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  1. Count me among those who was expecting to “side” with the moms and then didn’t. This is the problem with the alternative ways of quote unquote building a family. Most of them require at least some denial of reality and removal of rights from people who deserve their rights and outright exploitation. I’m including here surrogacy, non traditional and traditional sperm donation, infant adoption and IVF with donor gametes and other forms of reproductive technology. Yeah, I know, I just threw gasoline on a fire, but the children born of these arrangements complain in later years of identity problem
  2. Does anyone know what the deal for Season 3 is for US watchers? So far it isn’t on Epix (makes no sense to me) or Amazon prime. Or anything except something called NOW. I don’t need another subscription, lol. Does anyone have any idea when Epix will air the Season 3 episodes? Seeing as Epix is officially a codeveloper of Britannia. I’d pay if I had to but I already pay for Epix for their series so this feels like a money grab.
  3. That’s incredibly insightful @AllyB. And people say sex like this is just transactional. Because another little strand of this is the hunch that there were more feelings on both sides in this affair than the decades of jokes would imply.
  4. That makes sense, people do come to an arrangement, but Hillary seemed so hurt, angry and betrayed at the time, not like a wife resigned to her husband’s peccadilloes. Though perhaps another part of that was please don’t get caught again, but Bill has been caught numerous times before too. Ok, well that kind of puts a new spin on the waiting by the phone and never leaving the house and the feelings. Because if Monica was dating someone else, that would kind of automatically shake at least some of the love crazy out of her head. Why on earth would she mention it publicly? That doesn’t
  5. Wow, that makes you wonder doesn’t it. Thank you for the information. I’m not sure what to think since so much was made of the absolutely no intercourse thing, but as another poster put it in the discussions here, what was Bill, twelve? Because isn’t it generally teenagers who do the whole everything but intercourse thing? At the time the insistence that this somehow made it not sex just irked me. And would any of us be less angry at a spouse who’d “only” had oral sex? Because I think I’d be just as hurt, angry and betrayed.
  6. I didn’t know just how many journalists launched their internet careers on the back of the scandal. That’s um interesting. Does anyone else remember when journalism was an honorable profession? I guess this is the slide from news media to entertainment industry. There did used to be a difference.
  7. Monica had an abortion? That I’ve never read or heard. Are you implying it was Clinton’s? I
  8. Thank you @qtpye. I appreciate that because it’s been a lot of years of thinking and observation and trying to figure out how women work emotionally.
  9. And honestly, how hard would it be for any woman to turn down a president? When so much of Women’s self esteem is based on how men view us. The positive sexual regard of a man, the love of a man is given as our raison d’etre. And it is. That’s not right but it is another of those assumptions so believed we don’t even see them. The love of a man will remove the stain of being female from us. We’re slaves to love. I doubt very much that I could’ve turned down a president at that age. And the difference in power, maturity, life experience and sexual entitlement are so vast they’re barely even com
  10. There it is, the biggest unexamined assumption in our society: that women are commodities that men absolutely have the right to pursue if not the all out right of access. I believed this subconsciously myself for most of my life. This is what objectification is; it has nothing to do with relative looks or femininity. It is the idea that women as a set are here for the service and delectation of men. Scapegoatings like the one ML suffers to this day are to remind us all what happens when we fail in our perceived duties or when we cause problems. Monica’s experience also highlights internalized
  11. Shitty behavior absolutely. But I’m not convinced it would be the same shitty behavior. Someone else described the characters in The Last Man as men with boobs rather than women and that’s my main criticism. That none of these female characters seem female. They’re men with boobs and that just leaves me kind of meh about the whole thing. And I love post apocalyptic media. Graphic novels generally aren’t my thing but I read all of these before they were famous because of it. Same feeling. And I haven’t rushed to watch the next episodes, which is telling. Normally I’d be right there for a show t
  12. Well, I’ll keep watching. I’ve always liked Jeff Daniels and Maura Tierney and I’ve always liked a gritty small town mystery, but this one has some difficulties in tone and style. The costumes and set design are hitting the old fashioned hill billy thing too hard. I know the joke about Pennsylvania is that it’s Philly at one end and Pittsburg at the other and Alabama in between. And that’s true but it’s not this true. That wedding was like someone watched the Deer Hunter too many times and tried to recapture that feeling. Except that that feeling wasn’t right for a contemporary time period.
  13. Very good point @chick binewski. Even a slightly older woman would have understood the absolute need for discretion more than a naive young woman would have. Clinton was reckless. And for a man known for his charisma and his brains, thoughtless. Yes, yes, sex makes us all stupid but can you really combine that kind of lack of thought with any job that has serious can’t screw up responsibilities? I feel bad for Currie. Reading you can definitely see that there’s no way that she didn’t know what was going on, even putting discreet part of the job blinders on her eyes. You’re right that it wou
  14. @Chicago Redshirt Its not that they’re not to my liking so much as they’re poorly thought out. I can appreciate a point of view that doesn’t match my own if it’s intelligent and well argued. Sure women would keep some of what worked but I think we’d innovate too. We would have to just because of the circumstances. And in early days we would be hard pressed just to keep things organized and running. Some new traditions might grow just out of necessity. The socialization accounting for less violence in women has been tested in other circumstances such as when society has temporarily brok
  15. It’s my understanding that in one of her repeated attempts to get her life together that she set sail for London and graduate work at the London School of Economics. New degree in hand she did attempt to get hired. This is also at a point when she was out of the public eye. Nobody would hire her. But in some ways your point is well taken because I did read of her turning down job offers that the president got her. I was a little shocked and this is the difference between a hungry person and someone with choices. I would never have turned down a job at the UN in my early twenties. I would have
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