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  1. Yes, the rerun is on at 10pm in the East Coast. Annoying b/c my DVR picks it up as new, although sometimes I’ll scan through if there was a good sketch I remember or singer I like.
  2. I guessed Da, from Survivor Vanuatu, season 9. The women’s tribe won him/his expertise in a challenge and he showed them all sorts of stuff on their island. (Fun fact:. I rewatch that season every Xmas while wrapping gifts.) I know! You can have someone to vote out for WHEN you lose. But you don’t need to make that happen. All teams eventually lose.
  3. I was just thinking this. Maybe they’ll do the 10 episodes w/the Sara/Gil/Hodges arc and also new cases at the same time. Then they could let Sara & Gus wrap it up, return to the desert (I think?) and leave the new crew to carry on in season 2 or more. But all of this would depend on ratings. We’re only 2 episodes in but I like it. I watched all the CSIs (wish NY would stream) and am warming up to the new people. I’ve seen Paula Newsome in other stuff and like her, especially her voice for some reason.
  4. Me too. And in only a 1/2 hour! I’m hoping the killer is a lesser known character and then we flashback to see little breadcrumbs that were dropped.
  5. I guessed it because I knew the similar story of it happening in real life. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/wbna23849928
  6. I agree about the kids, only because some kids are a non-stop fountain of questions. I would imagine trying to cope with your loss and then being asked a lot of questions that are out of the mouth of babes but it probably hurts. I personally believe until waiting for the 1st trimester, although I told just my parents about my 2nd after a few weeks. I was put on light duty b/c I might be miscarrying (I didn’t!) and needed a little extra help.
  7. Weird that this hour-long episode was named for something that happened in the last 5 mins. I love Denise’s drum line routine from few years ago. This one had a lot of booty shaking which I thought Kelli didn’t like. I remember Angela twerking one year and Kelli expressing her disapproval. But it was interesting to see how a routine is put together. And I liked that we got a lot of dancing.
  8. She complains about her kids more than anyone I know. It’s so annoying. If you didn’t want all the work and mess that comes with kids, then you shouldn't have had them. Also a couple of times at least, she’s mentioned that the oldest 3 have gotten ready on their own. So maybe it’s her need to have perfect face, hair & coffee that’s wrecking her time table.
  9. I personally would be satisfied w/7 years. But for whatever reason (no legal expertise or anything; just a feeling) 3-5 years always goes through my head. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  10. He’s one of the guys in the Ken Starr meeting. The one who says I don’t want to take no for an answer (paraphrased but very similar), which made me LOL. Very sly, writers! At the time, I didn’t think it was any big deal. I was 21-22. It was consensual. Now as an older, more experienced person, I see the abuse of power/sexual harassment side of Clinton. I still feel Monica was young & made some mistakes, but they were mostly harmful for herself. I can believe some went. I can’t believe she invited Susan or that Susan went. I’d love to know who the IRL Susan is and what she wo
  11. I thought I hit something on the remote but couldn’t figure it out! I was just about to get my 20yr old to come fix it (and of course deal w/the “you’re so old, Mom!”) when it stopped. Weird direction choice.
  12. Tdoc72

    S01.01: Diplos

    My brother & his husband recommended this to me, but my bro-in-law said to watch the 4 part docuseries in Hulu first. I binged that and then these 8 episodes. So glad I did. With all the time jumps, I would’ve been lost. The 4 part series really laid everything out chronologically. Christian Slater looks like he’s having a blast. Dr Kirby is kind of quirky. I bet the behind the scenes was fun w/him and Baldwin. They also did a good job with Dr Death’s weight gain & the prosthetics that JJ wore. I guess when you stop doing coke, it catches up w/you. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  13. Same, although I do enjoy pumping my own on the rare occasion I’m out of state and need gas. I forgot to quote the post but whoever said that Derek was mad that JB was in control. I think he should be mad. Derek and Jill are grown adults w/a family. They should be making their own decisions.
  14. I can’t figure out where the bay window is going. In all the pics she posted of the addition, I don’t see any space for it. Does anyone know? Or maybe I just missed it?
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