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  1. It's so odd that despite Riverdale residents known weakness to cults, it's Cheryl's run of the mill nature worshipping that they turn their stink eye on. I've been known to wear some questionable outfits before, but if I went to a fancy restaraunt with my f=girlfriend's parents dressed the way Jughead was, my girlfriend would have killed me.
  2. Blue Valley is probably a 90%+ white town; it would make sense to tie Beth's sense of being an outsider to being Black from Eclipso's point of view.
  3. We've never seen Axe take a really solid loss the way Chuck has, so it would be a good change of pace. Axe on the run would also make it easier on Damian Lewis if he wanted to take some time off from the show. Axe's team literally discussed it. They believed it was all about the optics, no one thought they were actually going to be doing much of anything, just that it was there to make Prince and the cannabis lady look good. It's pure ego, like everything else with him. Part of the plan to take down Axe. In order to get Axe to accept FYC's money, t
  4. The Watcher was vibing so hard he wasn't paying attention. 😂
  5. Again, Nxy was not doing something right that very minute. They could have diverted some people to go to the hospital. What's the point of having a team if you can't do that? If they had deigned to stop by they could have figured it out. Considering how quickly he figured it out when he did take an interest, I can say it's a strong possibility.
  6. Except it was not such a priority that they it needed all hands on deck. Nxy was not immediately causing an issue right then and there. Even Kelly mentioned that in the episode. No one is saying abandon the search for Nxyly, but at least send someone over to take a look. Especially when Kelly was raising the alarm that there was something going on there that conventional science couldn't explain. If for example, Brainy had spared a few minutes to go down there, they would have figured out the issue with Rankine much faster than they did. I would appreciate th
  7. On one hand, Dig seems to have put that whole thing away based on everything he's said over all the Arrowverse shows. On the other hand, worlds await. Time will tell. The show never said that. As you yourself pointed out, one or two folks could have been diverted to go to the hospital. Kara just some episodes ago, made a commitment to do better for those same people, that's the least she could have done.
  8. Wow, this was quite the episode. Making Yolanda think she sent Henry to burn in hell is one hell of a twisted way to break her. Seeing her guilt and suffering just keep ramping up over the episode was heartbreaking. She didn't deserve that. Now I'm really feeling worried for poor Beth. I haven't seen an on screen Catholic self-flagellate like that since Charles Cox. Yolanda and Courtney were keeping this a secret from Pat. Undoubtedly. Then her parents would get involved, which she understandably wouldn't want. They pro
  9. They could have divided their resources more efficiently though. Was the entire team necessary to go look for debris? Couldn't Supergirl or Dreamer have put in a little facetime, especially since she was literally just doing social media blasts about how important the people there are and helping out Orlando, not to mention the fact that she bears some culpability in the building's collapse. It was Rankine, which contains all the letters for Karen. It wasn't just Kara and friends either. Andrea was more interested in covering traffic than a building collapse.
  10. Wow, Eclipso came and he did not disappoint. I feel sorry for Isaac, kid had literally no dog in this fight and he died because Cindy lied to him. Hell, I even feel sorry for Cindy, she didn't deserve whatever hell she was dropped into. Mike has a serious point though, with all the kidnapping he could use a STRIPE of his own. Maybe Zeke can put a flaming chainsaw on his 🤣 Really? This show is sunshine and rainbows compared to some real dark stuff.
  11. Aside from obvious backdoor pilot-ness of this episode, I get the feeling it was aired out of order.
  12. A great episode, with Josie calling out in everyone in Riverdale for their shit being a particular highlight. I especially liked how she just straight up told Hiram he was a little bitch. He deserved that. I had completely forgotten about Jughead robbing Pops or Cheryl sending Josie a pig's heart (why?) but it's good that Josie didn't let that slip on by. I howled when Betty was all "Let's save Riverdale together!" and Josie just replied that they didn't even talk in school slow your roll. Seeing the Pussycats reunite was amazing. It's so weird to see young adults on this show who ac
  13. For me, the issue was not so much Bill's gaffe with the Nazi salute, but how his lazy, privileged way of dealing with the issue escalated it far more than it needed to go. All he had to do at the start was sign the HR letter, lay low for a few weeks to a month (and use that time to get his shit together) and that would have been the end of the matter. But he refused because he thought the students would "smell the bullshit", so he goes up there and gives a insincere apology and guess what, the students smelled the bullshit and the whole thing went from bad to worse. Bill is the reas
  14. Sportsmaster and Tigress have been promoted to series regulars, so we'll be seeing them again
  15. I actually appreciated that Ellen didn't magically become a better person after a few weeks away. She's still fucked up, but at least she has some ability to realize that about herself now. That's pulled from the headlines plots for you. I will suppose that the flood probably hurt some folks who were already hurting though. Who knows? Worse stuff happens in real life with some disturbing Zoom fails, so all I did with this reveal was laugh. Where would the CW be without drama? Ditto. Guy was already going to far with the Sarah thing la
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