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  1. I could see Archie and Jughead getting past this at some point. I don't see Veronica getting past it. She's WAY to soft and she seems to always be easily be fooled by Archie. I don't mind Veronica being a seething antagonist to the Archie-Betty-Jughead triangle, she can have occasional warm fuzzy moments with Chuck Clayton (bring back the hottest guy on Riverdale please), Reggie Mantle, Hiram and Hermione. And continuous frenemy interaction with Cheryl/Toni.
  2. If they do the telegraphed Archie/Betty/Jughead triangle, I need them to commit to it. Veronica hates all three with a seething passion and fully embraces her Lodge roots, no more moral outrage at how Hiram and Hermione treat other people. Minus the attempted murder, she grows as indifferent to others as her parents and is only interested in her own wants and pursuits. Teaming up with Cheryl, Toni, Reggie and Kevin when the occasion or storyline calls for it. All this comes about when Hiram has finally given up on her, leaving her stranded in the dead end town that is Riverdale. Whomever wins in the triangle (Archie or Jughead), the loser doesn't try to remain friends with the other two. In competition, someone always has to lose and it's not always pretty. I need the writers to show that. I dislike Betty and Jughead but can't deny this could truly shake up the canvas. Potentially, in a good way.
  3. For me, the difference between Hailey and the rest of the crooked one's in the unit is, she usually won't react in the heat of the moment. She's more a conniver. And I don't say that as a bad thing, I find it to be an interesting character beat. When Voight is crossed, he takes it personal and when he gets even, he tends to be up close and personal. When she's out to get even, Upton tends to weaponize the rules (and she's good at it). Darius had managed to get over on Voight, The Police were going to let him swan out of things (after dropping how many bodies???) and Upton could not eat that with a knife and fork. I really like what they've done with Upton's character.
  4. Meh, Is there anyone in that Unit that isn't corrupt? Upton is VERY good at keeping her hands clean. She knows how to knock over dominoes to get the results she wants, while at the same time, not doing anything that could drag her in front of "The Ivory Tower." She's methodical and calculating. I actually like it. And I didn't feel sorry for Darius Walker, he had been getting away with literal murder. When motivated, Hayley is willing to sink pretty low to see a score settled. I like her as a grey character.
  5. I really liked that the show managed to make me feel for all of the characters at one time or another, even the one's I didn't care for. The only one I never managed to empathize with, though I enjoyed her, was Amanda. Loved her lines and suites and feuds but I never FELT for her, even when bad things happened to her. I also never felt for anyone that joined the show after Season 3. But even frequent evil doers like Sydney and Kimberly managed to tug on my heart strings on occasion. I truly believe Alison loved Jake and I thought what she did in the end for him (though I didn't agree with it) was very selfless. I don't doubt for a minute it broke her heart. I thought they were ADORABLE and dare I say, romantic. Sydney was selfish, reckless, underhanded, greedy, at times malicious and callous. I am still to this day, baffled that Laura Leighton made me love this train wreck of a girl so much. She was so deeply damaged and hungry for genuine love. And I believe Craig did love her, truly loved her. I was horrified at how it ended for them (I never forgave the Sam character). I remember after Sydney had hatched the scheme to help that crooked lawyer defraud D&D and Craig tried to win her over so she would drop the law suit, there was a scene where they were talking at dinner (and Sydney's arm was in a sling) and she was trying to cut her streak with one hand and Craig just looked at her and smiled before pulling his chair over and cutting her food for her. It was so ridiculous but so touching. But that was Sydney for you. That they thought the sallow and callow Jennifer character could replace Sydney??? What were they thinking? Sydney has such an energy with all the characters. Michael, Jane, Amanda, Jake (back in the day), Peter, Kyle and Matt. I use to love the little moments when Sydney would get to interact with randoms in the court yard. Everyone knew she was trouble but those that at least had a passing fondness for her would always call her "Syd". Michael, Jane, Jake, Billy, Matt, Kyle. Throughout the show, I feel like we did see glimpses of Sydney's other side. In their final episodes together she was genuinely there for Jane. THIS. SO MUCH THIS. Their scenes always hummed. Sydney was jealous of Amanda and Amanda saw Sydney as a lost cause. I'll never forget how when Jack Parezzi tried to strangle Amanda and then he died in the attempt and Amanda slapped him, then the camera pans and we see Sydney watching "That's no way to treat your husband." You could tell she relished being able to put the screws to Amanda. And though she didn't get to relish her victory, at the end of Season 5 Sydney beat Amanda. Actually kicked the crap out of her. She destroyed D&D, even got Billy to turn on her. Amanda had a heart attack when she realized she lost her last client. And then we see her packing her bags, she was going to move to New York. I can't think of anyone else we saw get the best of Amanda that way. Full disclosure, the show never recovered from the mass exits of Season 5. The final scene should have been Matt's final scene by the pool, when he gave that speech. Contrary to popular belief, IMO, Amanda wasn't enough to carry the show.
