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  1. Perfect Xero

    She's Superman's Cousin!: And Other Supergirl Spoilers

    As impractical as the skirt is, I've always thought the red provides a nice balance to the colors of the costume, which is something the Superman costume has sorely lacked since they ditched the red trunks.
  2. Perfect Xero

    S03.E08: Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt

    It was rather odd, I'm pretty sure that if someone watched Season 3 without having seen Season 2 they would come away from it thinking that Billy and Max have a pretty normal brother/sister relationship where he's kind of a jerk and she thinks he's gross because he always has girls in his room. Even before she knows that Billy is in peril from the Mindflayer Max seems protective of him. From what I gathered I got the impression that the story they were going for is that Season 2 was supposed to be Billy at his absolute worst after whatever triggered the move to Hawkins. Max has a line in Season 2 to the effect of "Billy's always been a jerk, but now he's just angry all the time." After Max drugged and threatened him in the S2 finale he got humbled a bit and reverted back to pre-Hawkins levels instead of the terror he was in S2, which they sort of show at the end of S2 when he looks in on Max getting ready for the dance. They probably should have done more to show this, via memories/flashbacks or a scene at the begging of the season, or, uh, just writing him with a few more layers last season.
  3. Perfect Xero

    S03.E05: Chapter Five: The Flayed

    Next season they'll go full Sunnydale and have Nancy and Jonathan attending the major state college that's somehow been in Hawkins all along.
  4. Perfect Xero

    S03.E04: Chapter Four: The Sauna Test

    I don't think that Billy was a thrall 24/7, like Will explained, the MF only takes over the host when it needs it, so Billy was doing his job and probably just thought that he was sick or something.
  5. Perfect Xero

    S03.E01: Chapter One: Suzie, Do You Copy?

    I think the term "custody battle" being used here is accurate, and a pretty good example of why I find the Mike/El relationship to be rather creepy. El isn't a normal teenager, she's had almost no social interactions in her life, particularly not with people her own age. It's basically just been Mike (and to an extent the other boys, though none of them seem to spend one on one time with her), and this gives Mike a huge level of influence over her and creates a big power imbalance. That Mike, here, is shown intentionally trying to undermine Hopper as well as keeping El's time interacting with the other kids to a minimum just reinforces this for me.
  6. Perfect Xero

    S03.E01: Chapter One: Suzie, Do You Copy?

    Bob Newby! Mike pulling that whisper move with El in front of Hopper should have absolutely been the end of him. The disrespect.
  7. Perfect Xero

    Good Witch

    Maybe once Grace leaves they'll remember that Lori exists.
  8. Perfect Xero

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

    TFA explains in broad strokes why Kylo Ren fell, Snoke got to him and influenced him. When Rey turns the mind attack back on him she says that Kylo Ren is afraid of not being as powerful as Darth Vader, which creates the impression that he's generally been afraid of not living up to the legacy/power of his famous family. Why Vader became a monster was never important to the OT, because Vader isn't the main character of those films. Lucas manages to convey some depth to Vader with a few lines and a few bits of great cinematography and physical performance from a man in a mask, but never feels the need to go in depth to make his reasons for going down the evil path understandable or sympathetic. This is because in the OT Vader's redemption isn't really about Vader, it's about Luke as a character and the type of Jedi/hero he's grown into. Vader is, ultimately, a supporting character in the OT. Why Anakin fell was an important story in the PT, because Anakin is the main character and Lucas was trying to tell the tragic story of the rise and fall of a hero. In TFA why Ben Solo fell isn't super important, what's important is that he did fall and the impact it has on other characters. Kylo Ren is a supporting character, not the lead. He's the monster for Rey to overcome, the son for Han to try to save, and the face of his oppression that Finn has to finally take a stand and fight against. Why Ben Solo fell and making it sympathetic only becomes important in TLJ because Johnson decided to spend most of the film building up a redemption/romance plot between Rey and Ren, so that he could subvert it in the end to teach all those pretty girls who try to save bad boys a lesson. To do that he, effectively, had to turn Kylo Ren into the main character of the film and throw Luke under the bus to make his redemption look viable because TFA left Kylo Ren in a place where there was no clear path to redemption and no indication that any character involved (most importantly Rey and Ren himself) would be interested in his redemption. At the end of TLJ the Kylo Ren we're left with is very much evil "just cuz".
  9. Perfect Xero

