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  1. Hope it's just that the post-production has been slower with people working from home and not that it's been stopped completely.
  2. The storyline with flashbacks to Eddie and his sister as teens and the dead friend reminds me so much of the show Proven Innocent that I'm expecting Kelsey Grammer to show up and put them on trial for murder any minute now. They could win up to a million dollars if they got all the answers right, so I can see the appeal. Also adults weren't actually competing against the kids on the show, so I don't think it was really ll that embarrassing if they lost.
  3. The one with all the bleeped out lyics that had them against Bow listening to rap? I didn't recognize it, I suspect it's something they made for the show.
  4. I get the feeling that Odell will spend, like, 2 weeks in prison then the government will put him in charge of the new Suicide Squad or something..
  5. I feel like there's no way Billy would have been reinstated after hiding a player's steroid use, even temporarily. I'll also never get why the characters on the show act like Spencer being on the team is bad for Asher or his scholarship chances. If Asher was the best player on the team before Spencer then he should be putting up huge numbers with Spencer there drawing double teams and safety attention.
  6. The thing that bugs me with Gravedigger is that the dude has mind control powers but he's here slugging it out with everyone. Is there a reason that his confrontation with Jenn wasn't just him telling her to "freeze"? Why is he mixing it up with the Nazis and getting his face cut up when he could just order them all to shoot themselves?
  7. Wow, now I want to hear his original reading of that line.
  8. Yeah, Asher gave Billy his steroids, though I guess it's possible that he had more hidden somewhere.
  9. How many episodes before something for Grey's dad's criminal past comes back to haunt him and he needs Grey's help to save his new family?
  10. I think that Vexler has liked (or at least been nicer to) Chauncely since he took all the heat from the King for the treaty signing that Vexler screwed up.
  11. Gambi might be a good guy but The Tailor isn't.
  12. I thought Burns was intentionally getting his name wrong as a power move.
  13. One thing that bugged me on the trip down memory lane was that they acted like a Kryptonian and a Luthor working together was some novel concept. James said back in season 2 that Clark and Lex had been "best friends" and that Clark had repeatedly refused to see the worst in Lex in spite of all the warning signs.
  14. Production companies often prop up the last few seasons of a successful show in spite of falling ratings because it's a boost to their value in syndication and streaming packages, Networks will, likewise, keep airing such a show because the core fanbase is well understood and they can sell ads around that and use it to get attention for new shows that target a similar group. Shows don't reach that point, however, without having been a solid success in the first place. Saying a show is a failure because of its ratings in Season 6 while ignoring that it was successful enough to make it to Season 6 in the first place is either a very high standard or a very different interpretation of what is or isn't a success than most people use in common discussion on such a topic.
  15. You're calling a show that has well over 100 episodes and counting a failure because its ratings dropped after an initial high first handful of episodes and are mentioning it alongside shows that were cancelled in their first season. You seem to be setting the standard for a 'failure' as anything that isn't a top 5-10 comic/show at the time, which is a ridiculously high standard to use in discussion.
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