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  1. I'm pretty sure the family was from the Armenian diaspora in the Middle East, probably Lebanon or thereabouts based on her last name. Some of the diaspora went east (Russia and the Balkans), others went west, and for centuries, well before the Armenian genocide, there were established Armenian communities in many Mediterranean countries. Karam is a well known name in Lebanon and her cooking style looks very Lebanese, so that's why I'd make Lebanon my top guess, but could be a lot of places or a somewhat cosmopolitan family with members in many of the region's major cities. (I lived in Egypt fo
  2. For those of you wondering, Michelle did NOT do Star Salvation. They still held the competition and winnowed down the field by one more - Matthew (whose deep fried avocado, as part of a BLT-inspired salad also featuring deep-fried brussel sprouts, was quite accurately deemed not innovative, since you can probably get deep-fried avocado at most state fairs these days, and certainly on any competitive food show where they have access to a deep fryer - it has become a cliche). I don't know if he was the worst or not, and in their position I'd probably want to not risk having only one woman left i
  3. Burim identifies as Albanian, according to this: http://www.kosovodiaspora.org/dancing-with-worlds-pop-stars/ (born in Skopje, Macedonia, family moved to Switzerland when he was 6, so identifies as both). Excerpt:: Asaf's background, beyond Israeli, I didn't see much about (last name is probably Ashkenazi, other than that who knows) but what did pop right up is his Wilhelmina modeling profile. Pics include Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss underwear, and some B-boy poses in jeans. http://www.wilhelmina.com/los-angeles/models/mainboard/men/833295/asaf-goren
  4. I was skeptical of the tip but stored it away for possible future use. I like to use the juice from a jar of capers sometimes, though ;). I was hoping they'd ditch Emilia. I actually thought she was the worst and I hadn't even seen the regular episode yet, so only had the reactions on here to go on from that. Oh, well. Christine came off well in Star Salvation over all. She seems easy to be around, which is saying something in this crowd..
  5. Actually, it was the juice from the anchovies, so if there was too much olive taste, it wasn't because she took that tip. .
  6. Once you vote, you can see the vote totals. At first I couldn't place who it was who was in first (Christina, at 17%) - then I remembered she's the one who got voted off first! Maybe she's in first because, by getting voted off, she cut short the FN's opportunity to sabotage our perceptions of her.
  7. The electricity went out in episode 3, right as a confrontation between various actors I can't be bothered to sort out started. I'm not sure whether texting actually still works (but i think later someone also said the cell tower was out of commission) or whether it's just that you can still check a phone for texts that have been sent/received, at least until the battery wears down. That still left me wondering, why didn't the girl whose texts everybody was checking up on just delete her texts linking her to the guy she wasn't going to provide an alibi for, but instead accuse of assaulting her
  8. Just because the mentor suggests adding an ingredient doesn't mean that the contestant has no responsibility for putting in too much of that ingredient. Cinnamon and ginger were both perfectly reasonable ideas in those dishes; the problem was that he couldn't tell by tasting his dish when enough was enough. Cinnamon and ginger are ingredients that are often used in far too heavy-handed a fashion, but that work well in the kinds of dishes they were used in here if used with a little restraint. I figured this was a guy who just dumped both in and ended up with dishes overpowered by the flavors r
  9. My take has been that in the [science of how things work according to this show]* the virus keeps mutating no matter what, so it can't be stopped unless it's not let out of Pandora's box in the first place. * there's a word for this but I can't call it up right now. The science probably doesn't conform to reality but it's consistent within the 12 Monkeys universe. Yes, it would keep mutating in real life, too - all things do - but they seem to have a goofy version of it going on with respect to this virus. At least as I understand it, the show's theory of how the virus works means it woul
  10. It's not unusual for bottom contestants to convince themselves that someone else deserves to be booted more. They could be right, but the judges are not consistent in how they weigh that week's work vs track record, and may not see a meaningful difference anyway. Perhaps Jamie was surprised that they let two teams go down to two members each, while Laura's team still has four (one of whom is Stephanie). And everybody else might have thought that would be a tiebreaker, too - but instead, nobody feels safe even if their mentor's ranks are getting thin . . .
  11. The kid is seven, will be eight in June. Bad TV is one thing, but I was pretty bugged by the moral ickiness of having the kid doing those scenes. IMDB bio doesn't include his age, but it links to his father's bio, which includes his birth date. Dad's bio here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0774721/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm (I suppose the kid is inculcated in some sort of family philosophy where it's not a strange thing, or why would parents or cast and crew be ok with it, but it's definitely distracting.)
  12. Jeanine Pirro. I remembered her from her days as a prosecutor (Westchester County DA) and running for office, though I didn't remember the details; but yes it seems she is now a talking head. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeanine_Pirro
  13. Front runner for most irritating contestant (unfortunately likely to last for a while because he'll be of use in early challenges): Vince. http://www.cbs.com/shows/survivor/cast/215005/ Current Residence: Santa Monica, Calif. Occupation: Coconut Vendor Personal Claim to Fame: Traveling through 39 countries; all done on whim, wit and self-actualization. Hobbies: Dancing, storytelling and Art of all kinds. SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: I’m flirty and use my sex appeal like Parvati. I also have a bit of Coach and Fabio too.
  14. Tasting the pork dish: he's not going to be able to taste the sauce, either, because it's a sauce built on the pan juices and to which the pork was returned; so he couldn't check for salt, acid, or any other needed correctives. (And if he'd made something that was just components thrown together, it wouldn't have stood much chance of being good enough). As it was, I guess Natasha was in essentially the same boat, although I sort of got the impression she might have been working with a less stringent set of limitations on what she could and could not do with the pork - whether it was allowable
  15. Nigella Bites ;). Same title as her TV show of the same name (which I've never seen). She's got a bunch of other cookbooks; this seems like just an add-on to capitalize on any interest generated by the TV show.. http://www.nigella.com/books/view/nigella-bites-9
  16. Thinking about it, I think the British version focused more on the contestants than on the mentors - they pretty much just did whatever they wanted for the second (elimination) challenge, and the mentors were content to just let them do what they wanted and succeed or not of their own accord. Nigella was terrific with her crew, trying to build egos when at times her contestants' nerves caused them to second-guess themselves for example. She pretty much trusted their instincts and tried to help them get where they wanted to go. In the first challenge you'd see utterly disparate dishes from the
  17. Tony seemed like Tony, pretty relaxed, maybe a bit less unnecessary posturing, and while Ludo was still pretty animated at times there wasn't so much made of it (just some bemused reactions from others at times). Lots more swearing by all (contestants in particular, nothing bleeped out, but all very relaxed, just bloody hell or for fuck's sake or the like when something went wrong). Ludo reverted to French sometimes in the heat of the moment but nothing that the contestants didn't seem able to respond to without need of a translator (allez, allez! or attention!!! or whatnot).
  18. I just watched the UK version and Nigella fared much better there - she had a very different style of mentoring, giving her chefs much more latitude and more just general advice and low key helpful hints with no particular distress if they opted to go a different way. They were playing for immunity in the first challenge, though, rather than an advantage for the whole team. She also had a much easier time getting contestants to choose her as their mentor, and the members of her team lasted a lot longer . I wonder whether they've scripted this heavy-handed role for her in the US version, or
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