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  1. I was sad about Elaine leaving but I literally (tm Rob Lowe) gasped out loud at the card saying Dan was removed. They should’ve brought Elaine back. I’m going to assume he’s not at Ponderosa with everyone. At least I hope not.
  2. He could’ve been off doing a talking head interview.
  3. When has Kelli ever let anyone slide w/an 11lb weight gain? Usually they are told they need to lose it ASAP or bounced out of camp. And while I don’t have proof, I would bet that no one got to gain 11 lbs before being called in for weight. They are weighed weekly, if not more often. Probably anything more than 2-3 lbs gets on Kelli’s radar quickly.
  4. I think as soon as Emily & Luke get together, good ol punchy husband/soon to be ex Joe is going to turn up.
  5. She’s alright. I wouldn’t use the word legend for someone who’s been on the team for five whole minutes. Maybe in 4-5 years I’ll reconsider.
  6. The episode had my emotions all over the place. I was cracking up during the opening store scene (b/c I have felt like that a few times—no macing though). I cried through the little boy CPR scene. He was so sweet. And I gasped out loud when the guy was sucked into the engine. It was very unexpected. Also laughed when golf clubs guy fainted. That’s what I thought too!
  7. Thanks. I didn’t want to watch a 15 second ad for Star Wars to find out. I want to like him, b/c he reminds me of Cedric Yarbrough (actor on Carol’s 2nd Act, The Goldbergs, Speechless, et al) who I really like. But then I can’t stand the ways he talks down to everyone. I hope he goes soon and it’s a blindside.
  8. I can’t see this. Could you summarize, please?
  9. New Jersey...just over the bridge from Philly. 👋🏻
  10. I knew what they were talking about, but they seemed to be dancing around the actual word ‘abortion’.
  11. It’s also called French vanilla. Vanilla Bean is the whiter one w/black specks in it. And now I want ice cream...
  12. Tdoc72


    Are you a robot? Which squares have eyebrows in them?
  13. My favorite is when they ask or mention them being a cop, and the cop/fake hit man is all “No! I hate cops “ (or some other jokey line). According to my 19 yr old, Ramen is life. Any of you who want to shake on over here and pay my water bill are welcome!
  14. Tdoc72

    S39.E04 Plan Z

    Was Kat the one who cried saying no one would date her b/c she didn’t make the merge? Going to an island paradise for 80 days & working like every 2 days must be nice! I’d want that gig. (I know he’s a producer and probably works more than that.)
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