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  1. So ... I find myself wondering if Icicle is Courtney's father. Sure, there's the issue of Courtney's Mom not recognizing him, but he had a teammate with mind powers, so that's not a deal breaker. He looks enough like Joel McHale that blurry pictures of one could pass for the other. He seems interested in Courtney's mom and rearranges his plans for the town to preserve a theater she likes, and the giant coincidence of her hometown happening to be the place Icicle is creating his perfect community and her getting a job offer to return now makes some sense if there's an existing connection between the two of them.
  2. My time heavily reading DC and Helena Wayne's time as a key character have almost no overlap, so even if Ryan is Helena and not a total random it's a pretty poor compensation for disrupting the major storylines and character relationships for me.
  3. Having the change as part of the plot would mean they'd need to bring Rose back if they ever wanted to have a flashback to Kate at any point after childhood. Would be limiting to the writers. Also if they face swapped Kate to start next season it would make it much harder to get away with whatever Bruce Wayne/Tommy Elliot shenanigans they have planned without team Bat quickly realizing he isn't the real Bruce.
  4. Endings are predetermined. Traditionally most wrestling matches are not rehearsed extensively in advance, they go over the ending, the general flow/story of the match, and a few big moments and then improvise the rest of the match in the ring based on what is and isn't working and the crowd reaction. If two wrestlers haven't worked together before they'd go over any particular/unusual moves they use and how to bump (protect yourself) for them. In WWE there's usually an agent (a former wrestler) who helps them communicate before the show and figure things out. For the most part once you know the basics of wrestling you can take most moves with just a few descriptors of the set up and the bump. Some more advanced sequences might require some sort of preshow walk through or rehearsal, but you don't have to have those in a match, particularly in a TV match, which tends to be shorter. One wrestler has the "call", usually whoever is working as the heel (villain) but sometimes the wrestler with the most experience and tells the other what moves to do next while the match is going on. Rarely (if both wrestlers are inexperienced) the Ref might be the one to call the match. Some wrestlers did prefer to more extensively plan out their matches beforehand, and sometimes even rehearse the entire match for the biggest show. Macho Man Randy Savage and Diamond Dallas Page were two of the bigger stars who liked to do this, but they were an exception. In recent years it's gotten a bit more complicated, NXT (the training league) has a much lighter schedule and is known for more extensively planning out matches and sometimes rehearsing it or at least certain sequences in the match, with the help of one of the agents/trainers. Then wrestlers would get to the main WWE roster and be expected to adjust to the traditional formula of a less planned out match, which would lead to issues. WWE in recent years has indeed become known for sudden changes of direction, wrestlers being called up or shifted to another show with little notice and match results being decided or changed the day of the show. IRL Paige says she was told she was being called up and was winning the day before the show. It wouldn't be unusual for her to have not told her family she was going to win, either to protect against it leaking or in case it was changed at the last minute.
  5. Until Sheldon freaks out because Leonard made a protocol mistake and quarantines him to his room for 2 weeks
  6. I don't know that it would be that easy for him, Sheldon absolutely hates having his routine disrupted and has very specific tastes. He'd go crazy if his thai place switched to a reduced menu or some of the item substitutions the stores would throw at him. "What do you mean they didn't have Spaghetti?" "They were sold out, we got Linguini instead?" "But I can't make Spaghetti with little hot dogs cut up in the sauce with Linguini! Then it would be Linguini with little hot dogs cut up in the sauce. That's absurd!" Then some delivery driver would ignore the no contact order and be waiting on the other side of the door when Sheldon opened it ... Without a mask.
  7. "A little bit of work" meaning that he needs a year to create a Snyder cut of the film because they didn't already have one sitting around?
  8. I wonder if the post covid schedule was an issue for her. They're basically going to try to delay production this upcoming season, then turn around and get back on the normal schedule for the next season, which would mean a short break between seasons. Well it could be hard if they wanted to fight her on it, they could block her from appearing in other projects. But they can't force her to show up to work, so if she held out they'd have to be prepared to shoot around her absence or delay production, .so they'd probably just rather move on since it's still early in the show's run rather than have a big public fight with their big name star over it.
  9. I had the Simpsons Christmas Special VHS as a kid, for whatever reason it was I think an Aunt gave it to me for Christmas one year and it ended up being the one Simpsons episode I was allowed to watch until I was in 8th or 9th grade, so I must have seen that episode dozens of times. Kind of amazing seeing an actual flashback to it, complete with 4:3 aspect ratio.
