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  1. A portable pulse oximeter for home is something I have seen recommended during the pandemic. It can make the decision process easier for needing to see a physician or riding it out at home. One thing I find disturbing as a nurse- I see so many people wearing masks improperly. Folks come out of a business and just rip off their masks with unwashed hands. It’s better to not wear one than to wear it improperly.
  2. A few interesting tidbits about Gone With The Wind- Hattie McDaniel won best supporting actress award and was the first African American to be nominated, and Martin Luther King Jr was in a band that played at the opening of the movie !
  3. When I was about 14 I was watching some late night tv and got hungry. I decided on a bowl of grape nuts cereal. I fixed a bowl and started eating it but it needed more milk. When I opened the refrigerator to get more milk I looked down at my bowl and the cereal was moving....... mealy worms or whatever those pantry critters are called. Ruined Grape Nuts for me forever!!
  4. If Janelle were really eating the way she portrays on social media and getting a little bit of exercise- the weight would be falling off. Thanks to menopause I was 30 pounds overweight for 6 years. For me, cutting out all wheat and most dairy products and avoiding sugar was the key. I try and do some form of exercise every day ( bike ride, walk, kayak). I’m 3 pounds away from my goal weight. I pay no attention to calories.
  5. I’m sure I’m not the only one that fast forwards through Luann’s Cabaret scenes. So cringeworthy- as are Sonja’s “business meetings” about her non existent clothing empire. Clearly Dorinda’s issue with Tinsley was jealousy, which would be sad, had she not been so cruel and nasty about it. I won’t ever look at Dorinda the same.
  6. Did all the Ho’wives from the franchise get a memo to act over the top crazy?! Sonja has become a characature of herself. Dorinda acts like a jealous lover towards Tinsley, and seems drunk all the time. Not one of these women has any manners let alone class.
  7. From the way Denise is moving I think she is still in a substantial amount of pain from her hernia operation. Being in pain makes it difficult to deal with things. I like that Aaron was being protective but it may have come across better if he wasn’t a bit intoxicated.
  8. Looks like Logan inherited the cold sore gene.
  9. Tom Girardi looks like the Penguin from Batman. His house speaks volumes- clearly Erika has not been permitted to change anything. I think he gave her a room somewhere in the house and she made her “chapel” there. The rest of the house is a museum from Tom’s 1990 ish glory days. Unfortunately, the Girardi’s have some serious financial woes.
  10. Feeling sad or depressed is not license to emotionally attack someone. Dorinda is an entitled mean girl. Like, literally shame on her. If Richard was half the man she made him out to be, he would be mortified by Dorinda’s behavior. This show has fallen into the deep end. Watching 2 women end their “sobriety “, and witnessing Dorinda losing her mind is not entertaining at all.
  11. I think the producers proverbially shot themselves in the foot. They tell the cast that they better bring the drama or else, and then Cam quits. Personally I hate all the manufactured drama and wish more reality type shows would go back to their roots of showing Reality- not scripted drama. Good for Cameron for standing her ground!
  12. Cam was able to surf above the drama in SC. I read this season was to be different- Cam was going to be tangled up in the drama and she decided to quit.
  13. Another terrible episode. Dorinda needs to focus on why she is so angry and unhappy- not on what size she is or what Tinsley is up to. Luann nauseates me. So self absorbed and zero self awareness. The way they are framing the alcohol dialogue this season is offensive and irresponsible.
  14. Watched a YouTube video on some Brown gossip. Apparently Christine let it slip out on a FB live Q&A that she has signed a non disclosure agreement with TLC about her daughter’s scoliosis journey. So yes, there will be another season and Isabelle’s scoliosis will be a featured storyline....
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