    The Star Wars Saga

    He's gone back and made a few somewhat negative comments about the film since the fervor died down a bit, in particularly not understanding/agreeing with Luke going into hiding over the Kylo Ren thing. He also fairly recently got dragged on Twitter because he retweeted a photoshop someone did of Luke, Han, and Lando together and called it a missed opportunity. IMO it seems like he's never particularly loved Luke's arc in the the movie, but came out in support of the film/Johnson when the outrage was super toxic and people were harassing other cast members over the film. Maybe I'm projecting my own dislike for what the film did with the characters, but I still get the sense that Mark doesn't particularly like what the NT has done with Luke, but didn't want to give the more toxic elements of the fanbase ammo.
  10. Perfect Xero

    Mike Wheeler: He repeats things for emphasis. EMPHASIS!

    Rewatching the series and I think I find myself really disliking Mike this time around. I know he's going through a lot but he just takes his shit out on people around him, particularly the girls. Everyone remembers how he treats Max in Season 2 for no good reason, but he's a complete asshole to a barely verbal, clearly confused about everything Eleven when she tries to lead them to Will in Season 1 and they find "his" body instead. Him fixating on/being in a relationship with a girl who, basically, never had a social interaction before she met him and he took her in just seems like a huge red flag to me as well.
  11. Perfect Xero

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    If you're going to end things with Old Man Steve, then Bucky probably should have survived the snap. That way, at the least, we'd know that Steve had been working with Bucky for 5 years and he'd know that Bucky had adjusted after shaking the Winter Soldier programing and was in a relatively good place before he went back to Peggy. Also could have got a scene where Tony apologizes to Bucky for the whole trying to murder him thing.
  12. Perfect Xero

    Life In Pieces

    To my understanding, old math taught primarily via memorization and basic formulas, and did less to teach the logic behind it. Many kids never developed a true intuitive understanding of the basics, and this was a stumbling block when they moved into more advanced forms of math. They basically taught us shortcuts and hacks first then expected us to figure out the underlying methods on our own. The new methods are built around getting kids to understand why the basics work, so they're better prepared for the advanced math. This means teaching in a way that makes basic math initially seem more complex because they're trying to teach kids to understand the underlying relationships between numbers and make doing any type of math more intuitive in the future.
  13. Perfect Xero

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    People "understand" it because they buy into the emotion of the scene. What Tony does is clearly wrong, it's attempted murder of a man that Tony KNOWS was acting under mind control at the time, but people buy into the emotion of the moment so they don't think about it or will even excuse it. If you're like me and don't buy into the emotion of that moment, then that scene is just horrible and basically ruins Tony as a character. With Cap in Endgame the writers, again, bank on the viewers buying into the emotion of the scene. Their expectation is that seeing Steve and Peggy dancing will cause such a strong positive emotional response that they won't think about anything else. It's the same basic formula they used in Winter Soldier (Endgame makes sure to hammer home the importance of Peggy to Steve throughout the film, in the same way that Civil War hammers home Tony's relationship with his parents), this time they just miscalculated their audience's response and investment in Steve and Peggy as a couple and a greater percentage of the audience didn't buy into the emotion and are really upset about it.
  14. Perfect Xero

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    He repeatedly tried to murder an innocent man for, like, 20 minutes straight. It should be a character destroying moment, the only reason that it's not is that every subsequent MCU film just ignores that this outright evil act ever happened.
  15. Perfect Xero

    Past Episodes Discussion

    I'll be shocked if Brainiac didn't infect Seg during their conveniently off camera fight.