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  1. Brandi slapped LVP and she was (thankfully) fired. I really don't see Doito getting away with climbing all over LVP and, literally, sitting on her so she couldn't get up. I would have freaked the hell out if I was restrained like that. It really was unsettling to watch. I think Dum Dum Dorit just signed her death warrant for this show. Isn't there something in their contract about NO touching?
  2. Well my dvr recorded none of all stars...like at all...all season! Frantic binge watching for 2 nights to get caught up ( one of the few times i was happy for on demand) Josh, stop being so thin skinned. Your going to be critiqued. Grow up. Anthony's great. Please give him a show. I like Anne. She doesn't pussyfoot around. Just yep, nope, start over. Love it. At least she tells them not like uncle tim who hems and haws and 9 times out of 10 is completely wrong.
  3. Ivanka has had a ton of surgery. There's plenty of pics of her pre surgery. She looked completely different.
  4. I love it! Looks like I'm alone in that. I just laugh and laugh. I watch a ton of FN and its just fun. The other shows are serious and that's ok. I love those too. This ones just for FUN.
  5. I was born in 1958 to a 41 year. First birth. Never knew i was a "unicorn" Sorry, my post didn't include what i was quoting which was from page 1 that people born to anyone over 40 is a unicorn.
  6. Yeah....I have body issues...boo hoo.....now I'm gonna put on a bathing suit and wiggle my butt in front of cameras.....go away Adriana. FI is the best. Dude, just go be a stylist..your made for it. Adderall is super popular for weight. Like coke/speed. Take it and no hunger.
  7. All I know about fancy boats is what I've seen on Below Deck BUT they always have to take off there shoes so as not to make holes in the floor (deck?) Then I realized that was just a rent a dinner "yacht". We have one here for company dinners and tourists. So I guess that was any "fancy" yacht.
  8. I'm no richy rich, not by a loooong shot, but I live at the beach and we ain't fancy! At least on the East Coast (in the south) us beach dwellers are mostly known as old hippies or artists or retired. It's a pretty easy life style. My apartment is 3 blocks from the beach (2 bedrooms-not 5) and the main way to get around for the "natives" is bicycles. They are everywhere! Probably drive those snotty bitches NUTS after one day. You said that so much nicer (and funnier) then I would have! I was like"So you're the grammar police? Geese go drink your Coke out of a wine glass and CHILL!"
  9. All in all a good season. I do love the niceness.. Enough with the snarky remarks! We want cooking and they are delivering. Could have done without the teeny, tiny cooking utensils. This isn't cutthroat kitchen! And I generally like kids, I enjoy when they bake and cook BUT I don't need smart mouth kids "judging". I know there the kids of chef's but seriously?
  10. Loved it! I'm not terribly picky I just adore Dr. Who! Such a treat to come home yesterday and watch a NEW Dr. Who. Also just discovered The Sarah Jane Chronicles. Looking forward to watching more of those tonight! In the last 2 Christmas's I have gotten: A- Dr. Who Yahtzee Set B-A Dr. Who miniature Tardis. Battery Operated C- A Sonic Screwdriver I was ready last night to see Who!!!
  11. I watched the 2nd one last night. Figured one more to give it a chance. I'm in! I find it kind of fun to see what they choose and how they change. I was astonished that those girls didn't get SOAP until the Mom got on the phone and went YECH...LOL. Then they all got toothbrushes and soap. I'd take a mattress on day one. A blanket on day 2 and soap and toothpaste next. Then worry about clothes or phones. I would like to see them NOT be able to go to jobs, or coffee shops, or beg for money. Doesn't seem very "stripped" if people can bring you food, take you out, or you can go the gym
  12. Doubling the wholesale price + some is how small businesses have to price. Big companies (Wal Mart, Target) get massive discounts so they can buy and sell cheaper. Plus Melissa is buying Italian designers that are not readily available to buy here. There is a niche for that. I'm broke as a joke but I'll cough up 80.00 for Italian shoes at Stein Mart! Soogy/Siggy is a FOOL...Some relationship expert. Screaming in a restaurant isn't a good look lady! And shut up about your hysterectomy. No excuse. I had a full at 29 for medical reasons and I didn't go around screaming at people for the next
  13. Well I still LOVE the NJ ladies. Bring on the yelling, screaming, and wine throwing! LOL....No body brings in more and with more enthusiasm than the NJ gals. Delores and Soggy should be ashamed. Their "friend" was treated like shit, lied about, and they just stood there! They would be DEAD to me for that. You're my friend you have my back. If you want to tell me in private I'm wrong, or over the top ok but in public you support me. Like husband and wives. Support! Delores NO ONE was "telling" you what to do! Melissa was astonished you were still walking. That's all she said. Calm do
  14. Well looks like 50% hated it and 50% loved it. I LOVED IT!!!!! I will watch this one over and over for when I need to zone out and laugh. Keep it coming W&G.......L O V E......
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