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  1. Or let her make copies. But, yeah, letting her just take them is unusual.
  2. If there was actual physical evidence in any of those boxes (which is doubtful) the chain of custody was broken a long time ago, where any random person working in that building could access it.
  3. 100% agree. I love old homes, but the first half of that house up until the kitchen is a complete waste of space. It’s just a very wide hallway, with no discernible use for any of that area. They threw in a couch along one of the walls that faces . . . nothing.
  4. I’m a lifelong, excessive book-reader. Both The Secret History and The Goldfinch (by the same author, Donna Tartt) are in my top 10 favorite books of all time. I feel like hardly anyone ever talks about The Secret History, so I was pleasantly surprised to see it mentioned.
  5. I’m pretty sure that Dorinda said, “the other 51 states,” which means she thinks there are actually 52 states. Drunk Leah is exhausting and a mess.
  6. He’s not even a psychiatrist! The sign on the door said that he’s a chiropractor and nutritionist. The outside of Leah’s building kind of looks like the Friends’ building. Did Ramona move? That condo did not look like her old one.
  7. I'm curious if you equally require siblings who share only one parent to refer to themselves as "half" siblings? Or, how about this? I was adopted by my parents at birth. A year and a half later, my biological parents had another daughter who was adopted by a different family. We are full biological siblings. However, legally, we are not, as we were not raised together as sisters in the same family with the same parents, and did not know about the other until we were in our 30s. Is she my sister? Andy's son is neither adopted nor his step-son. He is his biological child, whom he did not adopt, as there was no reason to so.
  8. If they were skating at 1, why did they need to be there by noon? I agree that it’s rude to be late when you’re meeting people, but it’s ridiculously controlling for Jenn to demand that they be there an hour early. And if she did that because Ryan and Mac are always late, Jenn should lie about the time, as I do when my husband and I have dinner reservations at 8, but I tell him that the reservation is for 7:30.
  9. My DVR recorded a bunch of old episodes from the season Katie and Tom got married, I think last week? I rewatched their wedding episode again today for the first time since it aired. Anyway, during the reception, Lisa asked Katie and Tom for the marriage license, saying that she had to sign it. Tom produced it right away and Lisa sat there and signed it. She then gave it back to Tom for him to mail.* So, if it got lost, it was after the wedding, not before. *I thought that part was weird, because I’ve been married (twice 😬), and neither time did my officiant give the license back to me to mail. It might just be my state (Illinois) or county (Cook), but I think it’s supposed to be the officiant who mails it back?
  10. I thought the same about GG, and I also thought that it was brave of her to talk so honestly about it. I’m very suspicious of people who don’t like animals.
  11. I now cannot tell the difference between Lala and Stephanie Pratt. They have morphed into the same face.
  12. What does it mean to “call [someone] out by [her] name?” I’d never heard that before last week’s show. And then Marlo ad Cynthia said it again tonight.
  13. Or the irony of saying that the girls knew they were being videotaped (not that that matters; he sexually assaulted them regardless), yet R. Kelly videotaped his own brother having sex with two women without his knowledge?
  14. This “couple” moving from Boston to Paris? Wow. Adrian HATED the guy. And so did the editors.
  15. This is my first season of seeing Ashton, so I have to ask you guys if there is some backstory that I don’t know about regarding his mom? In this episode, he mentioned having issues with both of his parents in the past, but also said that he is closer to them both now more than ever. Of course I’m team Kate in the van situation, but I’m just wondering if he’s that much of an incel, or if there’s something I don’t know about Ashton’s mom and that Kate hit a nerve with him that she knew about? Not that his reaction was acceptable either way (he’s terrifying).
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