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  1. Because we can only control what we do, not what others do. The axtions discussed here are already illegal for the most part and it doesn't even slow determined predator down.
  2. Why be one or the other? Telling women that being more careful in the future does in no way take blame off the men. So when you travel know where the consulate is. Don't leave you drinks unattended around strangers. Your boss is harassing you or demanding sex to keep your job go to HR, their bit boss or the labor board. If it rises to a level to warrant it go to the police. Why should anyone not be expected to take some personal responsibility? The cheerleaders had no way of knowing where that trip was going. But what's wrong with being better prepared next time. Shouldn't we learn from others experiences?
  3. Very nice show. It felt so much like an ending that that's what I'm gonna make it.
  4. And Japan was infamous for people hiring blond singers and treating like prostitutes. It was so common it became a Law And Order. I agree it isn' t just third world countries. I truly mean any country but your own. I'm not suggesting these women should have known better, only that it's a good idea to be cautious and have the information to contact your own government.
  5. I'm not blaming anyone. I'm saying this happens a lot and if someone finds themselves in a work/entertainment situation be sure to know how to get in touch with the embassy or consulate for their own safety.
  6. Who says men don't ? Sports teams don't call them that but someone makes sure the players are where they're supposed to be. And like or not women are less safe in other countries. It's not right but it's reality.
  7. I'm sorry but you do live there. Lots of groups still have chaperones. Both to keep the girls safe and in line with whatever the group rules are.
  8. Hopefully Andrew will take the baby with him. He won't have any trouble proving her unfit.
  9. In this country you are absolutely right. But it's not that way elsewhere. It's not that easy to dictate to another sovereign government what to do even if the American government wants to. However they could be held responsible by the NFL and the US now. Even if we could change all the laws everywhere there are still disreputable people who will do this stuff with n o thought to consequences for their victims or themselves. I mean nothing political by this. Every administration has levied sanctions or not based on information we don't get.
  10. Any time women leave the country in an entertainment job (football may be sports but the cheerleaders are entertainment) they need to be cautious. There are far too many stories like this from all over the world, even with otherwise reputable companies. Should this group have known? I don't know but no woman should leave the US without a way to reach the American consulate.
  11. They saw the highly first grandson's name. Classy huh? It would be very easy for Matt to move nearby and go to work at the farm every day. But then Caren would want to move in....
  12. Lets hope that he's not allowed to have any family living in the house if he does get house arrest. They have more than one property so it shouldn't be too hard to isolate him.
  13. Not sure Tawdry's curls are natural. I think she's had help from perms. Even in Oregon there's too much humidity to straighten hair for long.
  14. Or maybe its the fact that Matt screwed the help and refuses to fire her? How could the kuds favor the wiman that hurt their mom so bad? And why would they take Matt's ( if any) side when Amy was almost a single parent most of their lives? Amy is far more relaxed and happy she doesn't have to put up with Matt's crap.
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