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  1. I don’t doubt that the other wives joined Kody in his anger towards Meri after catfish- gate. However- to just keep her hanging on to the family like a barnacle is cruel and seems strange, even for a polygamist family.
  2. I really don’t care what consenting adults do in their bedroom, but since Ariana has decided to publicly “ come out” as a bisexual I have to question WHY? Not - why is she bisexual, but why come out and make a big proclamation at this time?! Didn’t she and Sandoval just purchase a home together ( big commitment for a commitment phobic bisexual woman if you ask me) ?!
  3. I’m kind of confused- why would a woman in a long term, mostly monogamist, heterosexual relationship be coming out as bisexual??! Has Ariana ever actually been in an adult relationship with another woman, or is her experience limited to Lala going down on her in the backseat?
  4. From a polygamy standpoint shouldn’t all the wives want Kody and Meri to mend their relationship? I thought the family unit was from where they draw strength- and if there is a problem with one wife it is a family issue too? ! Any man living a polygamist lifestyle has to have a huge ego and Kody is no exception. He is still licking his wounds from the catfish betrayal. Kody’s own feelings are more important to him than family unity.
  5. I used to think post catfish Meri was only hanging around for the show money. Lately I think she is actually attracted to Kody. In fact, if Kody put Meri back into bedroom rotation, I bet Meri would pick up right where she was before. I don’t blame Kody for needing a cooling off period, but he needs to decide if he can truly forgive and move on with Meri. If he can’t - he needs to tell her that. It’s passive aggressive and cowardly to not address it.
  6. Kody is a crappy husband/ head of the family. He is the common denominator amongst the families. If he really believes that living together under one roof is what’s best for his family, then doesn’t he owe it to them to make it happen? To me they don’t seem like ONE family- more like a dude and his harem, barely tolerating each other.
  7. Anyone that shows up 2 1|2 hours late for an event clearly thinks their time is more valuable than others. Nene deserves all the shame that is surely coming her way. Greg can suck it with his shady comments about Cynthia. She was always caring and considerate towards Greg when he was fighting cancer.
  8. I can’t believe I’m still watching this train wreck of a show. There are YouTube bloggers that make more interesting content than the Browns ever have. Clearly this show has very little to do with reality. The Oscar goes to...... Robyn! She is so full of crap, and the crying on command is ridiculous. Christine is downright pathetic. I understand why she doesn’t want the polygamy condo, but I’m not a polygamist. Get with the program sister wife!! Not one of them was being honest in their discussion about one house. Meri would probably be the first to agree to it if Kody put her bed back into the regular rotation! Enough with the fairytale about being persecuted for your beliefs. No one cares! ( I even heard there was a “ throuple” on house hunters !)
  9. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of Janelle’s gastric issues are gallbladder related. “Fair, Fat, and Forty something “ certainly sounds like Janelle. Everything in moderation is not a skill set that Janelle understands...
  10. Don’t whole wheat tortillas have over 100 calories in each? I would have indulged in one slice of pizza ( preferably thin crust) and made a large green salad to go with it.
  11. All I can do during this show is watch Nonno Gorga and his crazy facial expressions!! 🤪 I still cannot believe that any of them took real offense to Melissa’s comment about Jackie winning because of her frugal nature- it seemed clear to me that she was simply defending her friend who was feeling ganged up on. Defensive much?!? Teresa basically confirmed what everyone else knew about Juicy. She also confirmed that she will lie about things she doesn’t want to acknowledge. I can’t imagine having David deliver my baby- his bedside manner must be atrocious because he has NO personality.....
  12. In my opinion Katie is probably the one struggling with depression. Ariana is phony, and I really don’t care about her issues. Not sure if LVP and Ariana think they are bringing awareness to depression and sexual fluidity, but it seems sleezy to do it for ratings.
  13. It was interesting to hear Jackie’s history with an eating disorder, and I’m glad she is doing better, however- most people with eating disorders don’t want their illness to define them. Jackie is becoming one note. And I’m sorry to say her Dad creeps me out. It makes me happy to see Nonno Gorga being such an integral part of Theresa’s household. He seems really happy! It used to break my heart when he would frequently weep from a broken heart.
  14. To play Devil’s Advocate on Teresa forgetting their documents- it’s possible they had to send copies when scheduling the visit- which would explain why Gia didn’t have her license. Melissa’s Mom was funny when she said cheers to her egg. Did Nonna mean Frankie is too thick in the head, or the body ? Maybe both.
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