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  1. That, and that his friends are all in on it. They want to expose the whole Stonewall conspiracy.
  2. Alice, Hiram/Hermione, and Penelope are among the worst parents in tv history. I kind of wish they would just drop all attempts at writing serious relationship drama with their kids because it's too comical. Totally bad soap opera. I can see the surprising twist in the Jughead murder plot coming from ten miles away.
  3. Hiram is the worst villain. He has no friends, no allies really, everyone in town hates him, and he keeps screwing over his family so they hate him too. How can he function? If he was on The Sopranos,, he would have been dead in the first season and they'd never figure out the killer from the 278 suspects. Hermione has become the worst waste of space on the show, just a useless puppet wife to Hiram. The new daughter is just tacked-on and dumb, a made-up character shoehorned in just to create instant drama. And Hermione just accepts her existence without a word. Really lazy writing. So the current major plots, ranked from worst to first: Archie's Youth Center Snore. The whole Dodger business was ridiculous. An over-the-hill gangbanger with like five guys in his whole crew is able to terrorize the whole Riverdale business community while bringing the street kids into the fold with free pizza. Talk about a high-end criminal empire. F.P. could have broken the whole thing up by himself if he wanted. Now Dodger's out of the way, so they bring in the Ma Barker trailer park gang to take his place.. And they get run off by Claire from The Breakfast Club. Cheryl's Insane Asylum This plot has been completely absurd, yet I still guiltily enjoy it because the writers have been green-lighted to go totally wild and make everything batshit crazy. I think I laugh the most every scene where Toni is sitting there with a look on her face that says, "how soon can I get out of this nuthouse and away from my psycho gf?" Criminal Minds What's Betty's half-brother up to with Chic? It will be fun watching Betty sleuth this one out. Dead Poet's Society Another mystery at the preppy boarding school, which looks to result in Jughead's demise or fake demise later in the season, plus the inevitable appearance from grandpa, who will stake his claim as the creator of The Hardy Boys or whatever the hell it is. I like how Betty is putting her serial killer mastermind brain to use in solving this one. I also like the new school setting, a great place for Clue-like shenanigans. Yeah I'm still watching this dumb show, it's hard to resist.
  4. In the next episode, the further foreshadowing of Jughead’s demise will have Betty and the gang watching his body be loaded into the cremation oven and incinerated.
  5. So basically Edgar's plan all along was to be Evel Knievel and jump the Snake River Canyon. I never understood Edgar before. Now I do. He was a true visionary.
  6. I agree with all of this, though Prue doesn't bother me quite as much. Noel seems like a genuinely nice guy, but he really can be irritating. A great example was when Henry was trying to walk his fragile showstopper to the front and Noel started joking about his tie. Both Henry and Sandi told him to shut it. Sandi, on the other hand, is very supportive of the bakers. The overall quality of the bakers is definitely beneath some of the previous seasons. There have been seasons where you had three or four bakers at Steph's level.
  7. That was a disappointingly anticlimactic finale. As soon as they gave us the first shot of David's basket, I knew it was over. I didn't buy Paul's underdog assessment of him, though. Yeah he never won star baker, but the fact that he won one technical and finished second six times showed that he was remarkably consistent. He was also incredibly organized, was a time management pro, and never lost his composure, which gave him a big advantage in the final. The only thing holding him back were his flavors. He would have probably won the signature bake if he had just cut the alcohol in half. I did enjoy the epilogue videos, they were a fun group.
  8. This was the first episode where I called BS. Helena's kraken signature was creative and original, and she won the technical.. They didn't like the look of her showstopper, but said it tasted pretty good. How does that get you eliminated? They clearly have bakers they favor and want to stay in it...Priya, cough, who had a poor signature, middling technical, and middling showstopper. Nothing against Priya, I like her, but Helena didn't deserve to go home. I liked Helena and her goofy goth thing, and hoped she would be around a few more shows. Oh well.
  9. Wow that was the worst technical ever. You could have stuck Pillsubury dough in the cupcake molds and filled it with Jello pudding and beaten out everyone except Stef. I’ll never try and make those things lol. I wasn’t surprised Phil was eliminated at all. He had the most mediocre showstopper, and showstopper has more weight than technical. He wasn’t anything special in the other two rounds either. Who else would they have let go, Priya? She is clearly a superior baker to Phil and did well in the showstopper.
  10. It would have helped to watch Coven before Apocalypse. You can watch that one next as a prequel. I liked Hotel and Carnival. Roanoke was the closest they came to a straight-up scarefest, and has some great moments.
  11. Sam killed Dean a different way in his dream this week. And the Dean killed Sam. I guess Chuck is doing rewrites. He’s not very original. If he wanted to end it right, he’d have Sam/Dean run over Dean/Sam with the beloved Impala.
  12. I liked the finale, it was very satisfying. I really enjoyed the season overall. The actors all got into their roles, and there wasn't a single one that was annoying to me. Billie Lourd and Emma Roberts were fine. Great job tying up the plot in the present day. Only nitpick on the finale is that they could have at least "tried" to make Emma Roberts look like she was in her 50s. Were they running out of money on the makeup budget or something? The season was very campy, even by AHS standards. It really worked as a comedy-suspense story, and there was so much blood and carnage that it was more schlocky and humorous than horrifying. I'm still waiting for the AHS season that is truly terrifying. They have had moments of pure terror scattered about in the different seasons, but it would be great to have a dark season where it's just scary all the way through.
  13. There’s no asterisk, he beat her the previous night by a wide margin and was right there with her tonight. I still give her credit. Beating him earlier in the year was no fluke, she pushed him both days in this final.
  14. The hallway fight scene was a total ripoff of Daredevil, but it was still fun and choreographed well. Chuck is just an annoying twerp of a villain. I hate that they made him the final Big Bad of this series. You can see the plot twist coming from a mile away where his sister is going to swoop in and save the day for Sam and Dean at some point. The monster of the week plot was good and surprisingly touching.
  15. Ugh Ketch, what a way to go! Ugh NotJack, what a way to go! Ugh Rowena, what a way to go! I could see Rowena's death coming a mile away. They've been reminding us how many seasons now that Sam would kill her? Overall, it was a big improvement over the first two episodes, and I'm glad they resolved that plot thread. Guess it's back to the monster of the week format for now.
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