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  1. Oddly enough, the only thing that came to mind, while I was watching, was - don’t put your kid’s name on his clothing. I understand it was a montage, with no narration, but for safety reasons, don’t do it. I was very neutral on this episode. I went in expecting nothing from it. Dean gets killed on a nail after fighting mime-pires. For some reason I started thinking about the baseball gang in the movie ‘The Warriors’. Sam goes on to have a son, with no further explanation. The mother wasn’t at his deathbed. The only thing we know about Dean.2 is he that he had a tattoo. The final wasn’t how I thought it should end. We can’t blame Covid for everything. If this show still had good writers who cared about this series, we would have had more of an ending - actually more of a 15th season. Instead it was just dreck. It deserved much, much better.
  2. I thought the owls were boring. The other two sang more upbeat songs. I knew the owls were toast. It seems like that one Judge suddenly pulled Clint and Lisa out of her ass. Popcorn sounds like Taylor Dane.
  3. What the fruck was that? This show came in on fire. It went out in a puff of smoke.
  4. I thought Broccoli sounded like Martin Short - who is also Canadian. We were supposed to believe that Jenny pulled “Frank” out of her ass by swapping numbers for letters? There must be something in her contract that says she gets special help.
  5. I didn’t get the whole thing about marriage. Other people were talking about it, it didn’t seem like Amy and Jonah were talking about it. I was hoping that when Jonah gave Amy her ring back, he would have said something like “I had it cleaned” or fixed because the stone was loose. I assume they will bring in a new cast member to be Jonah’s new love interest. I liked Amy at the beginning of the series. I didn’t like her at the end. She couldn’t leave the show soon enough for me.
  6. I have no idea why they would talk to Amy Klobuchar. I also noticed that the comments, on this video, have been turned off.
  7. The wedding was cute. i have no interest in new Anna-Cat. I hope they keep her at a minimum.
  8. I was thinking Sinbad is Broccoli. I wasn’t impressed with any of the vocals last night. I knew Lips was someone I knew. I know who Wendy Williams is. Just not enough to figure out who Lips was.
  9. For some reason, I think Broccoli is Sinbad. If it was for Lips, we could have been rid of Broccoli. I thought Mushroom was terrible.
  10. I was really disappointed that they wasted one of the last episodes on this dreck. It was boring. There was no connection to the guest characters. If it advanced the kill Chuck story, in some way, I didn’t see it, Dean chatted with Billie in a diner. Sam and Dean argue about stuff in the car. If the stand alone story had been well written, I wouldn’t have cared. I think it sucks that at the end of this series, it’s mostly just phoned in.
  11. Dr. Sexy returns to Supernatural. That was really all I got out of this episode.
  12. I think Seahorse could be Brandy. When I saw “A dream is a wish your heart makes”, I thought, former Disney child actor. Then, I remembered, Brandy played Cinderella in the musical with Whitney Houston.
  13. I think that first performer - with the arms - could be Terry Crews.
  14. Unless it’s a misdirect, either Whatchamacallit is 50 Cent or is close to him.
  15. Going on nothing but the flute, could the first performer be Terry Crews?
  16. I was a little skeptical when Sam and Dean took out those two vamps. They were drinking banked blood and watching movies. They didn’t come off as Sam and Dean’s regular evil monsters.
  17. Noooo... not the nails again. oddly enough, when Mrs. Butters first appeared, she reminded me of the god in the Christmas episode.
  18. Lisa Hartman Black played Tabitha in the TV show 'Tabitha'. The series was about a grown up Tabitha working at a local TV news station. I think Popcorn is Cyndi Lauper. I have heard of Brian Austin Green, but I know nothing about him. I have never watched a show with him in it.
  19. It was a pun. I think he was a wrestler. I should have put it in quotes. I guess it wasn't a very obvious joke.
  20. He was also in the last Muppet movie. I watched the episode tonight. I was spoiled about Mickey Rourke because I forgot it was Wednesday and looked at Twitter. He was trending. So I looked for clues I thought I would recognize. I only know him from Angel Heart and 9 and a Half Weeks. I saw a lot of little hearts behind him. I thought the cooking part had something to do with feeding food to Kim Basinger. I never actually saw the movie but I saw a couple of short clips from it. I thought Mickey was drunk as he couldn't remember the lyrics and he was wandering around aimlessly. He was kind of a looker in Angel Heart. Now he looks like he's been through the ringer. While I know it isn't him, I was getting a sort of Weird Al vibe from Whatchamacallit. Just the way he moved and touched his hair. The costume reminded me of an old hippie. I wasn't that impressed with the sea horse. I thought her voice was kind of soft. Mostly, I zoned out while she was singing so I lost all interest in her all together. Otherwise, the clues aren't helping me at all. The judges were throwing out names for one of the girl singers that I have no clue who they are.
  21. I was thinking Toni Braxton or Jordan Sparks for Popcorn, but I will go along with Taylor Dane. I have no guesses on anyone else. Donnie and Marie did cross my mind. In the clue package, it looked like the girl owl was getting dropped off at her own home. I think it would be odd for Donnie to do this show again but maybe he had a good time the first time around.
  22. I'm pretty sure that was the plot of Lethal Weapon the TV series. I found Gen to be very strange casting when she was on Supernatural. Kind of odd looking with bad hair and a speech impediment. Not a very good actress. I didn't find Jensen's wife to be much of an actress either. I'm glad they're all happy with each other though. They both seem to have found things to fall back on.
  23. I watched season 1. I thought it was just okay. I got about 10 minutes into this episode and I was done. Way too much graphic violence.
  24. God looks nothing like Neil Gaiman.
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