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  1. Probably, the whole scene was just for show. There is no way you can withdraw $3,000 U.S. from an ATM. If Jihoon's dad lived in a big American house, he would be spending most of his time in his den or the garage. But he's stuck in that tiny place and must have his warden in his face at all times. Ari was surprisingly low-key while watching Bini play butt bongo with his ex. Tim is never going to have a normal relationship with Melyza again, it's just going to be an endless apology tour. He needs to move on or they will continue this circle of dysfunction.
  2. Andrei and Libby's brother looked like they were dancing together in that final shot. Maybe that's why her brother hates Andrei so much - he's jealous. $48 for a big can of SPAM. Yeah. Since you aren't working and have no job prospects, Pole, maybe you might want to cut expenses and get rid of the two German shepards that require a lot of food. Dog food gets expensive. Eric is making Dolly Parton references, imitating Larissa, and his roommate is calling her about the phone. I'm sticking with my gay theory. Coltee should just marry his mom.
  3. They don't live in big cosmopolitan Mexico City but in a rural coastal town. It's like the difference between living in New York City versus some backwater in Arkansas.
  4. I would bet my paycheck that a TLC producer was hiding in the bedroom and remotely overriding what Jihoon's translator was saying!
  5. He had an office job looking up police reports and criminal records and things, I'm sure. He probably got fired and doesn't want to talk about it.
  6. "Thank God I live in the Uuuunited States of America!" (chugs Coke) Maybe the funniest Angela scene I have ever seen. The ending made me think of this: "Face it, Flounder, you didn't throw up in front of Dean Wormer, you threw up ON Dean Wormer."
  7. People who visit here or who mention it when you go elsewhere often call it "Frisco" (cringe).
  8. Just an aside, the grotesque looking ads for the new Darcey and Stacey show they played during the episode must have made Darcey's kids cringe with embarrassment if they were watching.
  9. I'd have no problem living in Mexico's climate. We live in California and it gets hot here, and our house has no air conditioning. We open the windows.
  10. "We're in Mexico and all they have is Mexican food? Where's the local Chinese takeout!" I've lived in California my whole life and if I had to eat only Mexican food I would have no problem. Beef, chicken, rice, vegetables. They have good beer, they make chocolate, it's all good. I enjoyed Brittany's recreation of that scene from Scanners, you know the one. Jihoon's mom reminded me of Smokey and the Bandit when Buford T. Justice tells his son, "I can't believe you came from these loins." The cameras missed the part after Sumit and Jenny left his "lawyer's" office, when he took his suit off and got his sheers and razor out for his next customer.
  11. That whole scene was so staged, they were sitting there in a row like they were waiting for their cue from the director.
  12. Assholio is afraid his father-in-law is going to kick his ass.
  13. I cracked up at Elizabeth's repeated comments that her family are some sort of upper crust Americans, and they should be able to have a hamburger or fried chicken at the wedding. Hamburgers and fried chicken at a wedding? That's not upper crust, that's trailer trash. What was up with her comments in the park about her family having these high standards and Moldova was just too old and run-down for them (translation: low class)? Sure, Moldova doesn't have Beverly Hills. Moldova also doesn't have Detroit. I was actually on Andre's side this whole episode.
  14. Worst Apartment Contest Update Sumit's: Inside looks clean, just sparsely furnished. Outside you can be murdered over ten bucks. And blood stains on the sidewalk. Well, tobacco juice according to Sumit, and we can believe him, right? But it has a security gate. There is that. Jihoon's: Inside is about the size of a walk-in closet. You can use the toilet and take a shower at the same time, so that is convenient. It does look clean and fairly modern though, and furnished. Outside looks like one of those abandoned cities after a nuclear reactor meltdown. Bini's: Inside looks like it was furnished from a Goodwill store in the 80's. I think I saw the bed in an Indian porn movie. The bathroom needs yellow "Do Not Cross" tape across the doorway. Excellent use of green technology with the open water tank sanitized by leaves. Hard to judge the outside because it was nighttime and dark, but it gave me the ominous feeling that there might be guerilla fighters lurking in the weeds someplace. Michael's: Actually a nice little apartment, except for the three foot-long master bed, and the BIG DEAD RAT in the kitchen. Paul's Apartments: Leave it to Pole to actually find places to live in this country that makes Kreeny's digs in the Amazon look like a luxury condo by comparison. Technically disqualified as he has not officially rented one of them yet, but an honorable mention. Bini's Number 2: The reigning champion outdoes himself with this classic fixer-upper. Highlights include the dead animal smell from the toilet, which I theorize might be Michael's dead rat, and the open wiring plan in the baby's room. I am "shocked" he was able to get this place so cheap. The winner: Bini's Number 2. He just keeps raising the bar (or lowering it?).
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