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  1. This season has been lackluster, but this episode was the best thus far. Cisco and Camilla were pretty dickish to just spring this on everyone, I have to say but apparently Argus needed Cisco like yesterday. Those guys have a good gig going on, poaching superhero tech support who are field tested and up to date on beyond bleeding edge tech and how to make it practical. I guess that's why Dig and Lyla make the big bucks. Considering how sappy this show can be, I found it ironic how Barry and Caitlin were trying to keep a stiff upper lip for Cisco and him misreading the signals. Iris'
  2. A really great first episode! I loved how Loki tried to deal with the absurdist mess that is the TVA. First he played along, then he tried to lie his way out and when that didn't work, he just rubbished the whole thing and did a runner until he found those Infinity Stones in the drawer (I love that scene) and realized that this was real, it was happening and it was beyond his control. Seeing Loki run through the whole of his MCU escapades was also some fine acting, like the way he flinched away every time he saw the Avengers on screen, or the look on his face when he saw Frigga's dea
  3. That part with Luke was actually pretty interesting. As others above mentioned, they subverted the usual trope where people on their deathbeds struggle to live. Luke wanted to die, but ended up coming back anyway. That's got to be a big deal for him. Luckily, Diggle will be there to help him through it next week.
  4. I can understand the logic. The Stranger has information and tech that he shouldn't have. "Marcus" has information and tech that he shouldn't have. Both of them have an interest in Superman. They had already floated the assumption that he was from a parallel world as they know that survivors find their way to this world sometimes, but they were also wondering if he was just an illegitimate Luthor. That theory was jossed and Lois finds out that he's actually a dead man, who presumably left behind a corpse. At this point, other universe doppleganger is more likely than someon
  5. You got me, show. I'm not too proud to admit that. I honestly didn't see the Steel reveal coming, even when the show was dropping hints with his daughter and working for Lex once. I love when a show can genuinely surprise me. Really, this show is just getting more and more excellent by the day. Just brilliant. I really liked how Jordan tried to power through his superhearing training and kept failing, until of course he manages it by spying on his crush. That's so teenagery it almost hurt, especially the hypocrisy he showed to Jon there. I'm glad the show gave him a win when he saved Clar
  6. This show has so much heart to it, and I love that it's centred around Clark being a dad, being a son and being a member of a community. That stuff informs his superhero career every day and it's great that the show is leaning into that. The look on his face when Edge passed him over was something else. 😁 I would ask if Edge would be so dumb as to mess up the works by screwing around with an employee at this sensitive stage in the game, but hey, he's Morgan Edge after all 😅 I agree. Seriously, give the kid a win for once, show! To be fair, Clark w
  7. I've been enjoying Khalil so far myself. His show needs all the help it can get to be picked up, so he needs to be seen as much as possible.
  8. All of these are valid issues, but they still don't trump being killed by Black Mask today, especially after the trouble they went through with Ocean and Angelique. Ryan didn't pick the Crows, she wouldn't even know who to pick. She told Sophie to pick them and to stay in command at all times. Sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. True, I think it might have been the day after. Regardless, they're not cops, so I don't think the same rules apply.
  9. We've seen how Black Mask treats people who tell him what he doesn't want to hear. Why would anyone care that they fucked it up, especially when the clients don't care either? Try watching Arrow. That was Ryan's stipulation for their partnership. Not very many. It's literally the same day. They probably will get put on leave, they'll just come back after some weeks of paid vacation. Police officers often have quotas for how many people they arrest, so they could have a reason not to want the community center to get goin
  10. Ocean literally told them that there was more to making Snakebite than just watching a DIY video, but they didn't care. This isn't the first, nor will it be the last time we see people recover from what should be crippling injuries with ease in the Arrowverse. This isn't the first time it happened. Remember when Sophie's hand picked officers ran over Wolfspider and left him to die in the street? The show has consistently shown the Crows breaking the law when it suits them, from Jacob straight on down. This is a learned behaviour for them, and extreme situations li
  11. I was thinking that he had left the Marines at that point to join the CIA's Special Activities Center or something, or maybe he was on loan. I got the feeling that was based on some movie I can't really remember...Jarheads, maybe? Yes, but then you'd have people going "bUt THeY weRE TerRorIsTs" if they charged Bryan with murder. War crimes sounds more serious, gives more of an impression he did something wrong.
  12. I have seen a number of backdoor pilots on the CW, but this was state of the art, the absolute bleeding edge. Tom was such a great character, I'm praying right now for his show to get picked up, literally praying. His conversation with Nick was just gold, I have literally had that conversation with a guy at my work who was side-eying my lineup when I got a new fade, so that hit more than I expected. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I even heard the word "lineup" on my television (that wasn't related to jail). And that stuff about Harry Potter just brought me back too. So
  13. The CIA does have a division for paramilitary operations. He could well have been working for them.
  14. Apparently these were different insurgents. You're right about how the show presented what happened with Bryan, but I'll assume they went with something the audience would find easier to understand like war crimes, rather than the UCMJ. Garcia doesn't seem to like him very much, plus he has other work to do. He's still paranoid. They seem to be saving the shots for later. I'm actually wondering if they were going to give Bryan over to the Afghan government or something.
  15. This episode really could be billed as an extended Legends interview for Brainy and Nia. They'd fit right in, I'm sure. This episode was even more late 2000's than the last, or was it just the music; can't remember the last time I heard Paparazzi 😅 I wonder what it says about this Kara's previous love interests that Kenny has beaten all of them in the span of 2 episodes? I hope this isn't the last we see of Kenny.
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