  6. I really liked the premiere. Not enough Rick and TC for my taste but still enjoyable. I like the idea of Magnum and Higgins as I feel like I've seen both characters evolve since we've met them. I doubt we get them in an actual relationship for sometime. I think we will just get a professional commitment as Partners for the time being. I doubt we see many triangles as it's really not needed. While Higgin's bark tends to be louder, I rewatched the series premier not too long ago and you could tell he loathed Higgins right back (before the thaw). So to see how much they've come to mean to each other as friends/family, if nothing else was nice. Really liked Magnum's speech to the guy at the end. It perfectly mirrored his own journey, And I see what Abby (and Higgins) see in him. His compassion never comes across as feigned to me. I also like seeing Magnum try to work to get in Katsumoto's (forgive spelling) good books again. I really like him too and it's was fun seeing him connect with the group. Question, What the HELL is Kumu doing in her opening??????
  7. I always loved the Otis/Cruz dynamic because it always felt like Otis was the big brother in the relationship. He sometimes came across as a little condescending, like when he told Cruz "your a big, gullible teddy bear" or something near that description, but you knew there was nothing Otis wouldn't do for him. Whether trying to steer Cruz away from various over the top hairbrained ideas or just background comedy. I'm going to miss them.
  8. Oh wow. I didn't hear about MaGyver. I miss Jack but I've come to love Desi. Having said that, I'm more attached to Magnum's characters. I don't know how else to put it but Magnum's characters feel more mature to me.
  9. I just finished binging the entire first season on Amazon and I have to say, I'm surprised by how much I liked it. I actually really like ALL of the characters. One of my favorite friendships (and I'm a fan of all of them) is Rick and TC. I love how sensitive TC is, I think he's the most open hearted of all the main characters. When we found out about his estranged relationship with his Father and TC's reaction to his Dad bailing on him again, the actor made me feel bad for him. I loved Rick making a point of checking on him and talking to him about it. Rick "There's no way to tell what kind of demons other people are fighting, we can only fight our own." Rick promising that he and Magnum are always going to be there for TC made this bromance one of my favorites in recent memory. I love Higgins and her gradual thaw over the course of the season. While all of these characters are supposed to be damaged, Higgins has always come across as damaged and solitary. I also get the impression solitary was just fine with her. I think she worked very hard to keep Magnum at arms length but by the end of the season and getting to know him better (the whole Hannah situation and his Mom dying while he was in a POW prison) and the fact that he genuinely wants to help people helped her to marginally let down her own guard. Magnum himself, I feel like the actor has brought a real warmth to the role. He managed to convince me that Magnum is deeply wounded but it's not something he holds against the rest of the world and is always willing to help someone in need. His brotherhood with Rick and TC is always fun. Those three together can come off like the little rascals but it's understandable why they've all stuck together. He's grown to deeply care about Higgins and she doesn't always make it easy (much as I love her). The show is not without flaws but I really like it. And I find all the characters lovable in their own way. I'm looking forward to season 2.
  10. https://ew.com/tv/2019/06/27/game-of-thrones-comic-con-season-8/ Very interesting that the show runners are going to Comic Con this year. But again, I have to remind myself, online does not represent ALL fans. This season, the show has already been nominated for some awards. I hope everyone enjoys their victory lap.
