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  1. When Usman was taking his vows with Lisa, it was like in slow motion as I was yelling at the screen, "Noooooooooooo!!" I hope Usman does stay in Nigeria and take other wives. America's not worth the nightmare of Lisa, pal. Darcey to Tom: "We have to keep our fifteen minutes going, what's the plan?" So Sergei the P.I. went to all the time and trouble to create fake websites with Lana on them after David fired him. For just...reasons. According to David. That was a nice gesture of Lana to tell David she is leaving the paid website for him. And since all those other websites she's on are all fake and made up by Sergei the P.I., David has nothing to worry about. Yep. Nothing awkward at all about Ed talking to his 29 year old daughter about the 23 year old he tried to marry. Nothing at all... Varya had her Cinderella moment with Geoffrey. Now I'm sure she's back in Russia while Mary Backup Plan works on her and Geoffrey's future together. The Williams has gotten so bored catfishing Yolanda he doesn't even put any energy into his scam anymore. It was touching seeing Stephanie's mom being fake upset at Stephanie coming out as a fake lesbian. Best moment of the episode: Stephanie's brother sitting there for the whole conversation, and looking like he's thinking, "Oh yeah, my sister's into chicks!"
  2. Dobian

    S03:E10: All In

    I think at this point Wendy and Marty would run screaming to witness protection, but of course they will soldier on. So who did Jonah shoot? It can't be Charlotte, I don't see them offing a, what is she, 17 on the show now? Maybe he shot one of Navarro's goons sent to guard them while mom and dad are in Mexico.
  3. Dobian

    S03.E09: Fire Pink

    I get that Ben is a polarizing character, people either like him or hate him (I don't think anyone really "loves" Ben, he makes you too crazy). But it was crushing watching him face his assassin alone outside that restaurant with Wendy nowhere to be found.
  4. Dobian

    S03.E08: BFF

    Oh Ben, Helen gave you a look that if this was Greek mythology you would have turned to stone right there. And yes, the actor does look like Keanu Reeves!
  5. I think his definition of "pro bowler" is that he won ten bucks in a pickup game once back in the 80s. This guy was not a pro bowler. I bowled in a league years ago. I don't bowl anymore but on the rare occasion I go to a bowling alley I can still swing the ball and release it like I did in the old days, I'm just out of practice and miss some spares. Bowling is like riding a bicycle, you never forget the basic mechanics of how to do it. David looked like he had never bowled in his life.
  6. I've reached the point where I think I hate Wendy more than any character I have seen on any tv show ever. The thing is, I like evil characters. Tony Soprano was a great evil characters. Cersei on Game of Thrones was a deliciously evil character. But Wendy is simply an out-of-control bitch. It's not that she does bad things but that she constantly wraps herself up in sanctimonious justification. Marty gets hauled down to Mexico where he is psychologically tortured for days because she decides to have a direct personal relationship with a freaking cartel drug lord, and she berates him for that in this episode, but leaves out how she is calling said drug lord unauthorized on his private line to chew him out and comes very close to getting her whole family dumped into the river. Yet it's Marty putting them in danger and not her. She criticizes him for wanting to try and turn a Fed when the reason the Feds are there in the first place is because of her misguided idea to sell Navarro on buying another casino. Wendy won't hesitate to throw anyone under the bus, including her own kids, if they get in they way of her narcissistic drive for wealth and power. She really is a sociopath. You saw it in the syrupy way she negotiated with those riverboat casino owners until she didn't get her way and the real Wendy came out. And the way she spoke to the judge at the custody hearing for Zeke, until she didn't get her way again and her true nature surfaced once more. She basically oozes her cloyingly sickening charm to get what she wants, and if that doesn't work she tries to figure out how to destroy the person who defied her. At least Marty, for all his flaws, really does simply want what's best for the kids and to get out of this situation, but his psychopath wife loves the spotlight too much and will ruin anyone who tries to take that from her. Her sense of entitlement knows no bounds. Wendy really is a loathsome piece of work.
  7. Wendy sure is making that leap from bad/flawed person to straight-up evil.
  8. Dobian

