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  1. Immigration policy is way too complicated to be boiled down into a single TV episode, so I'll give them a pass on that. I mean, did you see the scene where they showed the sort of stuff that was made it into the art show? There was actually a photo of a flower of a vase! And they had the nerve to call his art tedious! Nice to see her doing something that wasn't related to Sarah or having an affair.
  2. To the surprise of absolutely no one at all, Danny and Corrine started cheating. I mean, really, they were emotionally cheating for a while now, it just moved to the physical. Grover saw it and tried to head it off, but alas, it was too late. Danny's confession about why he left Corinne was pretty heartfelt. Luke Mitchell is good at scenes like that, I think. I really like that the show dipped its toes a bit into the idea of black therapists. There not being a black therapist for 100 whole miles for Grover to talk to felt very real. His reluctance at accepting the therapy was as well. I l
  3. Season 2 is officially in production.
  4. It's not her fault, but it doesn't mean good things for the country itself. Her brother will support her for a quid pro quo. I don't think Maya's a brat because she upset she nearly got deported, but she's clearly not 100% Team Sarah anymore either. Sarah seems to feel guilty about it, so she should really leverage that to get some stuff passed as soon as possible.
  5. Sad to see Corinne lost, but I guess there would be no point to a 5 person council if Sarah had 3 votes locked in. This arrangement has a lot of potential for future storylines, since Sarah is gonna have to compromise a lot more to get anything done. That Farnsby lady is annoying, but she's likely the best politician we've seen on the show (including the actual state governor) so Sarah should watch herself. AJ's relationship really imploded there. It was sad to watch. I get what you're saying but awkward word choice aside, he had a point about Sarah basically running the coun
  6. Someone in the writer's room must really like Power Rangers... The speedsters arriving in a flash of lightning, Godspeed's whole Rita act and the clones were basically Putties. They must have been saving their budget for this, because the action was pretty good. The lightsaber duel was a great highlight. I howled when Barry schooled Thawne and told him that he just plain outranks him now. I had no idea Bart's actor had any singing experience so I was floored when he started singing. He's really, really good!
  7. Whoa, John went full-on Laughing Magician mode this episode. This almost felt like it could have been an issue of Hellblazer. I don't dislike the lighter Constantine this show has created, but seeing some classic stuff mixed in was very nice. It was also great to see OZ (can't believe no one thought of that before now) Zari around, though I do wish the joy would just bite the bullet and keep both Zaris around instead of this back and forth. Pregnant Mick continues to be a hell of a thing.
  8. You can't counter emotion with reason. These people are angry and scared, of course they're going to gravitate to blaming the nearest person that they can and that's Kyle and Lana. It doesn't matter what they say to defend themselves. Maybe once people calm down they'll change their minds.
  9. Sarah really should have just copypasted the New Hampshire laws and changed what needed to be changed, rather than trying to redo everything while depending on the obviously out of date town charter. I had to laugh when the reporter called Sarah a dictator because frankly, he has a point. She only goes to her cabal of childhood friends and former students for advice and assistance running this country. It's also amusing how quickly she resorted to political shenanigans like colluding with lawyers on a matter she should have remained neutral on. I honestly had no clue she wa
  10. I can understand why Danny cut contact with Sarah a little better now. They just started talking again and she's bringing up their mom at every opportunity. It's funny that their country isn't a year old and they've already started lying to the populace, for their own good of course. Liked seeing Danny and Grover hang out, at least someone here likes him a little.
  11. Yeah, at first I was kinda bored, but then when they brought up Alice Paul, Mother Jones and Sylvia Rivera, they got my attention with that. I was impressed that they didn't go for the obvious answers there. Then there was the scene with Grover burning his house down and I'm not gonna lie, I respected that. If I built a house with my own hands and then the land was taken from me and someone was going to tear the house down, yes, I would burn that shit to the ground first. The scene with Danny and his mom was really good, not something you see on TV. I like that no one was giving the
  12. This is a comics thing that has been flanderized to hell and back, so I'm not really going to blame Bruce for not putting 20 odd levels of security in his already secure Batcave. She was obviously searching around for stuff she could use. She had hours in there, based on Ryan getting arrested, taken to GCPD for booking, calling her parole officer, etc. That stuff isn't exactly off the rack, you know. Why would it be unlikely? We know she had them all on the bike. When would they have time to do that? The stuff had
  13. It's not clear how much equipment they did have. i could buy that Circe either stole or wrecked most of it and they certainly didn't have time to make more. When Ryan and Alice rolled in, Roman told Circe to take the weapons and run. She had them on her when they went over the bridge. Nothing that could have been done there. Alice killed her before she got the chance. Black Mask said it himself, people can't follow a confusing message. I kinda wish the show had stuck to one thing, either recasting Kate or not, just killing her and moving on.
