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  1. Perfect Xero

    MLB Thread

    Threw at Ronald Acuna multiple times, including up 13-1 in game 5, complained non-stop about him not playing the game the right way/unwritten rules BS.
  2. Perfect Xero

    MLB Thread

    I can't believe that the Cards are such classless jerks that I'm actually going to be cheering for the Nationals.
  3. Perfect Xero

    MLB Thread

    So MLB switched baseballs for the post season from the ones they've been using all year. The balls being used in the playoffs catch substantially more wind resistance and don't travel as far. Just in case you were wondering why teams that have been blasting homers all year are suddenly having them die on the warning track or hitting off the outfield wall.
  4. I'm mostly in for the family drama and not the case of the week, but it would be nice if some of the cases were complex enough to actually justify getting killer Dad's help. At least this week Malcolm and team mostly solved it on their own.
  5. Didn't Kara spend most of last season wanting Catco to only cover the pro-alien side on the issue, and writing puff pieces on good aliens to appeal to emotion and win people over? Now she's presenting only comprehensive facts on both sides and taking emotion out of it?
  6. So, let's see, we're over half way through the episode and only one person outside of the main cast has had a speaking part and isn't dead, I wonder who the killer is.
  7. I was holding out hope for a Jason guest appearance in Season 2, but they'd have probably just given us Ezra anyway.
  8. The Dark Knight is the best batman film (and one of the best superhero films period) because it, ultimately, has the guts to make the most important moment of the film Tiny Lister and some other guy (whose characters don't even have names IIRC) refusing to blow each other up to save their own lives.
  9. I guess in the sense that she was the only one of the Young Avengers kids who didn't have a familial connection to an established character. Speed and Wiccan are Wanda's dead kids somehow. Hulkling is Mar-Vell's kid. Patriot is Isaiah Bradley Cap's grandson. Stature is Scott Lang's kid, Vision is ... Vision. Kate's just a normal (rich) person who got into the superhero game and joined the team.
  10. December 15th 1991: Peggy: I need to run to the store, I forgot to get Howard something for Christmas. Steve: ...
  11. I guess that Luke just isn't the sort of person who'd run off and abandon his family for selfish reasons ....
  12. Some of the stones in the MCU are shown to require physical action/manipulation to use. Ronan has to strike the planet with the Power Stone, Loki has to touch someone's chest with the scepter to mind control them, to the point that Tony's Arc reactor protects him. Strange has to do turning hand motions to use the Time Stone. The idea that the collected stones would require some sort of physical action/motion to activate and use them all at once is at least consistent with what they showed of the stones in previous films.
  13. I hope they're not going with some sort of grey jedi balance between light and dark thing. The term Light Side is never used in the original 6 films. There's just The Force and the Dark Side side. The Force is created by the natural cycle of life and death the binds all living things. The dark side is like a disease on the force that creates imbalance. You restore balance by getting rid of the dark force users who damage The Force by drawing on The Dark Side, which is where the whole prophecy about the Chosen One who would destroy the Sith and restore balance to The Force comes from. Anakin restores balance to the Force when he turns from the Dark Side and kills Palpatine.
  14. Iron Man 4, starring Tom Holland as Peter Stark, Tony's long lost son who grew up in Queens with his Aunt June Reilly.
  15. Perfect Xero

    MLB Thread

    Mark Melancon had the phonetic spelling of his name on the back of his jersey tonight. Chip Caray still mispronounced it.
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