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  1. Tdoc72

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    What are fried savory balls?
  2. Tdoc72

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Cliff the comp beast!?! Ooh, that’s interesting. I wonder if he’ll try to break up the couples like he said before or go the easy road—Jess & Nicole? I already have a headache from Christie’s probable meltdown and should she play the DPOV or not.
  3. Tdoc72

    S01.E04: The Greatest Show on Turf

    That ‘self proclaimed math nerd’ Reilly McClendon is an actor & has been on lots of shows, including a really good episode of Law&Order:SVU. His IMDb
  4. Tdoc72

    S21.E11: Live Eviction #3; Battle Back #1

    Did anyone else see Bella get hit in the head by Cliff right after the vote reveal? I rewound it about 5 times. 😂
  5. Tdoc72

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    I’m exhausted just reading these messages about her. (Although don’t stop posting them!). I’m going to manifest a big cup of STFU for her. Please tell me she’s aware that you can still get pregnant or an STD or both. #SexEd
  6. Tdoc72

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Are you manifesting that? 😃
  7. Tdoc72

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    And stands in the corner, listening and randomly jumping. That’s what he was doing during Nicole bash 2019. So annoying! He would exhaust me IRL.
  8. Tdoc72

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    I agree, although I add Jackson on there too. How come Jack and Jackson was too hard but Nick and Nicole wasn’t?
  9. Tdoc72

    Law & Order

    Been laid up for a month w/a bad leg and been watching a lot of old school Law & Order. I miss the end cards that explained a little of what happened after the ‘Law’ part had finished. I don’t think many episodes had them, but I find them interesting.
  10. Tdoc72

    Law & Order

    WE did! Logan and Briscoe went to a strip club to talk to a witness and they blurred her bra. It was weird and noticeable. I don’t remember the name, but the one where the mother kills her drug addicted daughter. **Mother Love, season 3, episode 15. Fun fact: A very young Edie Falco was the defense attorney.
  11. Tdoc72

    Lifetime Original Movies

    It started out ok but they lost me by the end. I don’t remember her being a lawyer being mentioned until near the end. It was so out of the blue. But the biggest WTF was that her case was moved to the mainland, she was arrested, had a bail hearing, and was sent to jail for however long it took her to plan and execute her escape. She returns to the crime scene in Hawaii and the freaking bloody murder weapon is still laying in the floor!! Where are the crime scene techs? No CSI:Hawaii?
  12. To me it’s very Russian mail order bride catalog pic. Cool blond hair and harsh cold expression. I don’t mind the suit but agree, black bottoms would look better.
  13. I always remember Melissa’s teaching, “Peel the banana. Be the banana.”
  14. Tdoc72

    Erin and Chad: Fifty Shades of Pink

    I’m interested in what Josie & Kelton will do. Home birth (but his mother!), birthing center (like Alyssa, who everyone says is similar to Josie) or hospital (like Erin & Tori).
  15. Tdoc72

    General True Crime Shows

    She knew the truth. IIRC she had tried to contact the medical school & found out he wasn’t going. Police found a letter she had written to him about it. So I assume killing her was to prevent his family & friends from finding out. She was sleeping in their bed so it seems like she wasn’t leaving him. So sad. Also big ups to his family for revealing he had confessed. A lot of families don’t do that, as seen in various true crime stories. It sounds like they were a decent family & he was the bad seed.