  11. I did a rewatch of Season 8 over the weekend and while I agree with those that feel the writing was rushed, I have to say, for the most part, I am pleased with what was done with Sansa's character. And I have to admit, I am still pleasantly surprised Sansa came through the show as a winner. During Season 8's initial airing, I expected Sansa to be on the losing end. She was in opposition to what the "1 in a thousand year, immune to fire, dragon birthing" Daenaerys Targaryen wanted. I expected the story to either kill Sansa off so the Magical one could get her way or have Sansa fall in awe of her, like everyone else in the story did, at some point. After the physical abuse by Joffrey (his guards), the emotional abuse by Cersei, the psychological abuse by Littlefinger and the physical/emotional/sexual abuse by Ramsay, I would have thought less of Sansa, if she had fallen in line and voluntarily surrendered the North and the power that came with it being independent of the Iron Throne. While stopping the White Walkers was a group effort on the part of the combatants (Wildings/Northerners/Unsullied/Dothraki/Dragons), Winterfell would be in the hands of the Boltons if not for Sansa (Jon wanted to take Sansa and go someplace "warm", she had to brow beat him and press the Rickon issue to get him back in the game) and no force would have been put in place to stop the Zombie event horizon. One thing I do wish the show had done better was articulate a little more with regards to Sansa's motivation. There were a few compelling reasons she could have been so dead set against the North continuing as part of the other 6 Kingdoms. The Iron Throne had her Father beheaded, The Iron Throne had her held prisoner and beaten, The Iron Throne had her married to an enemy of her family (Tyrion), The Iron Throne arranged the grizzly murder of her Brother and Mother. The Iron Throne stripped House Stark of it's standing and made House Bolton the Wardens of The North. To flee the Iron Throne she took on a false identity. And to shatter an alliance held by the Iron Throne, she was married to Ramsay (into House Bolton). That's a lot of bad road. If Sansa had been made to bend the knee and subject to the wants and whims of Daenaerys, who's to say Dany's heir (whomever she named) wouldn't have other plans for the North eventually? Jon was not an asset on the Political Stage, so a marriage would have been to Dany's benefit only. We saw that in political matters, Dany influenced Jon, not the other way around. Being bosom buddies with the Iron Throne never did the North any good (Ned and Robert were like Brothers and that didn't save House Stark from everything it went through). When it looked like the power struggle was over (look at the smug on Dany's face when Jon tells Sansa to sit down and shut up during the strategy meeting) Sansa weaponized the only thing she had left, the truth about Jon pedigree. Sansa doesn't just fold her hands and gracefully accept defeat anymore. I like that. She didn't commit mass murder, she's not passing her child off as someone he/she isn't, she didn't even resort to poisoning someone's wine. Like her maneuvering in the Vale, she's used the truth to her advantage (and her rivals disadvantage). To topple her political enemy and secure power for her House (and herself), she broke a promise to keep a secret and told the truth. It was an impressive and artful gamble. There are the clear issues, Sansa has with being powerless. They also could have explored how her desires related to Robb and Catelyn and what they were murdered for. But I understand time was limited and Sansa is only one character. I wish there had been more or at least more nuance provided but overall, I'm just ecstatic Sansa ended alive. She's Queen in the North. For the moment she has a good rapport with the Iron Throne, The Hand of the King and The Vale. Her hair and wardrobe were Flawless this Season and though contentious, the writers provided her some very memorable character interactions. I don't worry about her being alone because, Sansa has been alone for years. Not physically but in terms of interest in her well being and that of her House. It was never a priority for Joffrey, Cersei, Tywin, Olenna (to be honest), Lysa, Roose or Ramsay. She'll marry when she feels she needs to, in order to secure succession for House Stark, her comment to Bran clearly shows it's something she considers a requirement for ruling. In my mind, it's a Northern Lord that looks like Bjorn from Vikings (Circa Seasons 2-4).
  12. I am definitely in the minority because I've found the show much more gripping this season, minus one or two missteps. I have never been a fan of Med and Fire, meh, but PD has been lit IMO. The cases and the characters have been more engrossing for me. And I've come to really care about Upton. She's smart, independent, capable but frequently seems in over her head on personal matters. And the actress does well with concealed/buried vulnerability. Even when she is opening up emotional, sometimes it feels like she is trying to pull back and remain contained. I find it interesting and effecting. There is a quiet sadness to Hailey. I still maintain, Adam cared about Hailey more then she cared about him. She ended up feeling for him, more than she expected but was never as all in as he was. Whether it was because she is more drawn to Halstead or what, I couldn't say. Hailey chose to pull the plug but had it been up to Adam, I think they would still be together. Jay/Hailey, I do think there is something there. I think it will be a while before either acts on it but I do think their feelings run deeper than platonic. On both their parts. I like their chemistry so I am in favor of them hooking up some day and I'm with those that have no problem with co-workers hooking up. During the attack on the van it was interesting that Hailey's first instinct was to go for her weapon, Halstead's first instinct was to protect Hailey. Fits both their characters. I wonder where Upton was at the end of the episode. There is speculation that she killed Kelton but I honestly can't see it.