  10. On the shows, sure, but this isn't accurate to real life. According to his Facebook page the Real John Atkins went to college in South Carolina where he now lives and has been working in sales/finance. He was also Class President in high school and posted a link to a video of his graduation where he gave a speech. The whole repeating grades over and over and ending up the school janitor thing seems to be a show invention to keep the character/actor around.
  11. Obi Wan and Yoda went into hiding because the Empire/Sith had completely taken over the Republic and were using their galaxy spanning resources to kill every Jedi they could find, they made an effort at taking down Palpatine that failed, and (as we see with Luke in ESB/Jedi) the presence of a force user Vader or Palpatine can identify only makes it harder for any sort of resistance group to stay hidden. They also told Bail where they were going before they left. Their going into hiding wasn't selfish, it was practical, it gave the Rebellion the best chance to grow and stay hidden, while allowing them to preserve the Jedi knowledge/teachings to pass on in the future. And they let their ally know where to find them in case he needed their help. Which is how Leia knows where to contact Obi Wan when the Death Star shit hits the fan, and why he's quick to set off to help her when he gets her message.
  12. I don't think they dated in real life, IIRC there was one of those closing segments with the home movies where the arrow pointed at the real Brea and said "too cool to date me" or something like that.
  13. Having Bobby Caldwell playing when you meet someone is basically a dating cheat code.
  14. I don't think he'd have written them during principal photography on TFA, But writing a rough draft script doesn't necessarily take that much time, they're often not much more than fleshed out outlines. and JJ has experience producing scripts quickly for TV. So I can imagine the if he wanted to have a basic structure for the story going forward as he was writing TFA he might have written a couple of rough scripts during the early stages of production on 7 for 8 and 9.
  15. Lillian's complete non-reaction to her son (and daughter) having been replaced by doppelgangers from another Earth was actually one of the scariest villain moments in the series for me. If nothing else I would expect some sort of reaction to how much worse her quality of associates is now. She went from a Lena that happily worked with Lex and a Lex that was smart enough to befriend and manage Superman and Supergirl, to a Lena who is a constant threat to flip on them and a Lex who is a constant threat to put on his robot suit and deliver a villain speech on national TV just because he can.
  16. I don't think that Lord and Miller would agree on that.
  17. JJ did write rough drafts for 8 and 9, according to Daisy Ridley. Johnson just threw the 8 script out and rewrote the whole thing, apparently using almost nothing from JJ's script.
  18. I'm not convinced that Bright never zoned out and killed someone himself, I feel like that's the next big twist reveal they still have in their pocket for next season. We've seen how dangerous he can be while dreaming, it's not a stretch to think he could be like his sister. Been waiting on the Ainsley is a killer reveal all season, the real surprise to me was that this seemed to be her first kill and she doesn't seem to be a calculating killer like her Dad, rather one who zones out and/or kills in a rage when pushed. Will be interesting to see where they go with Ainsley next season, will she become a serial killer working with Dad? Will she try to pull a Dexter and only kill criminals to strike a balance between Martin and Malcolm? Will Bright and Mom pull her back before she kills again? Will she go all in on being a killer, dodging Bright and team, will she join Martin in trying to recruit Malcolm to team killer?
  19. The original plan was apparently for Captain Marvel to go with them and for Thanos and his team to show up for a big fight scene.
  20. Ren was introduced back in Episode 5 this season, they showed them meeting and hitting it off right away, the main plot was Erica not wanting her cool new friend to meet her Mom on parents weekend. They just didn't start using her again until a few episodes ago, so I guess everyone forgot her.
  21. The Mayor's head healing was an early part of the ritual to become the snake thing, right? Once he started it it was basically invincible until Snake Day. OR am I misremembering that. I do enjoy that in the first couple of seasons when Buffy faces some indestructible demon like the Judge or Snake Mayor the go to response was, "Okay, but they didn't have rocket launchers back then."
  22. I think that's why I find myself enjoying this show in spite of recognizing that it isn't particularly good. It's basically a Disney Channel or Nickelodeon type sitcom but with the primary focus on the adults rather than the kids.
  23. i wonder if Mary Baker's fianceis still alive ... she didn't seem too concerned either way. My problem with the ending is that I don't know that they did enough to make me trust Vexler long term with ultimate executive power. Yes he came back to help, but a few episodes ago he wanted Eddie to be eaten by a goat.
  24. If I was sitting on blackmail information about an, apparently, extremely dangerous man, I don't know that I would accept an invitation to the home of a total stranger.
  25. Hope it's just that the post-production has been slower with people working from home and not that it's been stopped completely.
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