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  1. Yeah I don't like him much. He's fine as a beer buddy but anyone married to that guy can expect a lifetime of schlubby boredom.
  2. I don't know anything about leaked screenshots. I go with what I see on the show and occasionally look up an article or two for clarification on something. I will say that the whole Mexico plan was a dumb idea born from desperation, and probably influenced by getting themselves on the new season of the show. They could have kept things long distance while waiting for travel bans to be lifted and then she could come to the U.S.
  3. Well the only argument that it was her idea to come to Mexico was from Andrew after the fact, that I have seen anyway. He also said he didn't believe she was really detained, but she posted her detention papers online to disprove him. So Andrew doesn't have much credibility as a source. He talks like someone well versed in spin doctoring. We do know that he was the one pushing for her to come to Mexico since she wasn't allowed to go directly to the U.S., that was very apparent before the whole detention fiasco, and her dad confirmed it after. Everything in the show footage indicates that this was all Andrew and that Amira was a very reluctant participant. So I don't buy that the trip was her idea, she seemed really pressured into it by Andrew. Plus he needed to be in Mexico City no matter whose idea it was.
  4. I don't get how it was her plan, the whole thing was Andrew's idea. He needed to be in Mexico City to meet her on arrival, then the two of them travel to the resort together. Getting detained can be a scary thing. You don't know what the authorities are going to do. You have few if any rights. People have been detained for months and years in countries, essentially prisoners, because of the regional bureaucracy. I get that a lot of people on these shows are in it for the money and publicity, but I don't think anyone is going to deliberately get themselves locked up, unless they are completely stupid.
  5. Yeah when the house cleaners or handyman are over and one of us is running to McDonald's, we always ask them if we can pick up something for them.
  6. I think it's time the SPCA paid a visit to that farm.
  7. I'll pass on the proprietors of the Bates Motel as others have already covered that pretty well here, and focus on Julia disrobing not only for Brandon but for the TLC camera crew. The camera guy would probably be a better option for her.
  8. It's because of the way our brains work, I did the same thing. You start thinking about Spanish themed movies like Man of La Mancha and El Cid and all of a sudden you are miles away from Elvis Presley. By the time you would have circled back to translating "Viva", time is up.
  9. Ken's opening remarks were both heartfelt and hit all the right notes. And he had the presence of mind to thank Alex at the end too. I would have given him a passing grade even if he did nothing else right on the show. But he was solid host too. It will never be the same without Alex, but Ken showed he is worthy to wear the mantle.
  10. The guy in the middle must have been kicking himself, especially after he learned that was Alex's final Jeopardy and he didn't get to compete in the final Final Jeopardy with Alex ever. Especially considering he was a strong contender to win the whole game, not just someone having a bad night. Why did he bet it all on the daily double? I was expecting a $5,000 bet to put him in the lead. And when he at least put himself back into positive territory with just a few questions to go, why risk a $2,000 question? Oh well.
  11. Nice to see a battle for Northern California last night. My wife and I both ironically have family and parents buried in Colma, and yes it really is the city of the dead. And car dealerships. And strip malls.
  12. I can't believe that I cannot even enjoy one of Alex's final shows right now because it was preempted by live coverage from the Senate! There is no escaping politics anymore. Nothing is sacred.
  13. The irony is, I would not want to live in any of those cities and I have been in all of them. Population density, traffic, and crime are bad, and at least in the case of NYC and LA you have ridiculous cost of living (though where I am it's even worse than LA but this is where I'm from). These foreigners have a very fanciful view of these cities and don't realize that a city like Kansas City, Austin, or Charleston is a far better place to live.
  14. It's like how you can always tell if someone isn't from San Francisco when they say "Frisco". No one from here ever calls it Frisco.
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