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  1. Maybe in his mind, he's not the sharpest tool in the shed. They don't have to move anywhere. Of course Tiffany would be dumb enough to move to S.A. instead of telling loser Ronald to eff off.
  2. The Expanse is far and away the best futuristic science fiction show when it comes to realism. Everyone knows Star Trek will never happen. But our future in space could very well turn out to be like The Expanse.
  3. Just finished the first two episodes and I'm hooked. I really liked Man in the High Castle and am a fan of alternate history shows. Some great "wow" moments in the first two episodes.
  4. Code phrase for "DAD'S BUSINESS that all of us losers do grunt work for because we can't be successful at anything on our own."
  5. Please no. "Why you not look at me when you talk, you look at waitress. How can you eat dead cow, you have dead cow on your plate. I am actress, I keep healthy, you should keep healthy too, not be fat from dead cows. We dance now."
  6. I think Julia is realizing that short of her doing Only Fans, she has a pretty dismal life ahead living with a pest exterminator in a crappy apartment. They might scrape by, but forget the trips to Europe and back home to Russia.
  7. I don't watch this anymore like I used to . Every single one of them is boring and annoying, and you can see how forced and manufactured the scenes are for TLC to try and mine two hours of television out of it. There isn't one segment that I look forward to watching, and the past month I have seen less than half of the total footage.
  8. One thing I realized, I don't need to ever watch June having sex again.
  9. Dobian


    Honestly, for $50K they should just try out for Wheel of Fortune. You don't have to worry about Vanna stabbing you to death if you solve a puzzle wrong. Dumb show, entertaining enough to see it through.
  10. I remember that episode! Of course in the unedited edition of the episode there is the bonus scene where Greg gets his letterman jacket back, pulls a dime of weed out of his pocket and says, "Good thing they only found my friend's cigarettes, what luck!" (ironically, Barry Williams for real would show up stoned on the Brady Bunch set a few times!)
  11. Ronald used the "My dog ate my homework" excuse in school a lot too.
  12. That was the worst acted family fight in the history of "reality" television.
  13. When they first splashed into that milk tank the first thing I thought was, I sure wouldn't want to drink that milk when these two have been in there for at least a full day with no place to go! They must have made some deliveries along the way, otherwise June and Janine consumed about a thousand gallons of milk on that trip. When I saw the panoramic shot of Chicago I thought, that's Chicago today!
  14. This is the lamest and most boring bunch of people they have ever had on this show. Lately I don't even watch the whole episodes, just skim through them. Then back to my streaming shows for some good television.
  15. Great escape plan. Instead of threatening to beat Lydia over the head with the cattle prod, how about you zap her in the face a few times so she can't cry for help? Well June's impromptu escape plan only got four out of the other five handmaids killed. Good work, June!
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