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  1. Melyza is so unlikable I don't even care who is wrong or more wrong. I would hate to be with someone like her.
  2. I would argue that David of David/Annie falls into the same category as David of David/Lana, a guy who couldn't find a girlfriend to save his life back home and looked for a young girl abroad in a poor country I think he even ranks lower because at least David of David/Lana is financially self-sufficient and doesn't have much baggage. David of David/Anniie, besides being fat, bald, and a horrible parent to his kids, was unemployed and homeless when he met Annie, leaching off his friend who got him that gig in Thailand.
  3. I read that she hasn't posted a pic of her and Cheesedick on Instagram since 2017. I get the feeling they were on the outs for a long time and Cheesedick came up with the 90 Days idea and moving to Colombia as a last-ditch attempt to revive the relationship. She only went along with it to get her face on tv and also to publicly humiliate him. Make him apologize to everyone in her family, throw contempt at him whenever the cameras were on, and save that secret for the coup de gras. She told her brother and his friend that she had had relationships, plural, so clearly she had broken up with Cheesedick entirely and has been dating like she's single the past couple of years. Then TLC came along.
  4. What a phony hypocritical passive-aggressive little bitch she is. Sure, they were broken up (on her end) so she could have revenge sex on him. She insists he give up his job if he is going to live in Colombia, significantly impacting his livelihood, then refuses to marry him which makes it incredibly difficult for him to get employment there. And doing this while knowing she has played around on him, and keeping it a secret from him while at the same time lecturing him on honesty and trust. This whole thing is her way of destroying the guy before sending him back home to complete her retaliation against him. She never intended for this to work. Cheesedick needs to grow a pair and tell this two-faced asshole where to stick it. I hope her parents reserve some of their judgment for her if they see what she has been up to (not sure if TLC is available in Colombia or if they'd watch it).
  5. Yes, I was also on the fence about their whole relationship, but when I saw how Angela was on Maury Povich it was clear that she is a reality show troll and she fished for a young Nigerian man so she could get on 90 Days. The whole thing is to get on tv and make some money. I don't think Michael is really in it for a green card, he just sees it as an easy way to bank several thousand dollars and he never has to leave home. He knows Angela will never move to Nigeria and after their stint on the show is over he can just ghost her.
  6. 90 Days isn't even about bringing a potential spouse into the country anymore, it's just reality show theater. Not to mention all the ridiculous spinoffs. Michael never should have married Angela since he wants kids. That's on him. Who in their right mind thinks a 50+ year old woman can have kids, outside of the rare case? He should hook up with Tanya and Syngin should be with Angela. Problem solved. Was Jess' husband on something? It's like she married Jeff Spicoli. Nice racket with Larissa introducing her friends to Americans to marry. There is some kind of network there. Probably how Colt got set up with both Larissa and Jess.
  7. It's easy. He gets them because he is a D-List reality show personality and some women think that's cool, others think they can use him to get into the country, and others think they can get on TV too if they sink their claws into him. I'm sure that was his opening line to Jess. How he got Larissa I figure he was watching earlier seasons of 90 Days and started trolling for foreign women looking to come to the U.S., and pitched the idea of them applying to the show if she lived with him.
  8. Episode Summary A lot of screaming Someone walks off camera More screaming Someone walks off camera
  9. About time a viral video of Homelander murdering someone went viral. You would think there would be a ton of those by now. I'm still waiting for them to dredge the plane out of the ocean and find some phones with video footage of his attack.
  10. So basically she has made a career out of trolling reality shows to get her ass on tv and creating fake drama. I heard Larissa made $100K from that Camsoda gig, so she already covered the cost of her plastic surgery and more. I think we got the full picture of what a sleazebag Colt is last night, not that we didn't before, but he didn't bother trying to hide it this time. Andmy wife showed me he does an Only Fans page that is hilarious and bizarre. However much of a slacker Andrei is, Libby's family truly cemented themselves last night as the ugly trashy people they truly are.
  11. That goodbye at the airport was torturous. How many times did they cut back and forth between them as Angela inched her way up the ramp, twelve? I could almost here Michael saying, "Oh god, just a few more feet and she will be out of my line of sight...No, don't turn around and wave again, just keep moving!"
  12. I'm going to need years of therapy after watching those Homelander/Doppelganger scenes.
  13. Please kill Stormfront before this season is over, Kimi. I would suggest the old tear-head-from-body move. That's all.
  14. They needed to paint the bride white, shove a little pack of cigarettes in her top and one in her mouth, and pack a couple of pounds of modelling clay around her to fill her out.
  15. The funny thing is, as big of a jerk Andrei can be, I could hang out with him for a night no problem and have a good time. I have a friend who is similar to Andrei in some ways. But Libby's family? I would NEVER want to hang with those people.
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