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  1. I agree with other posters, this season ended on a really sad, depressing note. Poor Ray. He's just losing everyone and everything in his life. It used to be funny and quirky but now it's just plain sad. If it comes back for another season, I hope things get better for him. This show really hooked me and I do hope it comes back but on a lighter note.
  2. I continue to be more interested in Pac Gen than the main hospital. I keep thinking that all of the fired/quitting people will move to Pac Gen and leave Bailey all alone. Agree that Qadri acting so upset that Meredith isn't there was out of character for her, should have been Helm. Wouldn't like to see Richard cheat, and would like even less if he started drinking again with the new woman who is also in recovery. I've had quite enough of Richard falling off the wagon and am really not interested to see it again. I am interested to see how they resolve the Meredith/job/license issue and would be happy to see her move to Pac Gen too. They have more interesting stories and people over there IMO. Also Loved seeing Phoebe and Prue, I squealed and got giddy for that story. And it makes me wonder how often that happens, where the wrong family is called after a disfiguring accident. I was left feeling very sad for the person who actually died, who may have a loving family with no idea where their loved one is or what happened. Would have liked to see a resolution to that.
  3. I'm really enjoying the scenes with the new hospital. I like them better than the regular hospital scenes and would like to see Richard and Alex turn it around. If Meredith wanted to go work there I'd be cool with it, too. She shouldn't lose her license especially after winning the Harper Avery. The only part in the regular hospital I liked was the skills lab. I found it interesting and amusing. Not too interested in another pregnancy story line and hope that they don't make Koracik a jerk for too long. I think anyone would be peeved if their nads got deep fried! I was expecting some surprise by the other doctors that the kid survived after being dead for so long, but after the accident no one mentioned it again (or him possibly suing Maggie for the accident even though it was his fault).
  4. I remember the same thing, that did happen.
  5. I have very poor facial recognition. No excuse for not recognizing the gold tooth. In any case, one of the things I appreciate about this forum is finding out these details after the fact. Whenever there's a facial reveal on TV I have a hard time, especially in mysteries. The payoff never happens for me because I'm sitting there thinking 'who is that?'. I wish they'd always include names, but realize I'm in the minority with this issue.
  6. Thank goodness for this forum. I thought the dead guy at the end was the rich guy and that the conwoman ended up killing him and leaving town. Thanks everyone for clarifying that it was Grey's old friend. I really enjoyed this episode and am loving the show. I also wonder whether Ansel got his phone back. I liked the comic-style images they used this week and hope they keep it up.
  7. Seems like Dad is trying to convince Bright that Bright himself was in on the killings. Very creepy show! I loved Mom saying that sometimes life is a tragedy to be endured. She's a mysterious character and I'm interested in the story. I like all the theories upthread too!
  8. I used to like this show but I think I'm out. Moved it to last priority on my DVR after the premier and now I'm going to check out Bluff City Law instead. It's no fun anymore without the jury stuff, I agree that's what made the show enjoyable.
  9. I thought it was cute and delightful. Granted, I like shows like God Friended Me and this reminded me of that. I got teary at the end with the butterflies and the teacher finally seeing the sign he was looking for. In it for the warm fuzzies.
  10. I loved it! My favorite new show so far for sure. I appreciate that they are employing an actor with Downs and like that they have the character on the show. I thought everyone was likeable and found the entire hour exciting and fun. Can't wait for the rest of the season.
  11. I found most of the characters likeable so I'll give it a few more episodes. Lola has potential to be great as long as they don't get to tropey with her.
  12. Okay, thank you. I didn't realize that cop was working for the Professor and thought Arlene was still trying to take down Ann/crew. I know Ann found out that Arlene died but didn't know whether the cops found out yet. I guess it just got swept under the rug because of the Triad's involvement.
  13. While I expect loose ends on this show, I was hoping to get an idea of Arlene's situation. When Ann went looking for Arlene at the precinct, another woman cop said that Ann was undercover. The cops couldn't have known that Arlene was dead yet and they made up the story to Ann. I wonder if Arlene was still undercover after all, and working to take down Ann and the crew. And the other cops all knew about it and had a cover story ready in case Ann ever went there. I'm kinda glad there was nothing with EJ because I didn't care for that part of the story. I really enjoy this show and hope it comes back next summer!
  14. I really enjoy this show (I also like the Hallmark and HMM movies). While I agree they've watered down the magic, it does seem like Cassie has strong premonitions and uses them to help the people in her town. It's like she knows what's going to happen and then nudges people into the best possible outcome for each individual. I'd love to be able to do that for my friends and loved ones. I also like her little sayings, they have a weight to them that I try to apply in my own life day to day. One example is when she was telling Martha to focus on who she wants to be instead of focusing on the person who wronged her. Great life advice!
  15. While the sex scene with Bash and Rhonda was short and we didn't see much of his face, right afterwards Bash was so elated. He was in a much better mood, talking about how he loved everything including his wife. That, to me, seemed a stereotypical portrayal of a man who just had a fulfilling sexual encounter. So it seemed like he enjoyed sex with a woman. It is interesting that Bobby assumed Bash was gay, and then Bobby shared his own experience of having a son with a (ex?) wife who he said was a dear friend. I could see Bash going in the same direction, being good friends with Rhonda and possibly procreating even if he might also enjoy sex with men. Doesn't seem like he's tried it yet. Not very interested in Ruth's love life, but I really enjoyed Bobby. I love his face and his acting. Wouldn't mind if he was in all of the remaining episodes.
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