    S03.E01: Wartime

    Just got into this show few weeks ago. So the explosion at the end of season 2 was just a dream or something? The K.C. mob blew up what looked like Marty's office, yet there was Wendy sitting in the same office in this episode. Not one mention about the bombing, and Marty and the K.C. mob seem to be on civil terms with Cosgrove's son loitering in the casino. Huh? I think Wendy's antics at the old house were her way of telling the current owners that there are hidden dangers to your happy family and your "safe" home in the suburbs is just an illusion. The Byrdes used to be that family.
  9. I had to get criminal court records two years ago on someone I was involved in a lawsuit with. It took 30 days after submitting a signed form in person.
  10. Even if Geoffrey sends Varya packing, Mary is still a rebound. Otherwise he wouldn't have been friend zoning her all these years. She's just there to help his bruised ego, and over time he'll get bored and head back to Tinder. Or their sudden romance is just staged, and after the season ends he'll head back to Tinder.
  11. I think Usman should demand to meet every one of Lisa's 50,000 men back in the states that she passed over to be with him. Yolanda: Send me your real pic Williams: ... Yolanda: He's real! Ratings for the night: 1.8 million viewers Ratings for Tom's segment: 47 viewers "Do you, Geoffrey, take Backup Plan as your lawfully wedded wife?" Stephanie: Can you please drive three hours so we can be miserable together one last time? Ed: Sex with a guy like me is great! Why would a woman in her twenties want to do it for any other reason? Darcey's kids: So who's the next guy gonna be, mom?
  12. I hate post-credit scenes, and don't understand they they are a thing now. I had to go and watch the post-credit scene on Youtube after finding out there was one on here. Counting that, it took me four separate viewings to slog through this episode. Imagine reading a book where after the ending there is an epilogue buried behind the About the Author, references, and contact information. How many readers would miss the epilogue? Maybe it's okay for a fun Easter egg like at the end of a Marvel movie, but not for something with serious plot implications. Speaking of which, the end of William and his whole story arc this season was terrible. Even Ed Harris hated it. The first two seasons created this very complex character with many facets, and I enjoyed his journey. This season he was reduced to a one-dimensional villain, and at the end he is told by his doppelganger that in fact he wasn't multidimensional at all, just an evil violent man. No wonder they buried that scene after the credits. What an epic trashing of a character by hack writing. Final shot of Bernard, pre-creidts: He drops his head unconscious as his headgear activates. Final shot of Bernard post-credits. He raises his head with the look of epiphany Final verdict: The writers don't know what the Hell Bernard saw, but it must have been great! Dolores wants to destroy the world Dolores wants to save the world. Serac wants to save the world. Serac wants to destroy the world. Maeve wants to save the world and see her daughter, Maeve wants to destroy the world and see her daughter. Caleb is a construction worker. Caleb is the leader of the human race. Because he makes choices, you know? The show goes on and on ad-nauseum about free will and whether it exists or not, but unwittingly reveals the true threat to civilization, which is how the number of people you can count on one hand get to make that decision for the other eight billion. Well the season is done. That's about the best thing I can say about it.
  13. The writers needed an excuse to recreate the fuel truck scene from The Terminator.
  14. I kind of tailed off after episode 6 and decided to wrap this season up. I can't even get into the details of why this episode is so horrible and why this season is so off the rails. The whole thing needed a rewrite. I don't care about Aaron Paul's character. He's boring, his backstory is boring, there is nothing to root for with this guy. Even he's ambivalent about himself when he says, "I'm just a construction worker." The writers should have let him keep his old job. Then we get another Hal the Computer, a bunch of Call of Duty action segments, another showdown between Dolores and Maeve where I don't even know who to root for because it seems like nothing good will come from either of them winning, and William realizing his purpose in life is to kill robots, which I thought he realized in the first season because that's all he did. And all of this just seems to be happening in a vacuum, with the whole world just hanging in the balance while a handful of people decide humanity's fate and no one knows or cares. I don't feel invested at all in any of these characters or the plot. Just a mess.
  15. So Steph was outraged over Erika's ten-year relationship she never heard about. How old was Erika when this started, twelve? Is Steph jealous of those junior high school sleepovers?
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