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  1. Not to mention, all that weird space before the words even start. I don’t get it. I agree. She did say she was going to do a little coffee bar under the window but I think there’s plenty of space for a little dinette set.
  2. Those are the ones with the little jackets over a regular looking dress that Michelle freaked out on when Josie took the jacket part off. To me, they look like someone made the little jackets but maybe they did indeed come that way.
  3. She did look cute and happy with it, but it looked like it barely fit her or at least wouldn’t fit her for long.
  4. HIPPA only applies to medical staff who would have access to your records. It would not cover someone overhearing VK talk about it and repeating it here or being told by VK herself. Commenters would only need to tread carefully if they don’t want anyone to discover who they are IRL. I’m still dying to know. And frankly, I’m shocked b/c I thought she’d stay as long as possible.
  5. Yes, it was so-so. This Saturday, Lifetime is doing the Jennifer Dulos murder for their true crime movie, followed by an hour of true crime show about the same case. It stars Annabeth Gish & Warren Christie. 8pm EST
  6. It was sold at $72,000 and I saw the tax records. He only pays $550 per quarter (I live about 30-40 mins away and pay much more. I’m jealous!) Looking at the deed, it seems he bought it from his neighbor for cash. Maybe a private mortgage is correct. The Zillow only had an outside pic but compared to the pic he originally posted, he did a lot of outside work already.
  7. I liked it. I wanted to guess Boston Cream Pie but the almonds confused me. I’ve never seen them all over the sides like that on BCP. Other cakes, yes. I’ve never heard of coconut cream cheese frosting, although I was leaning carrot cake. I never would’ve gotten the veggies on top. I’m rooting for the mom & son. He seems really detail oriented & they’re both good bakers. I would panic trying to look at everything at once, like I do in escape rooms. I’m not understanding how this game works. We lost one team but Joel said 6 teams are coming next week to challenge them. So
  8. Also for free on Tubi. https://tubitv.com/movies/508828/dallas-cowboys-cheerleaders?start=true
  9. Haha the late Bates were early! They should’ve turned them on anyway. Now I’m wondering about the glasses of water that are near their feet.
  10. I saw this on FB and thought it looked a fun theme party. She looks good. And very like her mother.
  11. I think they do it in 2 parts. So the first group of LCK losers leave after the first person returns to the competition. Then the next group hangs around until the end when some are picked to be sous chefs.
  12. Yes, I liked it too. I thought it was interesting and I like when I can sit and watch them cook (Fun fact: My favorite place to watch is the Waffle House!) But I thought it was kind of unfair to compare it to other RW because they didn’t have to make 100 dishes, set up an entire restaurant, or deal with servers. They had to make 8-10 plates and it seemed everyone was getting a lot of help from the other teammates.
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