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  1. If Tom Girardi is faking dementia as a plan to minimize prosecution then he deserves an academy award. He is far too vain to allow himself to be viewed in such a light, and there are some things one cannot fake. I’ve been a nurse for over 35 years and have cared for many dementia patients- in my opinion he is not of sound mind. The entire situation is a mess, and sadly will probably not have a satisfactory outcome for anyone involved.
  2. Financial problems are very common with a diagnosis of dementia- Tom Girardi had lots of balls in the air as his condition worsened. I believe Erika was likely concerned about Tom’s cognitive health for quite a while. Of course she knew he was a shrewd, callous businessman and was probably proud of his financial prowess no matter where the money came from. Now the gig is up and it’s time to pay the piper. She flaunted and wasted so much money. All she needs now is a cheap gaudy necklace that says “ Karma”.
  3. Gizelle was right when she said that Wendy might not belong in their group. She’s way too sensitive and reactive. If someone told me there were rumors of my man cheating I would probably laugh. If there’s no truth in it, then why over react? Despite all her bragging about all her degrees, and acting all tough, I think Wendy is insecure and unsure of herself . Probably not a good fit for reality tv.
  4. Erika may not have had any idea where all that money came from, but the question is- did she care? I think not. In my opinion Tom Girardi is far too vain to fake dementia. The photos of him looking feeble, frail and confused look legitimate to me. If there was any love in their marriage why did Erika bail when Tom needed her the most? In sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, in good times and bad… I hope the forensic attorneys go ham on all the RHOBH footage and document every lavish, braggadocio second. Tom and Erika are greedy, vapid posers.
  5. Housewives are my guilty pleasure- I’ve probably seen every episode from most of the cities. This episode was perhaps the worst ever- I fast forwarded through most of it. Every single woman is cringeworthy, and not in a fun to snark way. Absolutely terrible.
  6. If Roberta wants to marry Ick and move to the US so badly, why didn’t she use the interim to learn English? And why doesn’t Ick learn Spanish?
  7. So far I’m team Garcelle and Sutton. Kathy Hilton reminds me of Martha Stuart. Rinna is vile- and not in a fun to hate way. Just gross.
  8. Polyamory isn’t the same as polygamy right? The Clark’s describe themselves as polyamorous......🧐
  9. I sympathize with Teresa’s pain from missing her mom, but, it’s weird that she has no relationship with Kathy Wakile and her Mom. Isn’t Kathy’s mom Teresa’s aunt ( her father’s sister)? I think there may be a long-standing feud going on but one would hope that a death in the family would bring the family together. Jackie doesn’t seem ok. It’s really sad- she has everything she could dream of but still seems to be battling her eating disorder demons.
  10. Seems like the two youngest Browns are the ones Kody and Robyn are worried about protecting. Solution: Robyn and her spawn should quarantine in their home, but the rest of the family could responsibly see each other. It’s obvious that Robyn and her kids are Kody’s biggest priority. The topic of having more babies and or adopting is so ridiculous. Robyn has likely entered peri menopause, and has her hands full with her youngest very high need children. And who would ever choose them to adopt a child when half of their bio kids barely even know their Dad.
  11. I thought Scott had put his demons behind him, but he definitely seemed like he was on something in his confessionals. Kris and Corey make me wanna barf. I mean, come on......
  12. Wonder if Coach Shah has a morals contract ? This situation could affect his coaching career.....
  13. I think it was crappy for Teresa to start and spread the rumor about Evan. However, if Jackie really wants to end all speculation then perhaps she should stop behaving like the rumors are true. If there truly is no cheating going on then why is Jackie so unglued? I think there’s something going on with Jackie other than the stuff on the show- she doesn’t seem ok at all.
  14. The stress of reality tv cannot be good for Danni- she seems to have something neurological going on ( MS, Parkinson’s??) She probably should have left when the others did. Madison is obnoxious but not as obnoxious as Leva.
  15. I feel sorry for Sean, but he needs to grow a pair! People only treat you poorly if you allow it. Clearly he has no self respect. Shannon’s daughter not immediately telling her mom that she was offered drugs speaks just as much about Shannon as it does Bronwyn for doing it.
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