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  1. I now cannot tell the difference between Lala and Stephanie Pratt. They have morphed into the same face.
  2. What does it mean to “call [someone] out by [her] name?” I’d never heard that before last week’s show. And then Marlo ad Cynthia said it again tonight.
  3. Or the irony of saying that the girls knew they were being videotaped (not that that matters; he sexually assaulted them regardless), yet R. Kelly videotaped his own brother having sex with two women without his knowledge?
  4. This “couple” moving from Boston to Paris? Wow. Adrian HATED the guy. And so did the editors.
  5. This is my first season of seeing Ashton, so I have to ask you guys if there is some backstory that I don’t know about regarding his mom? In this episode, he mentioned having issues with both of his parents in the past, but also said that he is closer to them both now more than ever. Of course I’m team Kate in the van situation, but I’m just wondering if he’s that much of an incel, or if there’s something I don’t know about Ashton’s mom and that Kate hit a nerve with him that she knew about? Not that his reaction was acceptable either way (he’s terrifying).
  6. Almost as annoying as Kenya ruining Cynthia’s engagement was Kenya pretending that she had “a feeling” it was going to happen that night (IMO). As if it were entirely her own idea, and not that Kandi had just told her!! If I were Kandi, that would bug me too, because I’m petty like that. It’s akin to Melissa on NJ telling the other women in Jamaica that Teresa “takes 12 hours” to process quips and for sure would bring up Marge’s comment the night before later that day. It was Joe’s insight Melissa was repeating, not her own! But, I give that more of a pass because at least it was her husband’s insight that she was appropriating as her own, rather than a friend’s.
  7. It’s selfish of her to not know the words of a song she A) was not told she’d have to sing in advance and B) had never sung before in her entire life? If they had told her ahead of time she’d have to sing it, fine—she should have prepared. But it seemed to come as a complete surprise to both Midge and Susie. ETA: Also, don’t department stores usually just play the instrumental version, without lyrics?
  8. Courtney’s French cut one piece bathing suit was EVERYTHING!! She looked great in it. 🙂
  9. I don’t know. I’m Jewish (from Chicago, not New York), but definitely nowhere close to being as religious as Midge’s family seems to be. I absolutely know OF the song, but I wouldn’t be able to sing the lyrics past, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the one(s?) I used to know(?) . . ..” That’s as far as I can go.
  10. I have to say, the first thing I thought when Dolores said it, was that if she had said that to Siggy, they’d no longer be friends.
  11. I’m pretty sure that Cynthia originally is from Alabama? i can’t feel sorry for Kenya. Yes, Marc sucks, but Kenya in general is an ugly person. Maybe it didn’t occur to Kenya that going into a marriage with a fake, submissive personality wasn’t a good idea? Because that just cannot be sustained for long. (Unless you’re Miriam’s mom Rose from Mrs. Maisel and can pretend, for 30 years, to wake up every morning with a full face of makeup and perfect hair). And why did Kenya go on the anniversary trip alone with Brooklyn? If the nanny wasn’t there, then why didn’t Marc also go, since that’s what he wanted? Something about that story doesn’t add up. UNLESS, Kenya brought the nanny with them.
  12. Paris is my favorite character. Emily is my second favorite. Both are often infuriating , but I just love the way they are written.
  13. I think Gary also surprised Leah with a move to their current house when she got back from a visit with Amber? As much as I loath Kail, I’m not going to be able to handle seeing her dog being sick next week. 🙁
  14. First thing I noticed! Her bra did not fit.
  15. And why was that friend (Kristen?) the person who called to tell Kail that she got the house? Every time I’ve bought property, it’s my realtor who calls me. Unless maybe the friend is Kail’s mortgage broker, but it didn’t seem like that at all. Does the new house have a pool and trampoline too? If not, I bet her kids will be disappointed to leave a house that does.
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