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  1. IMO, the examples in your third paragraph lead directly to Ahmaud Arbery (& the other horrific murders).
  2. I must disagree. I thought his body was smoking in this episode. And he has a nice face. But his personality and his soul ruin the entire package, so to speak. That blue dress was amazing as was the green dress Dani had on at that weird store. I might have to find that dress. Craig is a bitch ass bitch. Kathryn’s lips look ridiculous.
  3. Thank you Stephen. Your opening monologue was balm to my soul.
  4. I know this will be an UO with some of you, but in my opinion, Captain Lee is a dick.
  5. Shane did not givea fuck about asshole Andy & I was THERE FOR IT! Who the fuck does Andy think he is?
  6. Um, they need to add the women at Neva’s lunch to the show stat! + Austen’s sister.
  7. I just started the show and I’m burning through the episodes. I didn’t realize they were twins until this episode and I’m on episode seven and I still don’t understand the birth order of the others. Is it Steve, Shirley, Theo?
  8. Olivia Colman, after they got Fagan out of there, her reaction was amazing.
  9. Capt Lee is a rude dick. Eddie is a douche.
  10. I still watch Shahs... for the food 🤤
  11. I lived in Miami beach’s art deco district for a while, in the 90s. At the time, they had to conform to some pretty strict rules about the outside of the houses and apartments, including color schemes. I would bet the same is true here, they can do whatever they want inside, but outside has to stay a certain look.
  12. Kathryn, re: Pat: “She’s like the puppet master on the *NSYNC album cover. She’s just fucking with us.” me: 😳😳😳 damn! 💯
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