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  1. I kept saying, why is he wearing a kilt? Because the camera was cutting off above the bottom of the legs until several shots later.
  2. My mom loved that show when I was a kid, and it was so boring to me and I winced when she turned it on. Whenever the camera panned the audience it looked like half of them were bussed them in from the local retirement home. Considering this was the 1970s, there were people in that audience who were born in the nineteenth century.
  3. Oh James, great comeback and you took control of the board again like we have seen you do so many times. You seized the lead and just needed to get Final Jeopardy right to pull even with Ken and force a final showdown. Disappointed it wasn't to be, that match would have been glorious. What can you say, Ken played solid, was nails on Daily Doubles, and deserved to win the title. I will always think James is slightly better. He was one missed question away from winning last night, and after a slow start in the first match where he dug himself into a hole, he dominated in the second half. But it's the final score that matters and Ken won. Of course, we all know who the true greatest player in Jeopardy! history is:
  4. I was also shocked when they all drew a blank on Morticia Addams. Considering the degree of difficulty of the other questions they answer, I thought this one would be a no-brainer and they would be fighting to buzz in first. It's not like they live under a rock, these guys all know their pop culture.
  5. When they were doing Final Jeopardy on the foreign directors, I felt like I was watching the SNL Jeopardy skit. When it was time to show Ken's answer, I was expecting to see "Turd Ferguson" lol.
  6. I would have been mad at myself if I missed "Good day, sir," because I've seen Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory a thousand times and know that scene almost word for word.
  7. Where did they get that pic of Felicia Day, Snapchat? It looked so filtered I couldn't figure out who it was until Alex said her name.
  8. Ugh, why does this season have to be over so quickly? I'm ready for the next episode. I guess that's the sign of a good show, it leaves you wanting more. Watching Yennefer go nuclear was fun. I'm glad the season ended with Geralt and Ciri finally meeting. Disappointed there was no Jaskier the last couple of episodes though. I was glad to see Yennefer and Tissala have a moment. Their relationship has always been strained. I agree with comments about the pacing. It felt like they were rushing through the timelines to bring all the major characters together in the present, and you really don't know much about what happened along the way for Geralt and Yennefer all those years, only the highlights pertinent to the major plot points. Can't wait for season 2. Can Netflix please order ten episodes this time?
  9. It was great seeing the djinn story The show has done a thorough job of establishing that Yennefer likes sex. A lot. Ciri is like the Arya of this show. Jaskier is the Joxer of this show. They jumped Yennefer ahead several years so she could finally meet up with Geralt. I wonder if they are going to just as quickly jump Geralt's timeline ahead fourteen or whatever years so he meets Ciri. I also wonder how they will reintroduce Triss to the story.
  10. I remember the Law of Surprise and how it related to Geralt and Ciri from the games, so it was fun watching that story be told. The episode further delineated the different timelines and how they are connected. I like how it is steadily revealing the major characters, places, and time periods. The chase scene with Yennefer was intense. And that baby...ugh.
  11. The season finale was a real bummer for me. I love Ashford and hated to see him die, but he did go out in a cool way. No Drummer, which was a letdown. Will have to wait until next season to see her reaction to Ashford's demise. I also hate cliffhanger finishes, and the final shot being of Marco and his and Naomi's assbite son as they launch an attack on earth. Holden's story was wrapped up in the first two minutes, so the focus was mostly on Bobbi, Avasarala, and the hunt for Marco. Bobbi's story played out as a disconnected side plot the whole season, so I'm hoping they tie it in with the main story next season, which was hinted at by her message for Avasarala. I didn't care much for Avasarala's story this season. It didn't matter to me whether she was re-elected or not. Yes, she is an interesting character, and it's fun listening to her creative uses of the word "fuck," but at the end of the day she is just another political bureaucrat operating out of self-interest more than anything. Her successor, Gao, won't be any different, I'm afraid, despite Avasarala's words of advice. I really enjoyed the season overall, the ending just left me wanting.
  12. Best episode so far. We get introduced to Triss Marigold,, and the juxtaposition of Yennefer's transformation and Garelt's fight with the Striga was terrific. And I remember the Striga story from Witcher 1 (game), so it was a fun all the way around for me. It's also really interesting that the three main storylines - Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri - are all different timelines.
  13. One reviewer compared it to Hercules and Iolaus on the old 90s show, though Jaskier/Dandelion makes me think more of Joxer from Hercules/Xena.
  14. I would say that's his real voice, it's not that hard to go monotone and sound gravelly.
  15. I haven't read the books (yet) but played all the games and followed the games version of the story very closely. It did feel like The Witcher to me, and Cavill got his voice and tone right. A good start and looking forward to the rest.
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