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  1. Yeah now they do porn on Only Fans. They're moving up in the world.
  2. If Alina doesn't have the sense to dump Steven in Turkey, it is best that they live in Russia. Once there, her mom can work on getting her to break it off with him. If she goes with him to America, his family will have control over her, and as soon as she has that first baby she will be stuck. They'll never let Alina take their new little Mormon back to Russia.
  3. I was thinking about who Steve reminded me of, and the Sleestaks from Land of the Lost popped into my head. So I give you... Stevestak!
  4. To be fair, Areola and her RN mother never presented a compelling medical case for why it was okay for her to deliver a baby in Ethiopia but having a simple hernia surgery there was unacceptable.
  5. True, but if you want more kids you might want to consider a partner who is age appropriate. 99% of 58 year olds don't want to spend their coming retirement years raising a little kid. I certainly don't. I think that is something both needed to figure out before they planned a life together.
  6. I'm the same way. I feel like have to give a separate review for this story for the present and the past segments. Past segment is entertaining with its 50s sci-fi vibe, present is boring as hell.
  7. I would definitely rather spend a night with Spicoli than with Steven! People on 'ludes should not drive.
  8. TLC tipped it off when they asked Sumit's mom in a sidebar what put the idea in her head about moving in with her son and Jenny. It was to deflect the immediate response that viewers would have, that this is all a setup. The truth is, the producer put that idea into her head (or possibly it was even Sumit, who then feigned shock and disappointment for the camera), and she jumped at it because she saw the dollar signs.
  9. What happened according to Corey: "I told her it was over! (dramatic hand gesture to Evil-yn) My word was final, and she had to accept that and move on! What really happened: "Corey, I am happy you have resolved your issues with Evil-yn. Now if you will excuse me, I am late for my date." In Steven's case I would divide by 11.
  10. It said 1963 in the overlay, unless I misread it.
  11. My two takeaways from the episode are that JFK has to be an alien since he does not look or sound like Jack Kennedy, and that Marilyn Monroe has to be an alien since she is in bed with JFK in 1963 when she died in 1962.
  12. So Cheryl is all pissed off at the gang because she learned that their ancestors burned her great-great-great whatever (who she had never heard of) at the stake in the 1890s (for which revenge was exacted tenfold already) and demands a public apology or she will throw a hissy fit and plot their ruin, but her extended relatives murdered Betty's sister and threw her in a car trunk in the present day and that's perfectly fine. Ummmm... okay. Let's make daddy leave Riverdale or we will give the footage of him murdering someone to the FBI. We sure have him over a barrel! Of course, if we ha
  13. Areola and her mom work together to gaslight Bini as well, both of them reiterating this theme that he can't keep distrusting Areola because of what his previous girlfriend did to him. Sorry, his distrust in Areola is earned. She's the one who stayed with her ex in America without telling Bini. She's the one who had her ex come visit despite Bini's protests. She's the one who said that she was keeping the ex as a backup plan in case her and Bini didn't work out. She's the one who hugged her ex for dear life as he was leaving. She's the one who bought a plane ticket to America without tel
  14. Timeline of Steven's confessions to Alina: April 10 Steven admits to kissing other girls after he and Alina started planning a future together April 14 Steven admits to having sexual relations with other girls April 17 Steven admits to having relations with a girl and her brother April 21 Steven admits to having relations with a girl, her brother, and their great dane April 24 Steven admits that he is, in fact, Kody Brown (pulls off disguise)
  15. And another ordinary day in Gleedale... With this episode, can we finally move Riverdale out of of the Drama category and into Genre where it has always belonged? :)
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