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  1. Alton announcing the Food Network airings of previously streaming exclusive episodes:
  2. Me: "Wait! If they disband the Crows won't that just be leaving Gotham under the control of the even more corrupt GCPD?" The Show: "Yes."
  3. There's also Raiders where the backstory had 27 year old Indiana in a relationship with 15 year old Marion, and he dismisses the accusation of having taken advantage of a child with "You knew what you were doing."
  4. This is why I've been enjoying rewatching the series on HBO Max since I dropped cable
  5. Maybe Kate will decide to go find out what actually happened to her cousin Bruce who has been missing for 4(?) years at this point. Given the Kane family history of going missing, being driven crazy, and turning into a villain, I'd be pretty nervous about where Batman is right now if I were them.
  6. Granted I haven't understood the reasoning behind a lot of the decisions they've made as a result of Ruby leaving the series, but I can't really see why they would go through the trouble of writing a recast of Kate into the story just to write her back out again.
  7. I've always thought that the weirdest thing about Age of Ultron is that they don't handle that scepter like it's radioactive material after the events of Avengers 1.
  8. According to Marvel's website So he wasn't mind controlled like Hawkeye was but he was being influenced by it to act worse than he might have normally.
  9. Of course there's a pretty good chance that we never would have found out even if the show went 10 seasons.
  10. Alton is selling his own blend of coffee beans called "multitasker" and recently put a video of his brewing process on youtube. I find it rather funny because the burr grinder he uses in his process is itself a rather expensive unitasker. I know a lot of people swear by their high quality fresh ground beans and all, but as someone whose method is dumping some pre-ground coffee from a can into a drip machine and pushing a button I'm always a bit bemused by the effort that goes into getting his morning fix.
  11. So with Looker's Henchmen, are they supposed to be working for her willingly or did Kalil kill some dude who was being controlled by her weird liquid metal meth goo?
  12. So was the JJ/Jenn twist here something that was planned from the start or did they find out the series was ending after the recast and call a Mulligan for the finale? Either way I was glad to see China back, she always brought a lot to Jennifer.
  13. I'd expect this from Mary Baker but not Alexandra Shitshoveler!
  14. Yeah, I have trouble buying this one. Aside from CDAN having an iffy reputation even by the standards of blind item blogs, they could easily bust Sheen down to guest star status, and they've already shown a willingness to shoot out of order to make his schedule work. Like 75% of his scenes are just him on the phone or him or him and the guard and/or Malcolm in the cell set, they could easily bring him in, shoot 3 or 4 episodes worth of scenes in a day a couple of times each season and he'd have all the time off he wanted while collecting his check if that was the issue.
  15. The "and" or "with" before an actors name in the credits has nothing to do when an actor signed up, but rather is a special designation negotiated by the actor/agent to show that the actor is extra important. Originally it was used as a way to draw attention to a big name actor in a smaller role without creating a false expectation that they had a major role in a film with lots of screen time (as you would expect from the people listed first in the credits). These days (especially in TV) it's just a way to designate an actor as nearly as important as the person listed first in the cr
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