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  1. I'm disappointed that Eric even wanted that thing back in the first place. Maybe he's just using her as a target for Sheila.
  2. To be fair, that's the reaction most people would have to someone with a gun and she did turn around and try to get it away from her before you know... Today's episode was pure soap, including Finn avoiding saying "she's my mother" for nearly 19 minutes of show. Loved the old school Sheila clips. The show truly was great back then. Almost a shame that we have what we have now. I'm sure this Sheila thing will fizzle but we'll see.
  3. To be fair, it did seem like she had already made the decision, without any conversation beforehand with him, and only told him of her plans as a matter of fact.
  4. It’s amusing that people will make public opinions about controversial topics and be simply aghast that people dare to disagree. Lol Yea, brain surgeons, if you didn’t want to be dragged, try keeping a journal.
  5. She should’ve just sat there and ate her chick-fil-a.
  6. I have never liked the Ryn/Ben couple either. He comes off a little obsessed when he is with her, especially after he heard the song. Just a very unhealthy dynamic. I've gotten invested in the town and all of the side characters too so it was great to see Chris acting like himself and I was also happy for Janine and Calvin. Great to see everyone nice and happy if even for a moment. Speaking of which, poor Xander! Tia is so brutal.
  7. This show is so bizarre in how it deals with sexual politics and sexuality being used to vilify women while men remain unscathed. It’s particularly jarring in 2020.
  8. The writing is so bad on this show, I swear. I’m not sure why they even felt the need to drag Quinn into this feud but it’s not even logical. And the character of Brooke was far from a slut shamer. If this were Days, I would say that she was possessed by the demonic spirit of Stephanie as a final act of revenge. That would actually make more sense than her and Quinn suddenly hating one another, when they have been in each other’s orbits for years without issue other than the brief Quinn/Ridge thing. And even then her anger was more at Ridge than Quinn. And this show loves to fuck up a st
  9. Man, Catherine was shady but what a fucked up way to die. And poor Mary having to witness it all and know that she died to save her. I love Alice but I agree that she truly went over the edge here. I’m hoping that Jacob and Kate bring her down hard. Oh and Tyler and Sophie? Shut up.
  10. I feel the same way. Never met him but I feel a tremendous amount of sadness at his death. He meant so much to so many and it sounds like he was a truly wonderful human being. My prayers out to his family and friends.
  11. Rick and Maya wanting to adopt and then getting Beth would have been more believable. But they keep wanting to put Steffy and Hope against one another. By the way, thanks everyone for your recaps and discussions. I can't stomach to watch this storyline play out.
  12. Dream Boy


    I wish the promo that aired hadn't teased a "shocking baby daddy" because it pretty much spoiled Noah being the dad. I agree that this episode was a lot. Things seemed to move at a rapid pace even for this show. My favorite moment had to be Miss Ruby killing her rapist. The fact that he would continue to eat the food, after knowing she prepared it, was a whole other level of too cocky/stupid to live. She needs to cook up a pot of that for Xander.
  13. Looker was my favorite Outsider so it’s kinda weird to see her as a villain. Still unsure of how I feel about it. But the episode was still interesting. South Freeland is all kinds of bonkers lol
  14. Another solid episode. Tobias has to be plotting something. No way does he go down that easy. First episode where I saw some of the old Khalil. Might be hope for him yet. Anissa playing Robin Hood can't do anything but end terribly. I need her to stop ASAP. Even with the super hero craziness, the Pierce family are so awesome.
  15. I thought it was okay. I agree that everything felt rushed and that this would have probably benefited from being a 2 parter. I don’t mind the 3 sisters but I felt like the dialogue was trying too hard in places. I did like that Macy is a scientist though and brings those skills with her. I’m intrigued enough to tune in again next week.
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