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  1. I'm still on the fence about watching S3 at all because of Laurel. I might give the character a chance if they make it clear she won't be a vigilante. Because no matter what her name is, there is absolutely nothing in what we've seen on the show that would make me believe Laurel would be out there fighting crime on a physical level. This is the woman who pouted in front of the television more than a few times in S2.
  2. Really? I don't think I've heard anyone mention an RJ in the last 2 months. Where is he? I did dip a little into Wikipedia but stopped when I read about Brooke being married to Eric and then Ridge. Ick. And yet, it didn't seem that bad with the flashbacks. Sister/brother-swapping is gross enough, I probably would have not watched if I'd known in advance about Brooke/Eric. ETA: Katie had ten times more chemistry with Bill than I've ever seen with Ridge. (And I didn't even know they had a kid together.)
  3. As retcons go, this one I don't mind too much. I wasn't around for it originally and they do have a kid and we all tend to romanticize stuff that happened along time ago. And the flashbacks are a nice change from ones that happened a week ago or even the day before. :-) That said, even without knowing the history, it felt like the show was stalling and Deacon/Brooke just filler.
  4. Were the ratings for this episode that bad? ETA: so I rarely look at ratings but I was curious. NCIS:NO had 17 million more or less and PoI had 10.5. 10.5 seems good for a network drama except when you compare it to the 2 NCIS showings 17 - 18 million.
  5. I think people are more used to catching up now via Netflix or even dvd thanks to shows like Lost - or Breaking Bad - or whatever... I didn't start watching until after the 3rd season had started. ETA: I watched the show as it aired while I caught up on the previous 2 seasons. It took about a month and a half. I do think that 3 seasons might be the max that I'd try to catch up on though.
  6. After the 2nd watch, I noticed something that I hadn't before. It's kind of interesting how the criminal element has adapted to the new world of all surveillance, all the time. I have a feeling that it will play more into the story at some point. Question though - do we know anything about what kind of activities are getting Samaritan scrutiny and why? The fledgling AI's I get, and the political rivals but not sure I understand the reasoning behind what it classifies as a deviant. :-) Not sure if the question even makes sense...
  7. Because of Google Books where they scanned entire university libraries? It isn't too much of a leap - even if it isn't available to us, it could still be out there on some system waiting rights clearance, etc. And there is a card catalog system that tells you where the known copies of books reside - WorldCat.org.
  8. Yes. Cara Buono. IMDB only had her in this episode but knowing this show, I'd bet we'll see her again. Edited because Cara isn't Carla.
  9. I'm so happy that PoI is back. Loved the Battlestar Galactica twist - well, the whole old school tech to dodge the new super tech. Loved Harold finally getting a clue with the thesis typos. Analog FTW. ;-) Trying to think of anything I didn't like... okay, Fred Weller getting killed. He would have been a nice addition to the cast.
  10. Well, I'll give the show this - no dizziness, no strange flu-like symptoms, just me wondering if I had missed an episode when Hope made her dramatic announcement. (And while I still have a great deal of ABC goodwill for Scott Clifton, today I started hating Liam. Ugh.) Did I miss why Ivy was welding in Quinn's workshop? Not that it isn't entertaining to see a character on a tv show welding. Loved the little interplay between Quinn and Ivy. They had more chemistry in those few minutes than any other couple I've seen since I started watching. This I didn't understand. When Hope h
  11. Not sure if being new to the show helps or hurts with this. If Liam and Wyatt weren't brothers, Quinn could probably give Liam an edge that he really, really needs - so I can see the appeal. But then, if Quinn did kill the diamond guy (don't remember his name) there isn't much of a future for any pairing. Kind of a waste of a good actress...
  12. Because Quinn isn't a Cassadine? (Sorry, couldn't resist an inappropriate chemistry reference and that's the only one I've got...) Honestly though, that would make MY skin crawl. Liam is her son's brother. Ick. ETA: Is there anyone on the canvas for Quinn? Deacon isn't attached but they have such a friend/sibling vibe.
