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  1. I know Cyrus is a murdering evil thug but the verbal abuse leveled at him by Laura and then Sasha made me queasy. No human being deserves that and I didn't really like seeing either character act that way. Especially on a show that kisses Sonny's behind on a regular basis and made me sit through years of exploring his psyche re: Duke and child abuse and then bipolar disease. Editing to add: I don't know Sasha's background but I half expect the show to make Cyrus her father now that they've made it super clear they didn't have sex.
  2. I vaguely remember liking Sean and Alexis but don't have any idea why because now all I see when he's onscreen is an actor who studied soap acting with Joey Tribbiani. eta: I haven't seen today's episode yet. Hoping he's better with TJ.
  3. Usually when episodes disappear like this, it's about to either be syndicated or show up as an exclusive somewhere. That doesn't help much if you're ready to watch now, though.
  4. I've only seen the first episode so far (and just watched for Renee Elise Goldsberry) but it was cute and I'm looking forward to the rest of the season. I'm not a binge watcher and hate complete season drops. I much prefer an episode a week. At least Disney and HboMax are making it easy for me to watch their shows.
  5. I always secretly liked TAS, so it's one of the things that makes up for the current animated style, which I don't care for. https://www.inverse.com/entertainment/mike-mcmahan-star-trek-lower-decks-clip-canon-boimler-animated-series
  6. That's a relief. Brando seems like a nice enough guy for a mob minion but this all feels like filler.
  7. To give Gladys a reason for being? To get Brando in trouble with Cyrus? I had no idea that Sasha ever slept with Cyrus. Eww. Glad I wasn't watching when that was a thing.
  8. Did he ever say which vaccine he got? I'm hearing more reports about breakthrough positives with those who got J&J. Most are asymptomatic like Bill though. Bill's obsession with diet made me uncomfortable watching after they returned with the backyard shows.
  9. They could be trolling us with the Brenda scene. After just getting dumped by her own husband, would she really do that to anyone? And Sheldon doesn't walk in on his dad for another year or two, so the other woman could be anyone. (My first suspect was the school librarian, tbh.)
  10. I liked the episode. They finally let Missy off the couch, so going forward the height difference shouldn't be an issue. And Georgie was sweet. They are doing a good job laying the foundation for all the various storylines. I feel for all the characters, though Mary is really the most annoying.
  11. If you go by what the CDC seemed to be saying today is that breakthrough Covid cases in fully vaccinated people shouldn't require a shutdown but I suppose it will take awhile for those kind of things to be sorted and rules updated. I'd be leery anyway
  12. No show this week. (5/14) Bill tested positive for Covid-19. https://deadline.com/2021/05/real-time-with-bill-maher-cancelled-this-week-tests-positive-covid-19-1234755973/
  13. But isn't that how soaps have always handled babies? A couple grow up onscreen and the rest are upstairs or out of town until it's time for the inevitable SORASing. The only other alternative for expanding the family is the unknown child showing up at the front door or found via blood/organ donation. 😊 I do appear to have stepped in it though.
  14. I know babies aren't popular but in a way I like that they are thinking of the future with a new generation. They gutted the various families so badly over the last decade or two.
  15. Rachel didn't come off as nasty last night. She loves a scoop and she was mostly kidding about how jealous she was over the interview. Yes, she was playing it up some and both Chris and Lawrence went along.
  16. They got the sentiment right but I still think the dialog was gods awful. I was fascinated (not in a good way) at how tortured it was by avoiding the words black and white. I came of age in the 70s and sadly, we really did think that we had solved racism. So I did like that part.
  17. I felt sorry for the 3 actresses who had to wade through that truly awkward dialog. Trina's at least had some emotional resonance.** It is an important message but deserved better handling. ** by that I mean with Trina and Cam interacting. Jordan was weirdly zoned out in her conversation with Portia. I know she's processing but between the dialog and the acting choices, it felt off. On the other hand, I appreciate 2 women having a meaningful conversation about anything important. At least they tried.
  18. I found Britt saying she wasn't a surgeon annoying. Obstetrics is a surgical specialty. (Yeah, I know how they meant it but still... such a basic thing. )
  19. Since we're going in that direction- The Black Eyed Pees, and yeah I am also 12.
  20. The BeatMes? Yeah, maybe not... 😏
  21. Thanks, @Asp Burger - my first memories of GH had Laura as a troubled teen and lots of angst with Lesley, David Hamilton, etc. I don't recall any discussion of her bio father but when there's no internet and you can only watch during the summer or on sick days, you miss a lot. 🙂 And of course, with retcons you're often left scratching your head anyway.
  22. I've had GH back on my dvr for a couple of months now. I was vaguely aware of some recent plots like Nelle, Shiloh, Drew - at least the highlights of the memory stuff, so that's okay but could someone fill me in on how Laura connected with her biological brothers?
  23. Laura got her degree off-screen, didn't she? Back when the Spencer family were off adventuring? Anyway, when they came back to PC in the 90s, I think she was working as a social worker.
  24. I do appreciate that we're getting a variety of stories so there's at least something that is watchable most days. (Nina and Mike got a little too close there though. Gross.) I also liked Laura losing it with Cyrus but she really hurt him and for the first time I kind of believed that a wounded Cyrus could be dangerous. Please don't kill off Britt, Show.
  25. Michael has dragged down every coupling I've ever seen him in, which is probably about half of them, more or less. And I think Willow and Chase are adorable in a tween, first shipping kind of way. She sparkles with him. I do actually like most of the other couples (and potential couples) right now. Some of them are kinda boring but not repulsive. I can't remember the last time that's happened for me on GH. Though this thing with "Mike" and Nina is a bit iffy. At first I thought Nina was just hanging around, trying to figure out how to use the situation to get back at Carly but now,
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