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  1. About time a viral video of Homelander murdering someone went viral. You would think there would be a ton of those by now. I'm still waiting for them to dredge the plane out of the ocean and find some phones with video footage of his attack.
  2. So basically she has made a career out of trolling reality shows to get her ass on tv and creating fake drama. I heard Larissa made $100K from that Camsoda gig, so she already covered the cost of her plastic surgery and more. I think we got the full picture of what a sleazebag Colt is last night, not that we didn't before, but he didn't bother trying to hide it this time. Andmy wife showed me he does an Only Fans page that is hilarious and bizarre. However much of a slacker Andrei is, Libby's family truly cemented themselves last night as the ugly trashy people they truly are.
  3. That goodbye at the airport was torturous. How many times did they cut back and forth between them as Angela inched her way up the ramp, twelve? I could almost here Michael saying, "Oh god, just a few more feet and she will be out of my line of sight...No, don't turn around and wave again, just keep moving!"
  4. I'm going to need years of therapy after watching those Homelander/Doppelganger scenes.
  5. Please kill Stormfront before this season is over, Kimi. I would suggest the old tear-head-from-body move. That's all.
  6. They needed to paint the bride white, shove a little pack of cigarettes in her top and one in her mouth, and pack a couple of pounds of modelling clay around her to fill her out.
  7. The funny thing is, as big of a jerk Andrei can be, I could hang out with him for a night no problem and have a good time. I have a friend who is similar to Andrei in some ways. But Libby's family? I would NEVER want to hang with those people.
  8. Yeah I'm sick of Libby's family and drunk loser brother yapping about how her poor dad paid for the whole wedding when you know it didn't cost Mr. Slumlord a dime, and TLC paid for the plane flights, hotel, and wedding reception.
  9. I don't think her being white had anything to do with it. People in other countries like India are more welcoming and open with their homes than people in this country. In most neighborhoods in the big cities and American suburbs the home is your fortress and there is a symbolic "Stay off my lawn!" sign in front. Neighborhoods have neighbors in name only, people keep to themselves mostly. It's completely different in other countries, where they have actual communities.
  10. What a tease of a mid-season finale. Kenny never meets Armando's parents in the episode. Jenny and Sumit don't meet with his parents. Just stringing us along until October. I have no sympathy for Melyza, I think she is a stone cold bitch. She's only in the relationship to punish Cheesedick with her perpetual judgmental scowl before dumping him. She is only mad that he kept his old job because it foiled her plans to ruin him. Now we might learn in October that she is a big hypocrite on top of it all. Areola needs to learn some basic math. $1400 > $500 So Jenny met Sumit way back in 2013 when he was only 23 and she was 53. And in 2014 lived with his parents for four months while sneaking him into her room. This is more messed up than I thought lol.
  11. Funny how she is mooching for money to pay for all this but not a dime for her kids. You know, the ones back in Brazil that she doesn't even mention anymore. Does she plan on ever seeing them again? I guess not.
  12. It's a strip club, of course he's going to look. Angela's control issues are ridiculous. Most women wouldn't care as long as that's all their man did. some would even make a game of it, foreplay for later. It's not like he went up to the girl and started talking to her and slipping her bills.
  13. Just a general comment having finished the first season. Really enjoyable show, and the chemistry between Amell and Allo is off the charts. I am already missing this show and not looking forward to the long wait to season 2. I do look forward to them delving into the whole conspiracy more, and the various moral issues that go along with the process of uploading and how it is owned and controlled.
  14. Nothing toxic about masculinity. Just like there is nothing toxic about femininity. I don't call femininity toxic because there are radical feminists out there.
  15. I work in IT, have for years. The whole job search scene was just a stupid TLC setup. NO ONE goes to a temp agency to apply for an IT job. Cheesedick would have a Linked In account, and post his resume on the big job hunting sites like Monster and ZipRecruiter. He would find out what major companies have tech centers in Central and South America. He would have continued to work in his old job while looking for opportunities with multinational companies in Colombia where he would interview at their offices in English. The whole thing they portrayed was baloney.
  16. Yet she keeps him around so he can grovel while she looks down her nose at him with that perpetual disappointed frown on her face. On some level she enjoys being in a position to judge people. If he didn't cheat she would be judging him for something else. Most women would have just ended it if they felt that way, not kept the guy around.
  17. The birthday party was another example of why Deavan should just wear her hair up all the time. She looks pretty compared to the Goth mop where she looks like one of the Duggers who rebelled and moved to Vegas to become a stripper.
  18. The next time they look down their trailer trash noses at another country, I would book them a trip to Detroit. There are third world countries I would live in over Detroit.
  19. Outside the fantasy world of TLC, Coltee would get his pick of 50 year old meth heads on Tinder. Who look like Debbie.
  20. I've seen this before, he's bullied into submission. He's afraid to break it off. He wants Angela to end it and when she threatens to end it, he makes the halfhearted "please don't go" plea, and then she doesn't end it because of the TLC money and the cycle of dysfunction continues.
  21. None of it makes sense. I don't totally sympathize with Kalani because at 30 years old she should have known better than to get knocked up by a 23 year old with no career prospects. Even without the in-law factor, she is not in a single income kind of marriage, she needs to work. But you're right, Asuelo's mom could easily take care of the kids in return for Kalani working and giving mom some money. But that makes for boring television. TLC doesn't like that.
  22. Actually this is the perfect logo for the new 90 Days spinoff TLC announced today, 90 Days Fight Night!! In the premier, they have five fights on the card: Undercard 1: Andrei vs. Libby's brother Odds: Andrei -500 Undercard 2 Tania vs Syngin Odds: Tania -200 Undercard 3: Debbie vs Jess Odds: Jess -300 Undercard 4 Kalani vs Asuelo Odds: Kalani -150 THE MAIN EVENT Angela vs Michael Odds: Angela -1000 (Boxing odds reference: -200 means you win $1 for every $2 bet)
  23. Predictions: Wednesday Addams and Jibum: Wednesday returns to the states and has baby number three with dad number three. Grandma despairs over all these bad dads. Areola and Binky: Areola becomes an orthodox Christian. Binky moves his ex-girlfriend into the bedroom and Areola and baby sleep on the couch. Gammy and Sumtwit: Gammy and Sumtwit open their own hugely successful paint store franchise after Gammy recognizes that India has an enormous potential market for decent paint. Britney Spears and I am Yazz: Things go smoothly between Britney and I am Yazz's family all the way to the wedding day, when she mentions that one small detail about still being married.
  24. I think she is suffering from postPoleUm depression.
  25. I knew I recognized Syngin's friend from someplace.
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