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S04.E01: Labor Days

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*groan*  I forgot Bull was facing impending fatherhood from the season finale.  I also forgot that Benny left the firm, apparently for reals this time.  Dang it.  Benny and new!Cable (I swear, I'll learn her name this season, I promise!) are my favorite characters.  I like Bull being a pompous arrogant asshole with an altruistic streak, that's his schtick, I don't want to see him softened by making baby goo-goo noises at his child.  That's the Michael Weatherly redemption arc, Bull doesn't need one. 

I'll watch, but this show is on notice--it is hanging by a thread on the HV DVR list.

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As I watched this episode, I realized something. I don't like Bull. And I don't like Benny. And I don't like Chunk. And I don't like Marissa (who is such a completely useless character, I had to look up her name on IMDb after 68 episodes).

I'm neutral on everyone else, probably because they play only minute parts. If we saw more of them, who knows? Maybe I wouldn't like them much either.

The plots are juvenile, the courtroom proceedings are ridiculous, and the technology that is employed to assist with the "Jury Science" has been watered down to the point of non-existence.

So, the real question is: Why do I watch this shit? I'd be better off watching some of the utter rubbish that stems from the MARVEL universe! At least the Comic-Book Crowd wear tight pants...

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Bad ending, BAD. No real conclusion. Hung jury? They can still have a civil trial, right? This is not the Bull show I've come to appreciate.


"Jury Science" has been watered down to the point of non-existence

And that's the problem. That's what made this show different from all the other "legal shows."

And why the hell is he drinking again?

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I can't beleive they skipped over jury selection. That used to be the best part of the show. It was fun to see them figuring out what kind of people they wanted on the jury and the best questions to ask to achieve their desired results. I enjoyed seeing what sort of slightly off beat/off the wall questions they would ask.

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13 hours ago, HurricaneVal said:

WTF was that?!?  That ending?  Is this now How I Met Your Mother and we're going to get flash-forwards to Bull's daughter narrating the moral of the story from now on?  WTF?!?

Yeah.  No.  If that becomes a thing, I'm out.  Out, out, out.

Me too.  

Didn’t care to look but do you think that Bull was dreaming this?

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I don't care if he was dreaming it (which is hokey) or if it was a "legit" flash-forward (which is stupid).  I don't like it.  This had better not be an ongoing thing in future episodes.  Because that will be about as clear of a jumped shark as has ever been since...the original shark was jumped.

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On 9/23/2019 at 5:19 PM, HurricaneVal said:

Benny and new!Cable (I swear, I'll learn her name this season, I promise!)

Premium Cable?  Basic Cable?

Well, anyway, good to see Amir got out of the Post Office and into a real job.  Now, if they can get James Spader to do a guest shot where he has to be cross examined by Amir, that might be fun.

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Even the writers lost interest in this episode. They quit before they got to the end. 

Stay tuned next week when Benny or Dr. Bull has a shower scene and there never was a disagreement between the two!

Why o why do we need to add a baby to the mix?

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2 hours ago, Showthyme said:

Why o why do we need to add a baby to the mix?

It's Glenn Gordon Caron, so I'm not 100% sure the baby will actually become a character on this show. This is the same man who brought us Moonlighting, so we know he can use a pregnancy for drama and not have it end with a happy, healthy, baby. 

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Behind again... too much bingeing on The Good Place in prep for last night's premiere. I liked this episode more than I expected to based on everything I'd read here in advance, but it was very, very weird. Though as weird as the ending was, I preferred it to a schmaltzy delivery room scene.

I appreciated how the daughter specifically yelled "Dad" and "Uncle Benny" in case we didn't figure out on our own that she was Bull's daughter from the conversation about how the case (that I totally believe they were still talking about 27 years later) turned out.

This show is weird (did I say that already?) but I still find it enjoyable.

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I used to like this show but I think I'm out. Moved it to last priority on my DVR after the premier and now I'm going to check out Bluff City Law instead. It's no fun anymore without the jury stuff, I agree that's what made the show enjoyable.

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My on demand viewing got interrupted and I didn’t get back to it before it deleted itself.  Benny  and the Group( I so want to type Jets) were telling Bull their opinions of his proposed defense.  What did I miss?... because I’m not watching it all over again. 

Ignore the empty quote box below... can’t figure out how to delete it. 

Just now, mythoughtis said:
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