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  1. Haven't you seen Bravo's newest housewife show, The Real Housewives of Melbourne? I bet they're moving to … Melbourne.
  2. Since she had $15,000 in unpaid fertility clinic bills, I find it hard to believe she's pregnant.
  3. Those kind of acts are all over China. And the Chinese do them MUCH better. My concern is that a lot of their tricks are BANNED by the NCAA as being unsafe for cheerleaders. Where are their parents? And there's something a bit creepy about all those men handling young girls …
  4. I absolutely HATED the camerawork. Two seconds of the competitors and then CUT AWAY to the TEAMS WATCHING. Amateurish. if you must, show the teams in Picture-in-Picture but I want to see someone do the ENTIRE COURSE, not cut away every time the director gets bored!!!
  5. Put a pool in? Given their lazy building efforts, they'll probably have leaking plumbing … and plenty of water in the basement.
  6. Well, that's what I thought when Apollo Nida was sentenced. Eight years, but also drug rehab? According to posters there, that means he gets YEARS loped off his sentence and gets to spend part of the time in a halfway house with an ankle bracelet. Wow. Really "throwing the book" at him for his crimes. Teresa will get probation and Joe will get 5 with time off for "good behavior." He'll be home in 18 months. Mark my words.
  7. If she's awaiting sentencing, how can Teresa leave the state?
  8. She probably has a TV in her room, an iPad and an iPhone, so it's no big deal.
  9. They seemed to welcome the girls when they visited during the wedding and brought them gifts. I wonder if HE heard what his parents said, or if KIM told him. I bet the second. Kim is deeply, deeply afraid that Kroy will want to move back to Montana once his career ends, which will be very soon. What better way to prevent that than by convincing him his parents are against her?? Again, they showed up at KJ's birth AND the wedding.
  10. Exactly. Since Tim seems to be Christine's first and only "love," attention from a straight male is probably quite new and exciting to her. Hey, I wouldn't be surprised if she was still a virgin.
  11. I forgot how she screwed Kandi! And before that, she kinda screwed Nene by giving her the impression that she could sing on that song too …
  12. His parents and sister came to the wedding and were there when KJ was born. Suddenly, ALL OF THEM aren't good enough for Kim and Kroy? And doesn't Kim have a sister too? Suddenly, no one IN EITHER FAMILY is good enough for Kim? Funny, Kim had no problem with her parents when they were lending her money and watching her kids every day and fixing up her house and car and now that she's married to Mr. BigBucks, suddenly they're not good enough for her? I suspect that when Kroy's money runs out -- probably within the next 5 years -- and he declares bankruptcy (just like the other 72% of ex-
  13. Two word, Simon, two words: BIANCA RYAN. The12-year-old girl who won the initial AGT and was never heard from again.
  14. I think it would be hilarious. Of course, since I live in New York, a woman who hangs out with a gay man is assumed to be straight … Andy is the host who used to have segments on WWHL called "Good for the Gays/Bad for the Gays?" and "Donkey Booty" in which he compared African American women's asses. Of course, we know who the biggest ass was.
  15. Andy had no problem with what Vicki said about Oklahoma because Oklahoma legislators and religious leaders have been quite adamant about the sinfulness of gay marriage … As for gay stereotypes, one just needs to go back to the famous Seinfeld episode with the "Not that there's anything wrong with that" comment. He opens the episode with a standup routine that includes the fact that because he's "thin, NEAT and single" everyone thinks he's gay … As more and more people come out, stereotypes will change.
  16. FYI: BRAVO ON DEMAND on Time Warner is running Andy's JILL ZARIN interview from Watch What Happens Live in 2012. I've been dying to see that again. It's the episode 827 on the Watch What Happens Live list.
  17. That's because those kind of bangs remind them of Moe … in the Three Stooges.
  18. I like Marquel for playing along, but he is totally being coached by the producers. They've been in trouble for not having a minority Bachelor or Bachelorette, so they find an agreeable black guy and get him to act interested in one of the girls, but not to seriously kiss one "on camera." In return, they promise they'll make sure he can stick around for at least a few episodes. He has ZERO chemistry with any of the girls to the extent that I wondered if he was gay. The one minority girl (not sure of Danielle's race, actually) picked him, but of course, THEY couldn't get together because pr
  19. They should have just pre-empted 60 MInutes--EVERY SEGMENT WAS A REPEAT!!!
  20. But that's not how the rest of the world thinks. And, my God, we are SO FAT compared to the rest of the world.
  21. I just hope the producers don't bring him back in the Underrepresented douche bag category.
  22. She could have mentioned New Jersey … table flipping, weave-pulling, christening tosses ….
  23. Joe Gorga's busines is highly suspect … first of all, there's no way he got the contract to "smoosh" government documents. Most of those contracts go to government agencies that work with the disadvantaged -- say, veterans or the developmentally disabled. Second, why was his truck "unmarked"? Third, that work is usually done on-site. He wouldn't be going around town with a truck full of paper "dust." Fourth, no company or agency would trust sensitive documents to a company started an episode ago. Most likely, his "garbage" truck got the contract to pick up road kill.
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