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  1. It seemed to me that that was the point. He was always kinda racist, but he hid it under the veneer of being progressive. The moment some bad luck came his way, the mask came off and he just started getting worse and worse, till he achieved his final form, went full circle and started wearing a mask again, only a literal one. Was I watching a different episode or something? No one was a jerk to this guy. He was telling Alex how the people who had to be restrained from beating up someone were actually nice guys. She's not obligated to agree with him on that. A
  2. As the show has already illustrated, Hiram controls Riverdale. Archie would be put on trial as many times as Hiram wanted. So no, a mistrial wouldn't put the thing to bed, they'd just start it up again.
  3. Was she though? Betty has been abusing Adderall and she was lying about seeing a therapist. Polly simply pointed that out. If she was rough about it, Betty has been equally out even more rough about the Farm.
  4. Because Hiram is running Riverdale. Why do you think Veronica begged him to put a stop to it? Hiram would just keep putting Archie on trial over and over again until he got convicted or his life got wrecked. I don't think she was hostile, just worried about Betty, which she had every right to be. If she expressed that in an angry way, it's understandable, considering Betty's obvious disdain for her lifestyle.
  5. I don't dislike any of the core four, but the problem with Bughead (mostly Betty) is that they don't seem to face any consequences for their actions. At least Varchie does, a little.
  6. I wasn't thinking that Archie was brave, I was thinking that Archie felt guilty about the stuff he did (and let's be real, he did some messed up stuff) and wanted to be punished for it. It's dumb, but it's an understandable dumb, a dumb I can like. They said the same thing about Arrow once upon a time. Like that show as well, I don't really mind it going supernatural, because I'm aware of it's roots.
  7. I think we're going to get an "Iris is super overprotective" storyline and this is what causes the fracture in their relationship. You won't need to worry about the show making Iris look bad.
  8. A nice new episode. I like that the show is a little more willing to poke fun at itself, that helps it out a lot. Nora was a little overwhelming, but considering she was meeting her father for basically the very first time ever, it makes sense.
  9. A pretty nice episode, best one since Tales from the Darkside, I think. Just goes to show that Riverdale is at it's best when characters are friendly with each other amidst the madness. But poor Midge! She was barely there, but I did like her a bit. I don't what the show is doing with Chic. It tries very, very hard to convince us that he's creepy and evil with dramatic shots and music, but then I remember that the guy hasn't actually been all that horrible. I wondered if he was in on it with those guys, but if he were, would he have come back now? He could very well be th
  10. I can buy Fillmore Graves being guilty of bioterrorism, yes, but what I don't buy is that they're holding Seattle against the will of the US government. Seems more likely to me that they've simply made a deal with the government to take over management of Seattle in lieu of a better solution. A fine distinction, perhaps, but a distinction all the same. Rather than a bad or good route, I feel it's more of an inevitable route, considering the premise. The more zombies were revealed existing, the more implausible it becomes that they could remain undetected forever. Eventually the
  11. Clive already knows about the vaccine, since he wasn't surprised by Ravi's naturist phase last week. The CDC must be working on a cure/vaccine already, and the current incarnation of Ravi's vaccine isn't useful anyway. And it's a bit much to call Fillmore Graves terrorists that have taken over Seattle. The government seems to be working with them out of pragmatism.
  12. Because they would get turned into zombies. Ravi's vaccine turns people into zombies sometimes, and Clive has been very clear that he doesn't want to be a zombie.
  13. Short of shooting the plane down, there was nothing they could have done to stop HYDRA from taking that guy, and it should be obvious why that would be a bad idea. You'd think it should be self-evident why blowing a plane up over a city would be a bad idea...
  14. I think they're afraid that if they have characters react too emotionally to stuff, they won't be able to plausibly write their way back from it. Take the breakup. The whole thing had an air of inevitability to it, rather than something that happened by itself (though a case could be made about Barry's involvement there). If that really let it happen, how could they get them back together again? (which is pretty clearly going to happen)
  15. I don't think I've ever laughed this much during an episode of Arrow before, considering the material I don't think that's a good thing Loved that Thea finally told Malcolm (again), what a scumbag he is. Can't believe he had the balls to spew half the crap that came out of his mouth. The chip activating just in time for Felicity to walk away was hilarious. Gold star humour, which again probably wasn't what they were going for...
  16. Last time Thompson was underestimating her in an attempt to one-up Peggy. This time he got her from behind and he was certainly not underestimating her, so I can buy it.
  17. I was just thinking this season needed an Ezekiel episode, and they delivered! Really great stuff, especially turning the time loop into a game. They had me at the health pack... To me it looked more like a "Should I really be doing this?", "Eh, whatever" look. Maybe because he's embarrassed he was a little too open? Hopefully he does remember, in whatever way possible.
  18. Really? You know young people in this day and age who've been in love with one person since childhood, had no other relationship and ended up with that childhood crush? Perhaps they think people already got the message in S1, so they don't need to spend time on it now. You also have to remember that this is a supposed to be a long running show. They probably want to delay WestAllen for as long as possible. Whatever you think of it, the fact is we are seeing Barry in a relationship. Seeing is believing.
  19. What the audience is supposed to get out of Barry/Patty is Barry getting experience in a relationship. They go through the motions so that when WestAllen happens, Barry has emotionally matured from the kid who had a crush on her since forever.
  20. I think Patty's a stepping stone for Westallen. They want to show Barry in a long term relationship with someone to give him some experience before the endgame, as it were. I think the reason Iris hasn't been shown with Barry as much this season is because the showrunners think the relationship with Patty will pale if he's hanging around Iris a lot. The biggest issue is that they can't seem to work Iris into the show without Barry around. They've been trying with the Linda scenes and the scenes with her mom, but they need to better.
  21. To be fair, Superman worked at the Daily Planet. Barry spends most of his time either at STAR Labs or the police station.
  22. I just assumed she and Joe weren't there because it was the middle of the day and they had to go to work.Cisco and Caitlin did say it was a while.
  23. Hey, first time poster here. I think sticking too closely to Season 1 is what caused the problem with Katrina in the first place. Season 1 Katrina was less a character, more a plot device, a mysterious figure that gave out info from Purgatory to move the plot along. When she finally got out of Purgatory, the writers didn't know what to do with her, which is why they continued along that vein with the ridiculous spying thing. When even that wore out and Katrina was finally dragged into the 21st century with the rest of the characters, she simply... flagged. Unlike Ichabod, who was w
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