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  1. Yep. I volunteer at one and I cannot tell you what a difference half that amount would make.
  2. Even if he's found not guilty, there are civil suits so he will still be broke.
  3. I am not sure how much of the news dropped during filming? Being sympathetic about the divorce is kind of expected, but when the rest if the news hits if these bitches support her after crucifying Denise for allegedly having sex with another consenting adult, then they are the scum I suspect they all are, excluding Crystal and Kathy as they weren't involved and Garcelle as she refused to join in. Actually, I already know Dorit, Rinna and Kyle are scum but hopefully, whatever remaining fans they have will catch on.
  4. On my planet $7,500 a month is still alot if money but, considering rents in CA... at any rate going to be hard to store all her tacky clothes in 2200 sq feet https://nypost.com/2021/06/16/rhobh-star-erika-jayne-downgrades-to-la-rental-after-divorce/
  5. I detest dog dumper Dorit, but was so on her side in the Kyle fight. Being "friends" with Kyle would be exhausting. No wonder morally bankrupt Faye Resnisck is her BFF. I liked Crystal again last night overall, so leaving her in the "undecided" lane for now. Putting Sutton back there too, because she seems at least self aware enough to realize she overreacted In Tahoe and is trying to do better. The 4 veteran witches on this show couldn't come up with an ounce of self awareness between them, much less admit they behaved badly, if their lives depended on it. Overall, last night was boring, th
  6. I am growing to love Garcelle. I mean, let's be honest, did anyone think it was some passionate love match? I did think her description of how she saw the marriage was spot on though. I thought Erika genuinely cared for Tom because he gave her what she wanted. There are different kinds of love. That's why ai was surprised she filed for divorce. Then, when the accusations came, I thought it was a con, a play to keep her assets protected because it is Erika and caring about him would only last as long as he was financing her.
  7. Don't recall, but I certainly hope so๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜€ I keep thinking about how Erika admitted to being depressed during quarantine. Of course a lot of us were, but I am sure in her case it had a lot to do with her Broadway show being shut down. I bet, at the time, she thought that had about the worst thing that could happen. Guess not.
  8. I like Garcelle, I think she is a great addition, but cannot stand Eboni.
  9. As pretentious as she can be, I mostly liked Heather and she definitely brings the house and wardrobe porn that has been missing. I am thrilled Brown wind and Kelly are gone and it took me a minute to picture Elizabeth. She brought nothing. Emily is Boring, but tolerable. I am actually hoping things are looking up. If they don't ruin it with Tammy Sue. A couple of new housewives they are saying are being added.
  10. Thanks, I was beginning to think my memory was going๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜€ Affair with a judge. Hmm. Wonder if we will hear any of this on the show?
  11. I thought that was actually funny and for a second wondered if the pageant thing might be cute and fun. Stupid me.
  12. This is great news. Cannot stand any of them and I always liked fancy pants. Looks like they took out the trash. Hopefully next season New York will follow suit. If they even get a next season after this train wreck.
  13. Weren't their reports that he had a girlfriend? That was before the legal issues came out and overshadowed the divorce, but I am sure I read that thinking how ironic it was that the old husband was cheating on the trophy wife. The trophy wife with the gigantic ego, no less
  14. I was wondering about that, did they shut down? Because Orange County didn't when Shannon and Emily got it. I hope so, because ai want to go far enough into the season to see the revelations about the stealing. If these bitches give Erika a pass after the crap they gave for Denise for (allegedly) having sex with another consenting adult, they all deserve to be fired well, actually, other than Garcrlle and maybe Kathy, that would be a good plan anyway.
  15. Didn't she file for Divorce about a month before the charges? I suppose that could be interpreted a few ways. She could have found out and been horrified-which I find hard to ascribe to her-or she got wind of the coming storm and hoped filing would make her look innocent. I tend to agree with your basic premise though. He may never have said, "by the way, I am stealing from widows and orphans", but it's very likely she willfully chose to ignore obvious evidence that something was off. Erika Jayne's version of "don't ask, don't tell".
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