  14. Even he understood it needed to happen, he was just emotional about it and I can't blame him. If I actually built a house, I'd be attached to it too.
  15. What an amazing episode. This may actually be the best origin story for Superman I've ever seen, anywhere. I love how they mixed Silver Age stuff like Supes' first costume and that phonebooth spin with more modern stories like Superman Smashes the Klan. And just when I was getting cozy, it was actually all in his head, basically the plot of "For the Man Who Has Everything" Seeing Clark's anger at Edge threatening his family, his pain at losing Jor-El and his anguish when he had to surrender, what an emotional gamut that man has been running. I'm really looking forward to how they're
  16. From what we've seen so far, it does and I doubt they will. This is exactly why they're getting rid of it, it's too convenient. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that you can't propogate the thing through cuttings (not all plants can be) or that it simply isn't producing seeds right now.
  17. She put all her budget into her League of Assassins lookalikes instead of you know, urban planning. They try to avoid killing as a rule, and she had a hostage, plus she was surrounded by goons. She was hypnotized, how is the Desert Rose going to fix that? The Desert Rose might be magic, but it runs under rules. It's only good for physical maladies. They've pretty clearly foreshadowed what's going on with Diggle, and it's not an injury, nor it is something that gonna get handled in this show.
  18. I liked the poker game, especially the part where Luke straight up started dissing everyone there. He did talk with Ryan, but I thought it was conceivable that he would he would benefit from speaking to a stranger. I did appreciate that this proves that Team Batwoman is mostly unconnected to the rest of the superhero scene with Kate gone. Safiyah is so incompetent it's almost breathtaking. She has the most valuable plant in the world, yet she hoards it and does it so poorly that she can't even keep a few safe in a vault or something. I've been sayin
  19. This season has been lackluster, but this episode was the best thus far. Cisco and Camilla were pretty dickish to just spring this on everyone, I have to say but apparently Argus needed Cisco like yesterday. Those guys have a good gig going on, poaching superhero tech support who are field tested and up to date on beyond bleeding edge tech and how to make it practical. I guess that's why Dig and Lyla make the big bucks. Considering how sappy this show can be, I found it ironic how Barry and Caitlin were trying to keep a stiff upper lip for Cisco and him misreading the signals. Iris'
  20. A really great first episode! I loved how Loki tried to deal with the absurdist mess that is the TVA. First he played along, then he tried to lie his way out and when that didn't work, he just rubbished the whole thing and did a runner until he found those Infinity Stones in the drawer (I love that scene) and realized that this was real, it was happening and it was beyond his control. Seeing Loki run through the whole of his MCU escapades was also some fine acting, like the way he flinched away every time he saw the Avengers on screen, or the look on his face when he saw Frigga's dea
  21. That part with Luke was actually pretty interesting. As others above mentioned, they subverted the usual trope where people on their deathbeds struggle to live. Luke wanted to die, but ended up coming back anyway. That's got to be a big deal for him. Luckily, Diggle will be there to help him through it next week.
  22. I can understand the logic. The Stranger has information and tech that he shouldn't have. "Marcus" has information and tech that he shouldn't have. Both of them have an interest in Superman. They had already floated the assumption that he was from a parallel world as they know that survivors find their way to this world sometimes, but they were also wondering if he was just an illegitimate Luthor. That theory was jossed and Lois finds out that he's actually a dead man, who presumably left behind a corpse. At this point, other universe doppleganger is more likely than someon
  23. You got me, show. I'm not too proud to admit that. I honestly didn't see the Steel reveal coming, even when the show was dropping hints with his daughter and working for Lex once. I love when a show can genuinely surprise me. Really, this show is just getting more and more excellent by the day. Just brilliant. I really liked how Jordan tried to power through his superhearing training and kept failing, until of course he manages it by spying on his crush. That's so teenagery it almost hurt, especially the hypocrisy he showed to Jon there. I'm glad the show gave him a win when he saved Clar
  24. This show has so much heart to it, and I love that it's centred around Clark being a dad, being a son and being a member of a community. That stuff informs his superhero career every day and it's great that the show is leaning into that. The look on his face when Edge passed him over was something else. 😁 I would ask if Edge would be so dumb as to mess up the works by screwing around with an employee at this sensitive stage in the game, but hey, he's Morgan Edge after all 😅 I agree. Seriously, give the kid a win for once, show! To be fair, Clark w
  25. I've been enjoying Khalil so far myself. His show needs all the help it can get to be picked up, so he needs to be seen as much as possible.
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