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  1. The scoring is ridiculous. Koa got a 7.0 for landing his air & Kai got a 6.0 for busting ass??? And then 9.6 for Zeke?
  2. Now I want to go to a spa resort! Any recommendations, especially in the SE US?!
  3. MJs face… almost unrecognizable.
  4. Ugh! Robyn shooting those whiskies. Tacky.
  5. Enjoying this! I missed the first few minutes, did they talk about how they selected the contestants and whether or not they’ve had any experience at the surf ranch before? & how do they decide who goes first?
  6. I think it’s 75 pounds over the past few years?
  7. When it’s just these people together, I can tolerate it. But if they’re out in public, even flyfishing, all of the women plus Reza act so extra over the top that I hate them all. Especially Reza and destiny.
  8. When he was stomping OFf, dId Matt say he’s “too clean…”? Wtaf
  9. I was wondering who was who. They all ate like neanderthals. Was the other blonde ROII’s wife’s sister maybe? & then her husband? The crew were pretty drunk by 11pm!
  10. Bread pudding, w breast milk… & vagina yeast. I HOWLED! ETA: Binge watched this on a rainy afternoon, I cried loud sobs at Kevin Hart in the snowglobe.
  11. It’s NOT a stable home though. And it sets a BAD example for the kids. Been there (as a kid/teen).
  12. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! 🥲🥲
  13. Eboni: “If you aren’t anti-racist, you’re racist.” No lies detected.
  14. That was EVERYTHING. I love these people, and especially Amrit’s parents. I was sobbing for him. Thank you bravo for not stretching this out the whole season and also not jumping back-and-forth between other people and his conversation with his grandmother.
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