bitch. I know many Italian people, and have spent time in Italy. Overwhelmingly, they are all very warm and gracious. Of course they each have different personalities, but even those who are more straight-shooters don't come anywhere near behaving the way she does. And putting that aside, this is a work situation and Hannah is very clearly her superior. So it's completely unacceptable. I can't stand Hannah, but this is not on her at all. Lara is a bitchy problem stew who
  9. I agree. I can't stand Hannah - to the point that I nearly didn't watch this season when I heard she was back. BUT this Lara absolutely has me on Hannah's side. And even I can see pretty clearly that Hannah is not the villain here, not by a long shot. When she told Sandy she'd rather be one person down than continue to work with Lara, I thought that was not only pretty strong, but also understandable. If I were Hannah, I would have lost my temper big time by now. And it would take a lot of restraint for me not to throw Lara overboard. She's practically daring Hannah to do something dras
  10. Well, yes of course it could be. But that could be said about anything anyone says or does on these type of shows. I think if we're going to talk about what we see, our opinions of the various people, etc, we have to pretty much ignore how much production does or doesn't intervene, and just go with it as is. Otherwise, thinking that Jenna is a jerk or Adam is a good/bad chef, or Sandy is a good/bad captain has no validity at all. All we can judge is what we see, and I think that's a more fun and better way to watch. JMO.
  11. Absolutely! That was a line that needed to be drawn immediately. I understand wanting to be liked, and wanting everyone to get along, but she should not have let it go even once. Right from the start, the crew should know that she must be treated with respect. She didn't do herself or any of them any favors when she didn't tell him the very first time that it's not appropriate. A good crew needs a respected leader, and if she doesn't step up and assert herself, the fallout will be her own fault. She could have said it in a friendly but firm manner. Or she could have spoken to him
  12. Yes, like a 14-year old middle school student being possessive of a first boyfriend. Her level of immaturity was truly astounding (in this way and others). Yes, I wish Madison had been more articulate and less emotional at the reunion, but I really did feel her pain and frustration. I also agree that she seems to be a kind person, and Jenna does not. Another big difference between them is that, despite what was going on, Madison was pretty focused on doing her job and getting done what needed to be done. She didn't lose sight of why she was there, even when she was clearly bein
  13. I wasn't really a fan of either of them during the show, especially Ciara,, but I started to like them both a bit more toward the end. And I thought they were very cute together at the reunion. They really seemed very connected and happy. In the midst of the others arguing and yelling and blaming each other, Paget smiling and Ciara laughing really stood out. It was lovely to see, I disagree too. Jenna was a horrible chief stew. She was 100% focused on Adam, and was not respectful to her staff. She proudly acted like a mean girl, clearly in an attempt to impress/entertain/amuse
  14. I agree 100%. There wasn't just the likelihood of f-bombs and sex talk, but also a chance that wineglasses would be thrown. Having the kids and their friends right there, apparently easily within earshot, made no sense to me. What exactly did Denise think would happen? They would all have a leisurely, quiet, respectable dinner, and then go home? She knows what this show is about, she knows these women, and she knows how these events go. Under normal circumstances, in my (for example) normal life, yes - Of course people would be on their at least somewhat best behavior if kids were ar
  15. I think the location was the major factor. Rebecca wanted to spend whatever quality time she had left with her family, not far away from them for such a long time. At the end of 9 months she could deteriorate significantly. My understanding was that she didn't want to take a chance on wasting that precious time. There is no family in St. Louis, or anywhere even close to being near. I'm sure it looked to her as though she'd be leaving everything she loved, possibly (at least the way her brain would process it) forever. She wanted to hang onto what she had, and not walk away from it
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