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  1. Dobian

    S01.E13: Breaking Point

    Yes, Drusilla was Spike's vampire sidekick and she was a pretty fun character. And as a trivial note, her actress is the daughter of Martin Landau and Barbara Bain.
  2. Dobian

    S01.E13: Breaking Point

    Jihoon and Deavan is actually the one couple that is a true reversal of 90 Day Fiance. He is the lame broke loser from a good country who is trying to get a foreigner to come live with him, except in this case he is a lame broke loser from South Korea and not the U.S. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike Jihoon, he's a nice guy. But he is just like the Americans on the parent show.
  3. Dobian

    S01.E13: Breaking Point

    Did you notice when Evelin said to him about her ex, that he was there before you and will be there after you? Corey didn't even seem to pick up on that. She just flat-out told him that Corey is going to be gone one day and she will be back with her ex!
  4. Dobian

    S05.E03: Five, Six, Seven, Ate!

    The "I Love the Nightlife" montage was very charming, and is a scene that can only work between characters who have been together for a long time and have built a relationship on screen. Otherwise, it feels forced. Liv and Ravi have that chemistry, so it was very believable and earned.
  5. Dobian

    S01.E13: Breaking Point

    Of all the people I have seen on these shows, Evelin is the worst. She is just evil. She not only takes this guy's money, she ridicules him, screws around on him, makes him the laughing stock of the town, lets him walk around the town knowing they are laughing at him, then not only does she have no remorse, she gets angry at him for calling her on it. This is a heartless bitch with no accountability for her behavior. I don't feel completely sorry for Corey the Cuckold, since he brought this on himself. I would never get myself into a mess like that to begin with, but if I did, I would have burned Evelin's bar to the ground with a big F U.
  6. Dobian

    S03.E04: Little Lies

    Isn't that what hookers do, use public restrooms to fix themselves up for their next appointment? Oh...and Darcy too. British guy looked bald in his Skype video. In his pictures had has straight hair. Now he has a curly mop that seems to sit on top of straight hair. Hair weave? Avery, please go to Syria and get blown up. I loved Michael's dead eye expression at Angela's latest rant. Caesar, words fail me. If you think Zied is jealous now, wait until he finds out Rebecca is still married. New guy who has to buy his Kenyan bride. Where have we seen this plotline before?
  7. Angela's idea of Africa is the Jungle Cruise ride at Disneyland.
  8. Dobian

    S03.E11: Liars

    I would just aim my nukes several miles north of the Canadian population centers then. 😄
  9. Dobian

    S03.E11: Liars

    Usually you capture war criminals, you know, after the war is over and you've won. Capturing a war criminal and leader of a nuclear superpower that's sitting right next door to you? Nice knowing you, Canada.
  10. Dobian

    S07.E13: Here's Where We Get Off

    Well Mad Men ended its run in 2015, so that show was still running when OITNB began its run. The timeline was consistent.
  11. Dobian

    S07.E13: Here's Where We Get Off

    I was glad they brought all the others back for cameos at the end. So that was the reason to send Alex off to Ohio. That was Pornstache with Daya's baby in the final montage? I really liked the final season. This show floundered through seasons 4 and 5, then started to right the ship last season with the exception of Badison. They hit all the right notes this season, all of the major cast members had meaningful story arcs. I liked most everything this did, including reincorporating Jason Biggs back into the story. They even brought Judy King back in in a positive way. Loved the Mountain Dew scene. And I enjoyed the cast goodbyes during the end credits. I'll miss the women of Litchfield.
  12. Dobian

    S07.E12: The Big House

    I cried when Doggett died.
  13. Dobian

    S03.E13: AKA Everything

    I was glad to see Luke one last time in the final episode. Why couldn't Netflix at least do a final Defenders season to close out their Marvel franchise? But whatever, I liked the final season of J.J. better than season 2, though nothing can live up to the great season 1. I always liked the style of this show the best of the Netflix Marvel shows, the boozy detective noir with the slow jazz music and Jessica taking a slug of bourbon before going out to fight crime. I'll miss it.
  14. Dobian

    S03.E12: AKA Lotta Worms

    I guess the moral of season is, if Trish would just drink heavily like Jessica she wouldn't be in this mess.
  15. Dobian

    S07.E11: God Bless America

    A very moving episode.