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  1. DrSparkles

    S02.E05: What Would Candy Do?

    So, this series is set in a time period when I was in my 20s & a semi-professional club goer in south beach. Granted, the clubs I was at were playing the Smiths, Cure, etc (w the exception of Sunday night Disco Inferno at the Cameo!!). Point being, I never heard of Vogue'ing classes?! Was it a NYC thing??
  2. DrSparkles

    The Duggars: In the Media and TLC

    WELP!!! 💯
  3. DrSparkles

    S02.E04: Never Knew Love Like This Before

    Lawd. My dog died unexpectedly a year ago today, so I’ve been all in my feelings for a week, and then this episode?? Literal sobbing at the end. 😭😭😭 Also, the crowds for the balls are incredible! ETA: if Billy Porter doesn’t get an Emmy for this episode, heads will roll!
  4. DrSparkles

    S03.E06: Household

  5. DrSparkles

    S06.E07: Dick Moves and Dick Pics

    YES!! I screamed w laughter!!!
  6. DrSparkles

    S06.E07: Dick Moves and Dick Pics

    My friend was in a HORRIBLE boating accident Memorial Day. Ever since then, I've been putting together a list of people who needs their asses kicked by me. If Shep abuses that dog, he will move up to #2 (right after the drunk guy driving the boat my friend was in). Abstinence-only ed? No idea on how the human body works; even your own???
  7. DrSparkles

    S02.E03: Butterfly/Cocoon

    Do you think the people at W&W know that she's transgender?
  8. DrSparkles

    SoCharmers in the Media: The Post & Courier

    Agreed; thought the same things.
  9. DrSparkles

    S02.E02: Worth It

    I don't know if this has changed, but used to be once you had an AIDS dx, it was permanent. The positive side of that is that a person qualifies for disability & other resources. You can certainly get those T cells back up nowadays so that your health is better. USCF info: https://www.ucsfhealth.org/conditions/aids/diagnosis.html Mayo clinic: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/hiv-aids/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20373531
  10. DrSparkles

    S01.E12: Far Too Long

    Ok George Costanza! 🤣
  11. DrSparkles

    LSSC: Season Four Talk

    I dunno, she’s been on before & I like their vibe together.
  12. DrSparkles

    LSSC: Season Four Talk

    I have to ffwd through anything tRump related. I just can not. i LOVE Tig Nataro!!!
  13. DrSparkles

    S01.E08: Where With All

    I knewI knew her!! Kendra from BUFFY!
  14. DrSparkles

    S02.E02: Worth It

    Blancas talk w her children brought the tears! wintour is coming?! I snorted, I did.
  15. DrSparkles

    S01.E08: Where With All

    This REALLY pissed me off. Send. The. Workers. HOME!!!