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  1. I don't know about anything recent being said about it, but back when NB was promoting his short lived sitcom, Kitchen Confidential with Bradley Cooper he said that Joss had approached him at some point near the end of Season 4 or 5 and told him that Xander was "done" and gave him the option to be written off the show or to stay on. This was in response to Cooper talking about leaving Alias because there wasn't anything left for his character to do. The original interview might be lost but there's a discussion post about it here: http://whedonesque.com/comments/7651
  2. I think it was her only option as she saw it. She needs to "make some noise" to try to change society for her daughter's benefit (and all the other women) and is planning something that is almost certainly dangerous and illegal. Bringing Enola with her involves her and it's possible that they are going to end up dead, even in they don't they will likely end up wanted criminals. She sees leaving Enola behind to deal with Mycroft as better than putting her life and future in danger.
  3. The show would have to pay to build new sets, so we know that was never going to be an option.
  4. Regina did have Melody as a friend! All the ABC Family shows from this period tended to just stick a character into a soapy romance story line to serve as filler, but the whole Regina plot with Eric and Will has to be the pure soapiest from SAB, kidnapping, drug dealing, and false identities, Oh my!
  5. It's an easy mistake to make since Endgame barely showed either of Hawkeye's sons, but his oldest child is his son, Cooper.
  6. In stand-up comedy an "act-out" is physically acting out a joke instead of just delivering it into the mic. I'd assume that he's saying Melissa flubs lines a lot when she has to deliver them while doing something physical.
  7. Considering that the fake name she came up with for the character based on Sarah Lazar was Tara Mazar it doesn't seem like she tried particularly hard to hide the sources of her inspiration.
  8. Opening a restaurant is expensive, but it still seems rather unlikely that he burned through the money that fast. John's money problems later in the series were even more head scratching to me.
  9. The snap/time skip does make it pretty easy to say that T'Challa left rather than create a succession issue in Wakanda since somebody has already been running the country in his absence. He could be doing his outreach work in Oakland or he could be off in space trying to make sure another Thanos situation doesn't happen. Which would give him a happy ending and leave open the option to recast later when the wound isn't so fresh.
  10. I had completely forgotten about Maui Kansas and what a big part of the show it was.
  11. I don't think there's an easy answer either way on recasting. I would personally favor recasting as I feel we've only scratched the surface on T'Chala and opening up Wakanda was his decision so the fallout from that both good and bad should be centered on him , but IMO the decision should be up to Ryan Coogler, and if he's the one to make the call either way I'll trust that he's making the right choice for the franchise
  12. So having finished the first season I've come to the rather crazy conclusion that the person who killed Nathan was ... Nathan. Nathan was the one person shown to have the skills to hack machines and use them to kill people. Nathan is even shown hacking his own car and using a video game controller to drive it. He shuts down the AI and messes with its memory. Why would Nathan kill Nathan? We get the impression that Nathan was on to something big. Someone else was after Nathan as we see the creepy guy looking in on him after his crash. What better way to get assassins off your back than them seeing you dead? Of course normally the downside to killing yourself is that you end up ... dead. So how does Nathan plan to avoid ending up dead? The show introduces the concept of downloading into a clone. The show also mentions backing up your memories outside of the finale uploading process. We know that Nathan was working on a free version of afterlife, so the code behind uploading and downloading should be known to him. So, in theory, Nathan creates a clone, copies his memories into it, corrupting key memories that he doesn't want the clone or anyone else to know. Nathan sends the clone out into his life for enough time to make sure whoever is out to get him is following the clone. Nathan hacks the car and kills the clone. There's a body, anyone tracking Nathan sees him die. Real Nathan is then in the clear. Except Ingrid screws this up by uploading the clone of Nathan (and possibly by changing the settings on the car to protect the driver). Now real Nathan tries to cover loose ends by deleting the corrupted memories.
  13. Sadly at no time during the final season of AoS did Sousa stop, look directly into the camera, and spend 30 minutes giving us a point by point outline of what would have happened in Season 3 of Agent Carter.
  14. As a hair color obsessed white person (lol) I've never heard blonde used as a descriptor for red hair anywhere outside this show. There's a lot of dynamics about gingers/red hair being somewhat discriminated against historically in particular in European communities that make it quite odd IMO. Even then if they're saying Red hair=blonde there's John/DW whose hair is clearly dark brown and not even far off of Bay's hair color being called blond. It's just so odd, like they had a basic description of the family and Daphne in the pilot script as a bunch of blondes and bay as the odd duck brunette and they just stuck with it even though the casting doesn't match it. Yes! Regina is always saying Daphne was so blonde as a baby, it makes me wonder if some third kid got switched with her at some point. Losing Wilke combined with Emmett and Simone cheating with each other pretty much wrecked what had been an interesting dynamic among the teens with the band and interconnected relationships giving them all multiple organic ways to be involved in each other's stories. And, yeah, this was the start of basically every storyline they gave Toby for the rest of the series that didn't directly involve Bay being a clunker. The only story they did with Toby that I remember really liking when was when he was coaching field hockey at Carlton and got involved in helping Sharee.
  15. I guess I missed this, but apparently the writers did reveal in an interview that the plan for Season 3 was for Peggy's brother to still be alive and the one who shot Thompson. Link
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