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  1. I’m curious about the white brick house that James and David sold in the previous episode. I was under the impression that brick houses don’t do well in earthquakes, and that’s why there are so few brick homes in California?
  2. Yes! Especially if anyone remembers season two (I think it was season two?), when Russell threatened to sue Camille (and maybe the rest of the cast?) for talking about his abuse of Taylor. Kyle wouldn’t let Taylor and Russell inside to attend the party. But she’ll still film with Erika despite Erika threatening Sutton with a lawsuit?
  3. It was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
  4. How many children does Paulina have? When she first appeared on the show last season(?), Mike said that she has three kids. Then, a few episodes ago, Mine said Paulina had two children. But then tonight he said that he’s helping to raise “a girl and two children.” WTF?!!
  5. Yep! When he said something like, “we thought it would be better if she wasn’t around negative people,” he initially said, “I thought it would be better . . . “ then quickly rephrased to “we.”
  6. Yep! I live in Chicago and pretty much everyone in my neighborhood wore masks outside until very recently. Even while walking our dogs alone.
  7. I totally agree on both points. I NEED to see how that condo turns out. As for living near a fire station versus an elevated train, I've lived near both (not at the same time), but in Chicago not New York. My first apartment (second floor) out of college was across the street from a firehouse, and it was WAY more good than bad. The firemen were super nice, and always remembered my dogs. And the sound wasn't really much different than the sound of living in any major urban areas. A few years later, I lived in a different second-floor apartment, this time right next to the el. I got u
  8. Holly Golightly was a prostitute. I’m guessing that Ramona never read the novella, because talking about sex during “an elegant Breakfast at Tiffany’s dinner” isn’t out of place.
  9. I think the trust Mama Dee has control over is D’Andra’s trust from her stepfather, Mr. Simmons. It would be odd for Mama Dee to have control over a trust D’Andra’s biological father left his daughter, especially since he divorced Mama Dee when D’Andra was six, he died when she was over 18, she and is now in her 50s. But that also doesn’t explain why D’Andra needed more money from Dee for her company, unless D’Andra didn’t want to dip into her own funds for what was her mother’s business?
  10. I totally agree! Milania looked so pretty and grown up when she was talking to Teresa at the end of the episode. I was pleasantly surprised.
  11. It's Yom Kippur when we fast, not Rosh Hashanah. And Rosh Hashanah isn't like the sabbath (unless it happens to actually fall on the sabbath)--any sort of cooking is fine, if that's what you meant by "work." If you meant going to an actual job, etc., they didn't show any member of Jackie's family doing that.
  12. And also, the investigation in NY was a child welfare investigation, whereas the Connecticut investigation was a criminal investigation.
  13. Jen said that there are only two options: either Lisa and Meredith are lying, or Whitney is. How is there not a third option: Mary is lying? Not that it matters anyway because Jen is violent and mentally disordered and this argument is both stupid and boring. But if I had to guess, I think Lisa probably did tell Mary that she and Meredith are scared of Jen. And Jen just keeps proving that they are right to be.
  14. My dad and step-mother live in Florida from December to May. Because of COVID, when they came back to Chicago in May (and again when they then went back this December), they didn’t want to fly commercial, as they are older. So, they and 10 other people also returning to Chicago went in together to fly private. It was $1200 per person. Not inexpensive for sure, but not a crazy amount of money either. Flying everyone private 40 minutes from Atlanta to South Carolina would not have cost $50,000, Kenya. Not that she should have to pay for everyone’s flight, but she could have at least offered
  15. If Heather’s business is worth 20 million dollars, as she has repeatedly stated, why has she not yet taken any salary from it?
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