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  1. I'm going to have to disagree. Bryton has no away. If he did, Devon and Elena wouldn't have been backburned.
  2. Just for the record. That Hilary letter to Santa was historically accurate. Devon read it on air for a Christmas show for GC Buzz. Hilary's teacher sent it in to GC Buzz/Hilary because they were reading kids letters to Santa.
  3. They fired Loren to bring back Mishael. They had to free up money to do it. Lord knows they weren't going to fire white folks to pay her so Loren got the boot.
  4. I don't think it's odd at all. She's written the way Devon used to be written before Hilary came on. Story to give others something to do but no onscreen romance. I don't expect her to ever have a romance unless it's offscreen.
  5. +1 JFP got rid of BM and MM so that SBu would have no competition. She definitely wanted JT to play Adam. And he seemingly played an Adam-esque Billy. JFP wanted what's her face to play Phyllis. GT was foist upon her. So she gave Sage the story with Nick and Sharon that would have otherwise been something Phyllis would play. the one thing I don't agree with you on is that JFP wanted SBu's Dylan paired with Sharon. She did NOT. But she decided to bite the bullet and go there in hopes that SBu/Dylan could be made and saved. It's the same reason we are getting Rey paired wi
  6. Thank you for this. You've succinctly explained what my emotions wouldn't let me. It seems KSJs death has brought about a new beginning for everyone. What'd be even more heartwarming is if the cast and crew banned together and requested her return.
  7. I think it's more behind the reasons for that other than him being an old soul. Though said reasons resulted in Devon's characterization.
  8. Devon is definitely a more serious character. Always has been. His character wasn't afforded the stories that provided opportunity for much light or happiness or fun over the years. He's had one tragedy after the another befall him.
  9. ITA. I don't think Devon should be the head of the family either. That's a role for someone way older.
  10. We have had accounting after accounting come out of CBS. Plus we see it on our screens. Of course she has legitimate beef
  11. "I am not an angry black woman with an ax to grind" She knows she has to say this because this is how she will be perceived...even as folks who read this still say that VR is just scorned and angry and crazy.
  12. Doesn't change the fact that it was bad blood and nasty things said by all. VR isn't some saint, yet her stories from set weren't lies either. They may have called her "troubled" but I don't recall anyone ever calling her a liar. People who kick up dust, especially surrounding the subject of racism, are often called troublemakers. I'll leave it at that. Good thing is that seems to be over. I'm happy that peace had been made and the show included her in KSJs tribute.
  13. Folks on set have said many nasty things about her. Didn't PB call her crazy or something? Bad blood all around. But that's neither here nor there. I also think it's more about the law suit, which was settled out of court after a judge agreed that she had grounds. And more importantly, Les Moonves was out to get her as he was with many others. He was blocking the door. Now that he's gone from CBS with dark clouds following him, that allowed VR to be prominent in this farewell. All my opinion except for the law suit being settled and the bad blood.... and Les.
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