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  1. Looks like a stalker hiding in the bushes!
  2. Kelli looks better with her hair down. Personally, I find shooting in your bedroom unprofessional, unless you live in a studio apartment or are staying in a hotel room. I would think Kelli has a big enough house that she would have some other room to shoot in. JMO
  3. That middle pic looks like she was photoshopped in. Her hair is blowing but no one else’s is moving. Weird.
  4. I always enjoyed her appearances on the show too until she lost her damn mind defending VK & VK’s weight gain.
  5. Nah, they’re so smart they’ll never get caught. They won’t even be suspects, their stories are so good. 🙄
  6. I wish the prosecution had asked her something like this (and maybe they did) but if you were filming a reality show, where was the cut footage or asking for a reshoot or were you such a good actress you never messed up a line? I find Mike likeable too. No. He had to go to court but did get their condo.
  7. His direct quote from the end of the show: “...and we’re committed to being on in the fall for that 41st season which means you should apply. Especially if you’re young! I’m talking teenagers..16...17...18...19. Do it! Cool parents and cool school, who knows? It could happen.” So I’m guessing that’s what they’re looking for. I don’t love the idea. I don’t want Survivor to turn in the oversexed Bachelor or Big Brother w/kids that have grown up seeing reality tv and the showmances.
  8. Re:Ben/Adam Scott I thought he looked awful. I thought he was going to be quarantined away from Leslie & the kids b/c he was sick (like Chris Cuomo in his basement).
  9. So good I gave a donation to Feeding America!
  10. As soon as I saw Sasha Roiz (from Grimm), I actually thought he was going to be involved with the bad guy. Like on one of the tapes or doing something shady w/the evidence. I’m not convinced he’s just Athina’s fellow cop.
  11. I did! And she was all ‘its been three whole months (living hundreds of miles apart) and you HAVEN'T MET ALYSSA YET!!!’ Kelly, please pray for patience ‘cuz you don’t have much when it comes to courtships. She went from cool chick to typical head over heels, gushing, ‘in love’ fundie girl, at least in this episode. I thought she was ridiculous & annoying at the ice cream place and even more so at mini golf. I, too, thought he seemed annoyed. Run and go back to Jersey.
  12. Yes! And how adorable was that little baby in her teeny pink life jacket? I think it would be unfair for kids to fly that far and not get to spend time w/their parent. While adults would understand if there was a challenge or whatever, I don’t think kids (especially the under 7 crowd) would get it. This way, they saw their parents, played on the beach and had a picnic. I had the same question. And also who brought the Mariano children there? They didn’t hop a plane to Fiji by themselves.
  13. No, I’m in Central Jersey & saw the article on a local site.
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