  13. The North's outlook didn't surprise me because of what they've been through in the last few years. The Iron Throne beheaded their (by some) beloved Warden. The Iron Throne and Bannerman from Other Kingdoms enacted the Red Wedding. The Iron Throne then made House Bolton the Wardens. And that's just a general description. Sansa has been in the South for Years, unable to express grief or genuine emotion for fear of what The Throne/The Lannisters would do to her. She's been able to do. nothing while in Kings Landing but stew in resentment. I do think she learned what Littlefinger tried to teach her, chaos can allow for opportunity. The defeat of thee dead, the fall of the Mad Queens, this was the North's best chance of breaking away. Credit where it's due, I do like that D&D gave Sansa the grit and tenacity to not give up on what she wants even when most other people don't want her to have it. It's not always easy to be your own advocate when surrounded by naysayers, especially for a girl like Sansa. Maybe this better describes how I feel about the relationship. I very much enjoyed their interaction, Kings Landing at it's height was the show at it's best. I also think Sansa learned quite a bit from Margaery. I do think watching the Tyrell's in action was how she came up with her maneuver with the Lords Declarant in the Vale. And I don't know if it will happen (I actually doubt it) but I would love for Sansa to get to spend more time with the Tyrells in the book. If the other Houses are going to be involved in "The Great War" it is possible. And I think GRRM once said wee would get to know Willas and Garlan (who was really sweet to her in the book).
  14. The downfall of ambiguous writing. I see Sansa having kids one day. Voluntarily. I don't think she's going to be pressured into it. Her mentioning it to Bran told me, she felt heirs were a requirement for ruling, I had/have know doubt she is planning to have her own one day. With whom? That's left to our imagination. But for the first time she wasn't in morbid colors or BDSM leather. I thought her coronation dress was a definite sign things have shifted for her. And I certainly don't think she needs to fear Yara Greyjoy. Yara sat out the season because her forces were so slim. And just because The North isn't part of the Seven Kingdoms doesn't mean she can't have dealings/common interest/alliances with any of the Seven. She has a blood relation/rapport with the Iron Throne (Bran and Tyrion) and is blood related to Robyn Arryn (with a strong rapport with Lord Royce) and is related to Edmure Tully, Lord of the Riverlands. And I count her sabotage of Daenaerys as intrigue. Well written intrigue? Meh. But acceptable to me. Daenaerys was the Goliath to her Sansa's David. Daenaerys had the bulk of the power in the match up. Dragons, Dothraki, Unsullied, She was a magic unicorn in Westeros (immune to fire and all other Mary Sue properties), Sansa had, Sansa. Jon was of no help and in fact sided with an outsider against her. Sansa had a choice to make, she could maintain Jon's confidence and trust or she could make an attempt to sabotage the woman who stood in the way of what she wanted for her country and House. Jon was hardly a sterling brother figure in Season 8, so I think she made the right choice. Sansa needed to do what was best for Sansa, nobody else was. Then again, I'm just glad to get an ending. I don't have faith that GRRM will finish his series. Will he/would he do things differently? I'd be interested in finding out but I doubt we ever will. There is also some satisfaction in seeing that a character many wrote off as a dead girl walking, was intended to survive the whole time. Many said she would die because her character served no purpose in the fight against the Others, some also felt that GRRM's outline from the 90's pointed to Sansa's fate being death at a young age. As a Sansa fan I am thrilled to know she outlives current enemies (Cersei, Littlefinger) and pending one's (Daenaerys). I think that's what's allowed me to greet the end of the show with a smile.
  15. Got it. And I agree. Considering the level of investment displayed around the boards, imagine how gripping the political cross swords between the two would have been, if it had been given time and room to really breathe. I think the best actors/actresses on the show were Lena and Peter but credit where it's due, I though ST and EC did a good job with their scenes. It's funny because at a recent comic convention EC was asked who her favorite character was other then Daenaerys and she said Sansa and Varys (though she credited that she tends to base favorite characters on those who play them, and said loves Sophie and Conleth). Co-Sign. OT: I read an interview with Costumer MC and of course the show stopper of the Season was Sansa's coronation dress. MC said that the material was a homage to Margaery Tyrell, the only other Queen, Sansa liked/considered a friend. Ms. Clapton felt the two had bonded. I'm not sure I felt the same. I know Natalie Dormer felt Margaery genuinely cared about Sansa (and maybe I am influenced by the way the relationship was framed in the books, where Margaery dropped Sansa as soon as The Tyrells couldn't use her) but I thought the Margaery/Sansa relationship while entertaining, wasn't one of genuine connection. After Sansa fled Kings Landing, it didn't seem like either was overly concerned about the fate of the other, though both girls certainly had their own problems at the time. I'm curious whether other people considered Margaery/Sansa a genuine friendship/
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