  13. While I appreciated seeing Deacon, he needs to get an actual story soon. And I'm pretty sure trying to be a "family" with an adult, married daughter and a woman who's engaged to someone else doesn't count. It makes him look as delusional as Quinn. :-( I don't understand Charlie. Is he supposed to comic relief or is that just an unfortunate acting choice? (But yay for a blue collar person on screen anyway...)
  14. Just curious, do we know that for sure? I assumed that the development of Samaritan was done offline just for that reason.By the time it was too late to hide it, it was too late to stop it. And a second AI might not have looked threatening to the Machine until it put the pieces together with the motivations of the people who built it.
  15. To be fair, some characters keep on doing the same annoying things most of the time they are on screen, so the viewers don't get much to work with in the way of new material. The slapping thing, though. When you think about what's going on in the news right now with the NFL, there's no sensitive way to discuss it. The problem is that Abby has almost always been the provocateur and it's not a very attractive part of her character. Or what Dandesun said.
  16. There are OTA dvrs (I have a Magnavox dvd/dvr) but my NBC station is the furthest away, on the edge of my antenna range and doesn't always come in. With analog, at least you would get something fuzzy but digital just goes "no signal". NBC's web site is much better than CBS (which has so many commercials I can't stand to watch anything) but it's a day behind. Which isn't a problem at the moment because I'm over a week behind, thanks to work.
  17. Ah, thanks. I got my hopes up there for a minute that NBC had created a channel for the Roku. :-)
  18. I have to ask - how do you get DAYS through your Roku?
  19. Maybe. But I think she does realize that the Machine is teaching her something. And you could see her caring for the team. Not only because the Machine tells her so. I agree that Root didn't care about redemption but she did catch on that the Machine was trying to teach her the value of humanity (that Finch had imprinted on it). It's taken awhile for her to get past rolling her eyes about it and complaining how it broke the Machine but I do think she's starting to care about her team. She still disparages them but the tone has changed.
  20. Maybe it's because I like Rena Sofer but I do see a hint of vulnerability in the way she's playing Quinn, but it's only when she's interacting with Wyatt. It's subtle - she's BSC with everyone but him and in their scenes I get the underlying desperation for him to understand what she's doing and why she's doing it. You can see it in her face. ETA: I think both actors are good together. I don't care that much one way or the other about Wyatt but when he's dealing with his mother, he comes off much more sympathetic. That said, Quinn needs something else to focus on in between the crazy
  21. Exactly. I laughed at the montage today. Pretty sure if you try to get married so many times and it doesn't happen, you should get a clue. I've stopped counting how many weeks I've been watching but I did realize today that I've only seen half the people in the credits. Not sure what that says about the show.
  22. I was thinking of a flashback scene where John was on a bus or something and she tried to help him? I binge watched most of the first two seasons so it all is kind of a blur in spots. But yes, I do see what you mean. I don't think she saved him either. But he quite obviously admired her and it had a hint (hint!) of something extra. I thought the writing subtly laid kind of a chaste love from afar thing for Reese and Carter. Like when he would talk about her to Fusco - you could tell if he disrespected her at all, he would pay. ;-) But at the same time you didn't get the impression he
  23. It made sense to me. Carter was the cop who helped him when he was down and out. She was a good cop but also ethical and empathetic and I think he put her on a pedestal until the very last second when time ran out... (If I didn't buy the kiss, then I couldn't buy the devastation that followed either.) YMMV.
  24. I probably wouldn't have gotten hooked on PoI this last year without Root and the AI storyline. Procedurals get boring unless there is something else going on to keep it interesting. And Reese doesn't interest me much. I did like him with his psycho partner (Kara) and the fixer character (Zoey) and with Carter, even Shaw. When he's on his own in a scene breaking heads? Meh. What I don't like about the direction the AI story has taken isn't so much the clash between the Machine and Samaritan but the cheesy "Clash of the Gods" dialog - it's too over the top.
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