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  1. what is that she wears on her head when sleeping?! 不不不
  2. Just started! I love her pronunciation & enunciation!
  3. 2 Bubbas, 1 pizza?! 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不
  4. I thought him repeating little prick, little prick indicated that he realized the guy that bumped into him injected him with something, causing the heart attack?
  5. I am happy for James, but his mom scares me. I think shell somehow drag hm down. Jax is ridiculous, as are all of the females except Kristen! Lisas lips are beyond ridiculous. ETA: I slightly understand Jaxs rage... he & the Toms were a threesome for a long time & now the Toms are taking off & Jax is left behind. He cant believe or acknowledge this, hence the rage & depression.
  6. I had minor outpatient surgery Thursday & binge watched this. Christina Applegate is a gift! Lots of loose ends IMO, throughout the season.
  8. That dance troupe performance was EVERYTHING.
  9. Oy, I was impressed w Kyles talk w Carl as well as Carls repsonse. Amandas non-apology to Luke? Not so much. I do feel for the 3 of them trying to launch loverboy during a pandemic
  10. Amanda is a rude asshole.
  11. Thank you @ParadoxLost for looking up that foolery. I havent liked LVP for a very long time but when she sat down and took a sip of James drink, I almost had to throw my TV into my pool. Bitch.
  12. Is the Bamboozled in ref to anything on this show?
  13. Tommy actually looks good, but maybe its in comparison (to MJ)? Not good in that Id ever be interested, bc that ugly personality. MJ is grotesque, and not bc pf her weight (as someone who has lost a bunch, I am the last person to weight-shame). I think Reza might be scared of Adam, physically? All of these reality tv women pet their extensions/wigs/weaves. Destineys dress was pretty, what I want to know is how MJ made it up those stairs! And her old, mean ass mama. Congrats mean ass Vida on still using that dark lip liner when everyone has told you how hideous it looks. I liked the words of wisdom Sara laid on whiny Nema. And way to ruin your sisters graduation lunch. Butthole. Saras house?!?! 喫喫 The less makeup GG has on, the better she looks IMO. I think shes so pretty. Im happy for her, that she had a healthy baby. Mike is nasty. Inside & out. Hes going to cause his family to go broke if they keep investing that kind of money to him. These people, its like a tacky contest any time they get dressed. I was dying, waiting to see who was gonna runtelldat & how fast & it was Nema . Grown ups would sit down, the 4 of them, with perhaps a mediator (professional, not Nema or Mike or Destiney). Destiney also seemed to he tripping balls at that party. Speaking of, what was the theme/purpose? I saw Independence & the name of the epi, but what were they celebrating?
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