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  1. Snipped by me I agree the police should’ve checked the tip. But what bothered me about this episode was the ex-father-in-law implying that just because his son’s ex married a rich man, his son shouldn’t have to pay child support anymore. They’re still his kids/your grandkids.
  2. I’ll guess the little red-headed horse girl! 🤪
  3. Tdoc72

    S03.E12: Fools

    I wanted it to be a twist too. But they never showed us what happened after the shot and her just resuming her life. Did her husband patch her up after she didn’t die? Wasn’t he afraid she would remember?
  4. The emerald color did look amazing on her but I thought it was way to low cut for a professional work function. I’ll miss Floyd. If he’s truly not leaving the show, I wonder what they’ll do.
  5. And even when he wants to be invisible (like last night when he was hiding in his SpyShack3.0), he was still visible b/c everyone wondered where he was and Sandra’s spidey sense was tingling.
  6. If you enjoyed the style of Helter Skelter (both the crime and the courtroom stuff), I would recommend And The Sea Will Tell, also by Bugliosi. Before he passed, he was always my number 1 “if you could have dinner with someone famous” answer.
  7. He’s probably laughing all the way to the bank....or wherever he hid his money. Restitution of $12 million at $370 a month. Sure he’s been paying since he got out of jail in 2005 but he’ll never even get close to $12 mill. He’s paid roughly $64,000 (based on number of months out of jail). One article said he’s in his late 70s and in declining health. How many months could he even have left in his life? I agree w/those who said this should have been 2-4 episodes. I also really liked the Billy Joel song at the end credits. I’d never heard that one.
  8. Actually this made me laugh. He opened a legit (strip clubs are legal even if you don’t like them)business but the town didn’t want him there and started messing with him so he messed back by changing the name to conform to laws so he could reopen. I liked the brother the first time he appeared but now I find him sketchy.
  9. In the flashback photos, I thought she looked like her too. So far so good. They probably could’ve tightened up the editing a little (maybe 4 parts?) but I’m enjoying it.
  10. Finally watched after my mom recommended it. I wanted to wait til it was over so I could binge. Doug was a hoot on the show but probably exhausting as a coworker. I knew about the game but I didn’t realize it started so early in the late 80s. I thought it was only a late 90s-early 00s thing. On to part 2...
  11. Maria has 4 kids. The oldest two are girls.
  12. But probably for the benefit of not paying everyone extra hours for filming and not because the girls need proper sleep to function.
  13. It’s not the timing of the shot that bothers me; it’s the publishing of it. Photographers take tons of shots. This one should’ve been deleted as I’m sure they had another similar one to use.
  14. And even worse because it’s not even going to end with houses. They still haven’t built anything. So just a season of nothing.
  15. The Theresa Mayfield case. That’s one Dateline I always watch if it’s on. The killer was so cocky and got recorded confessing in jail. And the husband was asking everyone in town if they knew a hit man. What a dummy!
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