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    MLB Thread

    If only there was some process by which the other teams in the National League East could have prevented the Braves from making the playoffs each year. Possibly even using the inherent advantages of their larger media market and payroll to give them a competitive edge in that process.
  2. Bev only got in to NYU to follow Adam, she won't go without him
  3. It's funny because most of the real people that Adam portrayed in a less flattering way seem to have good humor about it, but Bev is upset about Adam getting a wait listed story that's clearly just sitcom 101 to keep the show's main cast together.
  4. She turned 80 in "Puffless", she was also a smoker and lived with heavy smokers, so that probably doesn't help. Much like with Abe, I think the writers just thought having the grandparents be older was funnier.
  5. Dumbledore: "Yes it's true, I'm an android."
  6. I feel like the episode was originally titled "What if ... Hope Died?" but they decided that too many people would figure out the double meaning. I find it hard to believe that Sif and the Warriors 3 would go along with Loki conquering Earth, especially after the humans helped them find Thor's killer.
  7. It was the signs of Palladium poisoning from the original Arc Reactor that was killing him in Iron Man 2, before he created Howard's synthetic Vibranium New Element to power the reactor near the end of the film.
  8. Thanos recognizes them and warns the others that they're "bad news" which I took as an indication that they had been part of his forces before he switched sides and the Collector "filled the vacuum". Even if we're supposed to take it that they're just hired goons or something and not Thanos's "children" as they were in Infinity War/Endgame, he still "adopted" Nebula and presumably killed off half her planet's population, which makes the whole "give dad a chance" thing beyond bad taste IMO.
  9. So it was lovely to hear Chadwick portray T'Challa again, and the opening Star Lord turn was pretty funny, and that's the extent of what I have to say that I thought was good about this one: We have the continued lionization of Yondu, who again kidnapped a child and this time lied to him about the death of his entire nation to keep him from going how to his family that was looking for him. At least in the case of Peter you could argue that Ego being on the lookout for him gave some justification to Yondu not returning Peter to his family, but with T'Challa he was just 100% being a se
  10. I was a bit unclear how Peggy being the Super Soldier lead to Red Skull's plan being to summon a Lovecraftian monster rather than a super bomber, but it was a pretty fun What If
  11. I'd say that the films portray Steve as something closer to "peak human" in TFA and Avengers, but then soft retcon Super Soldiers to clearly super human (particularly in strength) in TWS which has continued through the subsequent films and F&TWS.
  12. Praying to God and Steve Buscimi showing up as Benny the Teen almost feels like a reference to the first season, which was something that was largely absent from Dark Ages. I wonder if it's purely a meta joke or if it's a hint at an actual overarching plot? So far this feels like a retread of Dark Ages. The past really sucks and people are dumb, there's a spark between Geraldine and Daniel's characters who seem to be two most normal people in the middle of everything. Not to say that there weren't some good jokes, but I was kind of hoping for a bigger departure between the two plots like
  13. The film itself is a bit unclear, Zuri gives each tribe the chance to "put forth a warrior" before then opening it up to anyone with "royal blood". So maybe it has to be a tribe leader, or maybe the tribe can choose any champion from their ranks to challenge for the throne.
  14. Maybe we'll get a reveal that Mobius is a variant of Ralph Bohner.
  15. In the long standing tradition of sitcom characters having absolutely no peripheral vision Raj probably would have just done some less subtle hand signals.
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