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  1. So these people are not only going to have tons of kids, they are going to have tons of unvaccinated kids. Lovely. More people to screw up the herd immunity. So, having to see her child sick and miserable in the hospital only reinforces Mrs. Caldwell’s belief in a behavior that increases her children’s odds of becoming sick and miserable. And if she only wants to subject her own kids to her stupidity it’s one thing, but she is willing to gamble on that for other people’s children. I wonder if they would feel the same if they could really process the fact that only about 100 years
  2. And just think, by this time next year Nurie Rodriguez Keller will be able to jump into the line-up of Keller grandchild pregnancies! Of course she will only be a sister-in-law to the three sisters.
  3. A July wedding for Nurthan? I am totally surprised that they are waiting so long. Usually people of their ilk seem to marry after a few months of engagement, lest the couple be tempted to front hug or something. I guess keeping the happy couple apart in different states is guarding against that until this summer.
  4. Well, my prediction was off. When the Nurie courtship was announced, I was thinking an early October engagement and a Christmas wedding. Since it’s already November, I’ll revise it to a Valentine’s Day wedding. Seven weeks would likely not be enough time for Jill to grift what she needs for the wedding, plus a Valentine themed wedding, complete with hearts, doilies and Pepto-Bismol pink would be right up Jill’s alley. I’m surprised to see the happy couple holding hands in honor of the engagement. Who knows where such contact might lead? I thought for sure there would be a no touch en
  5. John Shrader’s poem.... wow. Just wow. I guess dashing off some semi-rhyming lines on special occasions is easier than actually doing the work necessary to provide practical things like shelter and medical care for his family. So Esther has “completely purity.” Is that above and beyond “complete purity?”
  6. Libby96

    Figure Skating

    I love Hawayek and Baker. They have a little different look since he is such a small guy, but they always draw me in. I was sorry they didn’t medal at Skate Canada, but watching Gilles/Poirier defeat Hubble/Donahue almost made up for it. I hope Hawayek/Baker can keep improving and remain a top U.S. ice dance team. Being an ice dancer in the U.S. is kind of like being a female singles skater in Russia right now. It’s a dog fight at the top.
  7. This show. Even though the characters annoy me sometimes, it always manages to suck me in. I don’t weep over it every week like some people swear they do, but I teared up a little toward the end when the doctor discussed Little Jack’s diagnosis with Toby and Kate. Having sat in a doctor’s office before while my son receives a life altering diagnosis, the juxtaposition of this against the reveal of Baby Jack in the future was emotional for me.
  8. It seems like in recent years a pregnancy photo shoot with the mother-to-be appearing in Nature in a Long Flowing Dress while Lovingly Cradling the Bump is obligatory or something. And I’m talking in general, not just the fundie set.
  9. These people and their kissing pictures. It’s like they have to show all the non-marrieds in their group “Look, we can touch, we can kiss!” And all the social media posting of kisses just screams “See, our archaic courting practices work! We are so in love!” I’ve been with the same man for 28 years, married for 26 of them, and the total count of our kissing pictures is one, taken on our wedding day. (We kissed before marriage too, shocking, I know. No pictures of that either.)
  10. Why would Anna get rid of children’s clothing at a consignment sale? If the plan is to pop out as many babies as humanly possible, she will have plenty of people to continue wearing those clothes for the foreseeable future.
  11. Who is Anna trying to convince other than herself? If she wants to forgive Josh and stay with him and spawn with him every other year, fine. Do so and quietly live your life. But all the praising him to the skies on social media is ridiculous. She’s still chasing the image of the Perfect Christian Family that she lost in 2015 when it all came crashing down. I would almost feel sorry for her if she’d quit having bandaid babies. But she just keeps making more kids to be part of this mess.
  12. All I could think of when I saw that picture is that there is no way that their umbrella is big enough for both of them and their lovingly cradled bumps.
  13. I find the Jinger and JerMe (love that nickname) dynamic interesting. They both appear to be getting what they want, but they are there by virtue of being together. Without being married to a Famous Duggar Daughter, JerMe would be just another washed-up soccer player entering the next phase of his life by attending seminary. Jinger would still have her Duggar “fame”, but would likely never have achieved her big city “dream” without a husband willing to take her there. She would be living in Arkansas pregnant with the second or third in a stream of kids. Either way, they aren’t that ex
  14. It does seem overly dramatic for the birth of a healthy child. I understand that Kelton’s mother died in childbirth several years ago, which is heartbreaking. I imagine they were thinking of that during the labor. Of course, rather than thinking “childbirth can be risky and maybe we will enjoy just being a couple for a while,” Kelton impregnated his teenage wife immediately. So I guess they will get to endure the “discouraging” hours of labor about every other year for the next two decades.
  15. Probably another reason I can’t stand it. The Gaines rub me the wrong way and seem very overrated. No offense if they have fans here.
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