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  1. If Maxie is smart she'll say Lou fell in the well with fake Chloe. I can't remember the last time I was impatient to see what happens next, so a tentative well done Show.
  2. I came back to GH this year, so the rerun was interesting to me. Julian is alive, Sonny is Sonny, Alex is up to no good with Anna and Valentin, Peter and Maxie look genuinely happy and Ryan wasn't catatonic? I wonder why they picked this one?
  3. I miss Overtime too. Is the show aired live anymore? I have HboMax and it airs at 10:00 Central time. I know before Covid, I always had to wait until next day but that was when it was Hbo Now.
  4. I think this is why I find it jarring, because most of the strident, unquestioning, pro-Israel people I know personally (in the Midwest) are Evangelical conservatives. The Israeli/Palestinian situation has frustrated the world's smartest people. I feel like Bill doesn't get nuance anymore.
  5. It's been a while since Bill has ranted about Israel. I always find it odd, considering his normal anti-religious take on most things.
  6. It's time to move on from Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, please.
  7. I enjoyed watching James Carville laugh. (It would have been even better if Bill had let him get a word in edgewise.)
  8. My brain can't even process that concept. I had no idea Leverage inspired that kind of fandom. I think Parker will be the trickiest character to handle. She came so far emotionally in the original, I don't think they can write her the same way after 10 years.
  9. I'm thankful RoHo's new character is a doctor and not a mobster - at least that we know of. I laughed at him showing up shirtless though. Is it that hot this time of year in the NE? While I'm not enthusiastic about Sam and Dante that softball scene was so painful it almost made me long for more Mike and Nina screen time. Almost.
  10. I need to go back and watch the first episode to be sure but wasn't there a line about Nicky not being strong enough (yet? kinda implied I remember thinking) to wield the sword that burned her hand.
  11. I will say Maxie and her baby plans have been entertaining - nothing at all has gone right and I have no clue where they're going with her and Brook Lynn. But at least things are moving now.
  12. They need the money. They were well-off by most standards but not enough for the multi-million dollar security bills caused by the crazies. If Prince Charles had footed the bill for security, then they probably could have been pickier about their projects and more circumspect in how they promoted them. I'm not defending H&M's choices but the BRF's all in or all out policy didn't help.
  13. Covid forced me into early retirement but here goes... Random people would send me batches of text files full of numbers and after tons of mouse clicks and coffee, sometimes they would end up on airplanes.
  14. She was absolutely the best part of Girls5eva. Though lunatic comedy might be a stretch. 🙂
  15. I went ahead and created it. You will find it in the list of recent new shows.
  16. Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry's documentary series on mental health issues. Streams on Apple TV+.
  17. This was a very weird, uneven show but worth powering thru to the end. I'd definitely sign up for a second season. Especially if Vanessa Williams was on board.
  18. For me it would be gross. (I hate it when soaps do it.) But they do have chemistry. In the hands of some good writers it might even be funny.
  19. They do mention Roseanne once in awhile. I think she was mentioned several different ways when Dan and Louise connected at the Mexican restaurant. Jackie had the strongest reactions. Becky and Darlene want Dan to be happy. And it's been 3 years. I do think if Louise moves in and starts changing things, we might see some angst there.
  20. No apologies needed. I'm sorry for your loss. Life is hard enough at the best of times, dealing with grief on top of that makes everything tougher. 💔
  21. It's hard to work for a future when you're grieving the loss of your partner and your life with them. Grief and depression isn't something most people can just snap out of. And then at some point the drinking as part of the response to her grief turned into the alcoholism. Becky was basically a functional alcoholic for all those years. That wasn't Mark's fault. But yeah, I agree a better family should have said something a long time ago. In this iteration of the show, Becky is the only one I still like. She's resilient and has a good heart. (Well, I still like DJ but he's rarely around.)
  22. I suspect TPTB like keeping Maxie pregnant so they don't have to deal with the fact that KS isn't a size 2. (No offense to KS - I've been fond of her since Disney days.)
  23. I'd give the second episode a C- mainly due to the gross dental scene. The third was better. I didn't realize who was playing the songwriter until the credits, though. I still like the characters but the humor, while clever, rarely makes me laugh.
  24. This particular thread was originally created for Harry & Meghan's wedding and then branched out into generic royal watching afterwards so if there is any pro H&M bias, it's because those of us here from the beginning were interested in them. I can't really speak to royal watching in general, but online marketing is remarkably sophisticated. For better or worse, they know what generates clicks.
  25. Is there anything in writing? His on-site expertise is the only thing Dan brought to the table. This episode seems to have set up writing Ben completely out of the show. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
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