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  1. I wonder if Harry realizes how many people would be very happy if he confirmed this. Not because it would humiliate Lisa *although that is a plus), but because he is so much better liked and we would be glad to know he isn't really living his entire love life with that shrew. Maybe we could start a "Free Harry" movement.
  2. I agree with almost all of this, except I do think Dorit is a racist. If I were forced to say something nice about Kyle it's that I do not think she is a racist. She is a horrible friend, period, but I don't think race plays a part in it. Not entirely sure if Rinna is a racist either, but I totally believe she made the comment. But because Lisa is determined to bring down anyone and seems to have a particular focus on actresses more succesful than she. But your point is well taken. I actually quit watching NY-my former favorite-this season. I have had zero issues with how race has been handled
  3. Don't worry, Erika thinks ONLY of herself. Why should she have more empathy than anyone else? First of all, it's not about more than anyone, it's about having even an ounce empathy, which she does not. Self absorbed Dorit shows more empathy. And whether or not Erika fully knew or understood what Tom did, she benefitted from the stolen money. Again, a normal human being with an ounce of decency, would be horrified to know that money meant for true victims went to pay for a vanity project, tacky clothes a glam squad and some stupid stage "show".
  4. I am still pretty neutral on Crystal, but I agree it was mature exchange from both parties.
  5. Garcelle isn't forgetting or forgiving. She just has more class than the entire Coven combined, and didn't want to make a bitchy comment when Rinna was pretending to make nice.
  6. Most people don't hate Harry with the same burning passion they hate Lisa. In fact many of us retain some wierd soft spot for him and, heaven knows, you have to feel a little sorry for him married to that shrew. I believe Harry even bothered to comment on a show he likely never watches as much as I believe Erika feels bad for the widows and orphans her lawyers reminded her to comment on. That would be not at all.
  7. But they have POC working I their home and her mom's best friend is black so surely she can't be a racist. I am sure the fact that in all the long years useless Dorit has been on this show she has never yelled at another cast member the way she did at Garcelle has nothing to do with race. I am usually cautious about calling people racist without some solid evidence, since it is, in my mind, one of the worst things you can all someone. So, to be clear, Dog dumper (also one of the worst things a person can be) Dorit is also, IMO, a racist. She should have been fired two seasons ago. I don't car
  8. Cast and crew at least get this season. Hopefully we are finished with Covid shutdowns so everyone should have a better shot at finding other work. Based on everything I have read about him, Harmon is a decent guy. He did it for the people he has worked with for so long.
  9. There was an actual case of it. I assume this was the inspiration for that plot twist. https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2016/04/28/cerak-vanryn-mistaken-identity-taylor-university/83639026/
  10. Except that the press never reported the long time affairs of FDR and Eisenhower, 2 of Kennedys 3 immediate predecessors, At that time the press did not seem to believe it was relevant. It really isn't, as long as it doesn't interfere with the job and does not push the POTUS to commit any illegal acts. I think the first time a POTUS was openly questioned about an affair was Bush 41. He denied once and then steadfastly refused to discuss it at all. Most people have forgotten it was ever discussed.
  11. Looks like Meghan has remarried and the POTUS is her uncle in-law.
  12. Yes, that really does capture what we are seeing with Erika. She isn't directing her anger at Tom, she is essentially giving him excuses. If not for the victims wanting their money, she could keep living her utterly ridiculous life style. And it really was ridiculous. A forty something woman basically paying to be able to dance around and pretend to sing, half naked.
  13. Oh, I didn't see that. If so, that's a really big miss for the show since Marilyn died in '62.
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