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  1. They got the sentiment right but I still think the dialog was gods awful. I was fascinated (not in a good way) at how tortured it was by avoiding the words black and white. I came of age in the 70s and sadly, we really did think that we had solved racism. So I did like that part.
  2. I felt sorry for the 3 actresses who had to wade through that truly awkward dialog. Trina's at least had some emotional resonance.** It is an important message but deserved better handling. ** by that I mean with Trina and Cam interacting. Jordan was weirdly zoned out in her conversation with Portia. I know she's processing but between the dialog and the acting choices, it felt off. On the other hand, I appreciate 2 women having a meaningful conversation about anything important. At least they tried.
  3. I found Britt saying she wasn't a surgeon annoying. Obstetrics is a surgical specialty. (Yeah, I know how they meant it but still... such a basic thing. )
  4. Since we're going in that direction- The Black Eyed Pees, and yeah I am also 12.
  5. The BeatMes? Yeah, maybe not... 😏
  6. Thanks, @Asp Burger - my first memories of GH had Laura as a troubled teen and lots of angst with Lesley, David Hamilton, etc. I don't recall any discussion of her bio father but when there's no internet and you can only watch during the summer or on sick days, you miss a lot. 🙂 And of course, with retcons you're often left scratching your head anyway.
  7. I've had GH back on my dvr for a couple of months now. I was vaguely aware of some recent plots like Nelle, Shiloh, Drew - at least the highlights of the memory stuff, so that's okay but could someone fill me in on how Laura connected with her biological brothers?
  8. Laura got her degree off-screen, didn't she? Back when the Spencer family were off adventuring? Anyway, when they came back to PC in the 90s, I think she was working as a social worker.
  9. I do appreciate that we're getting a variety of stories so there's at least something that is watchable most days. (Nina and Mike got a little too close there though. Gross.) I also liked Laura losing it with Cyrus but she really hurt him and for the first time I kind of believed that a wounded Cyrus could be dangerous. Please don't kill off Britt, Show.
  10. Michael has dragged down every coupling I've ever seen him in, which is probably about half of them, more or less. And I think Willow and Chase are adorable in a tween, first shipping kind of way. She sparkles with him. I do actually like most of the other couples (and potential couples) right now. Some of them are kinda boring but not repulsive. I can't remember the last time that's happened for me on GH. Though this thing with "Mike" and Nina is a bit iffy. At first I thought Nina was just hanging around, trying to figure out how to use the situation to get back at Carly but now,
  11. You just never know what past idiocy Rachel is going to bring up. The world has been so grim for so long, it's nice to get fluffier stuff, if only for a moment. There was a funny redneck version of MS Bob that you could load onto your computer. We were always a Windows version or two behind, as we could only afford used or homebuilt computers - we never experienced Bob ourselves. 🙂 Eta: hackers did some fun things with the Cue Cat. I might even still have one in a box somewhere.
  12. The minibike episode is a classic. Loved Freddie trying to manipulate Frasier and Lilith and getting busted in the end.
  13. I have put in a request for a full forum. Originally it wasn't clear that the show needed one but there does seem to be an uptick in viewers. Stay tuned...
  14. A bit less. Not a Stafford fan, for sure.
  15. So Molly is going to be the next character extorted by Cyrus? I really don't like where this seems to be headed. Oddly enough, I'm okay with Nina developing a soft spot for Sonny. At least it kinda makes sense? She's seeing the "nice" guy he could have been, which is slightly better than the way women usually melt under the power of the dimples. (yuck) Of course, it helps that I don't really like Nina. 🙂 She and Valentine drove me away from GH when they first debuted.
  16. I'm actually starting to be intrigued by the mystery of the swords. This episode felt more polished too. Nicky, though. She seems awfully oblivious to things going on around her - unless it's directly related to the case of the week.
  17. Is Steven Lars still in prison or did I imagine that? Ftr, I can't see either actor (RoHo or CM) playing Elizabeth's dad. Her brother, sure but for RoHo that would just be weird after Franco.
  18. tessaray


    Roseanne was vaulted before the creation of a single thread. It can be fun to revisit occasionally but it was still a long canceled show at that point. https://forums.primetimer.com/forum/448-roseanne-v/
  19. I don't think the original sank to the level of fortune cookie dialog. There were a lot of quotes taken from the Tao Te Ching and writings attributed to classic Shaolin teachings. If anything, it was probably the much mocked style of the master/student flashbacks. I put a link in the Kung Fu on TV thread if anyone wants to check it out.
  20. For those who are curious about the original series, this link is to a guide done by a fannish friend quite a long time ago, back when the internet was young. There are lots of quotes too. http://kungfu-guide.com/guide.html
  21. I'm not sure what that interlude with Bill and Sharon was exactly but I wouldn't call it an interview.
  22. Nice interview with Shannon Dang. https://ktla.com/morning-news/entertainment/kung-fu-star-shannon-dang-shares-her-personal-connection-to-the-reboot-series/
  23. They finished up filming. It would be nice to know when they plan to roll it out and if will air weekly or all at once. https://screenrant.com/leverage-revival-show-season-1-wrap-set-photo/
  24. Bill has an upcoming gig in Vegas, so obviously all is now well with the world. rme
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